a rant against nihilism, an ode to the underappreciated

So one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen lately is “radicalized” westerners bemoaning humanity existing at all. Oh oh oh “we’ve” fucked up so much, there is nothing to fix “our” damage, blah blah blah. I just want to mock these people and say oh poor you. How terrible everything must be, for you to be so distressed by a small ruling group that you are forced to conflate it with “humanity”.

It’s disgusting and protofascist. What has humanity done for them to whine onto social networking about “our” entire fallen state? They have built the infrastructure and all the devices they can connect to in order to completely misapprehend what humanity is in the seat of the core, and they want to knock down the struggling and oppressed because they can’t see a way out.

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Rest in Peace Dave McGowan, 1960 – 2015

My heart is very heavy after finding out that David McGowan passed away earlier today (22 November). He opened my eyes to so much. I found his blog series that was eventually turned into Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon and couldn’t get enough, so I started listening to every interview of his I could find, and was led to more gruesome discoveries after reading Programmed to Kill. Grotesque, but it’s important to take seriously. Not enough people do, so when highly organized ruling class terror is displaced onto so-called plucky bands branded ISIS as novel discovery, the general consuming public recoils in horror as directed and waits for the good guys to step in.

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