representation and media history in context with #BringBackOurGirls

ok i just want to lay down a couple of things i’ve looked at, not very in depth to a degree i can speak on at length mind you, about the situation in american context over the kidnapped Nigerian girls. here are a couple of posts whose framework i agree with in how lefts generally view this call. but then i happened across this Salon piece that really blew me away, and is one of the things i allude to in my commentary on the second aforementioned post above. i’m going to pick apart this Salon article a bit, written by Brittney Cooper of Crunk Feminist Collective, that illustrates the problems within not only a theoretical approach as guided by the above framework, but a basic refusal to consider what the material reality is in a historical framework — and we don’t even have to go back that far. some of the same players that are being quoted in different articles about the urgency from a military standpoint cut their teeth on the Somalia UNOSOM I mission.

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