pop! goes the weasel

In this age of siege, it’s no longer enough to simply state how few own the media. Perhaps Chomsky’s gravelly tone has lulled a lot of us into a sort of a cognitive dissonance where we can on one hand acknowledge its tight control but on the other cry about those who challenge the narratives at work. Even though this examination isn’t much more than a clearing of the cobwebs, I think it’s useful when considering what the media has turned grief into — sound effects, mandated mourning, and very few facts that we aren’t even supposed to think about.

Sampled track: the unmistakable “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC.

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conceptual fuckery

If you have paid attention to my blog at all, you might have noticed that I’ve done some exploration into what I’ve called “weaponized narcissism”. I won’t rehash it all right now, but this is a very infantile state that has been cultivated among the western population in a number of ways. Not everyone “catches” it, if you will, but it definitely gets one ahead in situations where social status is paramount in maintaining any sort of relevance or respectability.

In western politics, it’s safe. It’s avoiding certain topics in order to not be ridiculed, as if the worst thing to happen would be mockery from other bobble heads on twitter or other platforms while NATO burns the world down for the benefit of the very few.

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