pseudo-masculinized emasculation

So Phil Hartman died 25 years ago today/yesterday. What a loss, what talent he had. Peerless. Senselessly murdered by an extremely jealous and dangerous woman. Did he know it was coming? –not to cast blame on him, I just haven’t looked into the case in years. So more accurately, did he know it could be a possibility? No one but .00000001% of the world’s population goes into a romantic partnership with the intent to kill the other, but when you know it’s a possibility the realization is unmistakable. And you have to get yourself out of such heated and impassioned situations, or die. If not physically, spiritually.

With all the freaking out about the gaying of america or whatever by rightists, mandatory gender changes etc, they are mum on issues of domestic violence that affect men. Even when the “MRAs” were making rounds, it was clear that wasn’t a goal. Meaningless stats and bogus claims about custody arrangements on an institutional scale. The hyper/pseudo-masculinized MAGA types would rather bluster about bludgeoning women for showing their ankles in public than think they could ever be fooled by a murderess.

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what does it mean to take a child’s life?

Content notice: brief discussion of child murder (as introduction to a following post).

I’ve gone blind with rage once. Maybe more like, with righteous anger to the point of nearly stroking out. But maybe not. Harvard or somewhere conducted studies that proved – hold on – it’s a real phenomenon. It probably didn’t prove that but it doesn’t make it any less real, and it probably has to do with several ways in which the human body processes extreme emotional states, beyond what is situated between our ears.

Well/appropriately-directed anger is obviously one such state that is being acutely penalized and criminalized presently. For example, Jordan Neely was the victim who was mounting a defense of himself against the entire apparatus of the fascist corporate state. He was alleged to have been, simply, angry – an apparent sin now punishable by execution – when it’s reported elsewhere he was asking for help and telling anyone who would listen that he is hungry. In no world did a marine belonging to the imperialist fascist core’s vast military forces defend himself nor anyone else present, but it was in defense of the fascist vanguard. That’s who all these insane brownshirts pledge allegiance to, duh. There is simply no other interpretation, only propaganda carried out by a tiny cohort of artificially intelligent “media personalities” with majority algorithmically positioned bot accounts for “followers”. I’m on @eugenicskun’s wavelength in this regard and attempt at swinging the gate wide open to blackshirt formation (cf. that flagrant puppet theater called the “Patriot Front” making headlines).

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a note on freemasonry-illuminatism-infantilism

I don’t understand astrology, and I don’t care to – all the charts and whatnot. My brain is crammed as is and there is so much else to learn about. I used to read on all these different things that supposedly set me apart as a sagittarius that were mildly entertaining but not compelling enough to study in depth. I don’t mean to disparage anyone who is into it because it is an interpretation of truth that’s been held from us regarding our place in the world as humans. “Nature” under ruling classes has been presented as this kind of automatic earth we arrived on, somehow, that we stand apart from which is of course the opposite of truth. It’s a huge lie that takes a lot of work to maintain.

What I can’t suffer any longer from anyone no matter how much I might like them otherwise is this idea that every single action is held up by the moon and stars on the command of the ruling class coming from seeming dissidents who’ve had their frequencies disrupted by Robert Anton Wilson and the like. The essence of these arguments is that every newsworthy event is planned to coincide (but did it really?) with the blah blah full moon on the fifth Wednesday of the second quarter commemorating the election of Pope Francis foretold a century before the event. And so this means everything is fake and our “worldly concerns” like politics and legal matters that we can actually affect should be compartmentalized, filed away and forgotten in the recesses of our minds while we try to make sense of 3D posters or something.

I was really turned off by someone like this over the course of the Alex Murdaugh trial. We both followed it but he kept proposing these ideas that since all these other events were occurring at the same time (as they always do, no?), it was a meaningless exercise, or that is was built up so much by the media it was meaningless. And it really annoyed me, I kept trying to steer our exchanges to something a little more real – yeah the media is running away with it because one of their reasons for existence is to exploit organic human action for its (the ruling class’s) advantage; and most importantly, that the concerted pleb/proletarian action that led to the the prosecution of this case in the first place was used to the advantage of regional politicians as it relates to South Carolina’s position as “first in the south” that contributes to the larger arena of national politics.

Isn’t that interesting enough? And what else is there? Why didn’t the AG’s office push harder on the quantity of drugs Murdaugh was consistently in possession of? What was their true role in keeping this so personalized and focused on Murdaugh the individual? And because it happened as we emerged from rough times and an uncertain winter, guided by the sun, stars, moon, axis, rotation, etc etc – wow, that is so much more interesting to me than perfectly deciphering the symbols appropriated by a bunch of perverts who’ve drawn from virtually all traditions on earth to convince and dazzle, to obscure these truths from those they oppress and rule over.