when, how, and why?

In dedication to ruthless criticism, I’ve tried thinking about these NFL demonstrations from every angle I am aware of. Kneeling is still a form of submission, and I’ve seen people post about secret society rituals as well. The fact it is so largely broadcast should give any thinking person pause as far as how the spectacle is designed to operate. However, there is something that really needs attention, and that I saw someone allude to in my daily twitter browsing of a few timelines. I’m paraphrasing, and mangling the original author’s wording, but as the rulers are forced to consume and regurgitate the populace’s frustration at this juncture, they are having to do so with their maws gaping wide open.

A while ago I wrote “The illusion of america as a ‘liberal democracy’ is falling away at an accelerated rate, and the masters’ media is doing the work handily at putting this on display.” So this means that the reins are still tightly controlled as far as where the reaction is supposed to be aimed.

It is so important to me to be able to talk with others openly about the real history of this empire, and I know I am not alone. I am doing this now with people I’ve known for so long, and with whom I didn’t think I would be able to. The contradictions are being laid bare, and it is clear to me that the virtual will be made physical with those who cling to the idea of american nationalism under the flag and the anthem. Any given neighbor, colleague, or acquaintance may be willing to do a lot for the symbols they don’t understand.

By the same token, one may find camaraderie among those who’ve never uttered anything acceptably “left” without having brandished a hamsick in their lives because they want peace, stability, and material comfort for not only themselves, but those they see without as much, those who are being crushed from one source. They see islands under water and their loved ones being shot in the street. The media is having to spin all kinds of cover stories to mask the atrocities daily waged in Syria — Human Rights Watch is being forced to, however falsely and for a myriad of convenient reasons, condemn “US actions” — to a point it cannot be ignored. Worldwide war is here.

During the american civil war, neighbors were fighting against neighbors. It was close, personal, and deadly. The journalist Carleton Beals did a reasonable job of putting together accounts from the time that described a war within a war. Slavery as it was known then was a cutthroat battle, as it should fucking be when one class of humans see it as their right to own others. And what we are facing now is nothing less than that on a global scale that is finally being pushed to the fore via multiple avenues. The casual [overworked] observer may only catch glimpses of the separate parts of the elephant in the room, not even certain of what they are seeing at all times, but space is filling up quick.

These are the real lines. The degradation of posers out for a photo op with symbols and statues has occurred rapidly and in real time with their media presence praising some fucking US soldier tearing open his uniform to reveal a Che Guevara t-shirt like he’s Superman or something. Sorry, I haven’t followed too closely, but what the fuck is this shit? I want to distance myself so far from these creeps that I don’t want to link to them, even. And their “congress”? I don’t even know, and I don’t want to. Fuck the social media left — these fucking criminals have an agenda, and they want to push anyone who comes to find a truer understanding of history into a fucking trap. I can’t say “fuck” enough about this, these fucking vultures. They are really insignificant to the real movement and what it means for all of humanity and not just their reading club, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to imprison the naive along the way or force them to commit acts they probably won’t understand.

In any case, I don’t think this is a point to shut up about anything meaningful. The very real possibilities of blacklisting and other off the books means to silence and kill are frightening as hell, but the spectacle we are given in dribs and drabs through our various feeds are supposed to scare us out of saying anything more. All our neighbors are not psychos bought into this madness, and they are looking to people who aren’t afraid to speak truth and make sense of things. If so-called communists are really so deluded to think we have to lie to people about what the real movement of history is, or trick them into thinking a certain way, then they should try church.

In fact, one of the most unforgettable questions I was asked by a party member of one of the visible, demonstrably intelli-alphabet groups was “how did you first know you were a communist?” My first reaction was to laugh because I couldn’t believe I was being asked such a thing. Putting on shirts, playing commie — oh I feel red today! (Maybe it’s Maybelline?) This person got it as backwards as it can get along with the other fools espousing ruling class ideology in hastily painted-on red right now. Self-respect necessarily involves respecting the humanity of others and the desire for self-determination for all despite one’s miserable surroundings; the rest flows from there.

There are going to be a lot worse to drop like they’re hot as they continue to reveal their white nationalism, and as far as I’m concerned, those who would knowingly or blindly lead the questioning of this hegemonic nightmare back to dead ends bring just as much heat.

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