low intensity conflict and ruling class control via the family unit

could the narcissistic family dynamic be the most naked form of the treatment of children as property in the traditional family unit as it still exists among the proletariat? i try to get at that here along with some other issues as a continuation of this discussion that i received some interesting feedback on.

just a quick note: i will (probably) quit using Libsyn after this month and move over to archive.org which costs NOTHING. (thanks my deep state checking comrade!) as long as i can smoothly transfer everything over there, and it will be a lot easier than linking offsite with Libsyn.


The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

Manifesto of the Communist Party

“Help! I think I am a narcissist!”

Top 100 Traits of Personality-Disordered Individuals

The six self-ies of life: what every parent needs to teach their children

Avoid the competitive parent trap

Did new parenthood bring you unhappiness instead of joy?

i sampled about six months of the Guardian parents/parenting section (as much as i could stomach before i got sick of it), so i’d be interested in your feedback if you get a chance to explore it yourself.


  1. Grateful for this as always – a bit tangential but your bit about cultivating a child’s interest clarified something for me. One thing I didn’t expect about becoming a parent in my context is how your family unit is expected to become an engine for class reproduction. This leads to uncomfortable situations like a random acquaintance making some massive recommendation about the entire direction of my child’s life, and me politely thanking them but realizing they are staring at me very intensely, looking to have some sort of very deep need satisfied. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a household without these pressures so I’m a little bit less susceptible to them but I end up interacting with a lot of people on a day-to-day basis as a parent who seem intent on filling in the gap.


    1. hey Walter, i was wondering what it must be like for you, how you approach it. i don’t have many friends with little, little ones now. i can relate with the seeming deep seated needs people have when they recommend things like that, and i try to locate that in my own behavior. i wish i had been more robust in expressing how i think the ruling class feeds off any meaningful bonds created outside the privileges monogamy no longer affords for the proletariat while they stress and try to break those at the same time to spur some sort of “intervention”. it’s kind of scary how people get caught up in the things they are marketed instead of working on these relationships.

      did you ever read that short story “The Yellow Wallpaper”? i thought of it the other day recalling some things about my relationship with my mother, if you can call it that. not trying to get too sappy or whatever, it is what it is and those failures are far too common. anyway, months ago i had actually turned on FM radio for some reason while i was driving, and there was some home improvement commercial on. it featured older-sounding customers discussing their next project and planning a trip to whatever store. my mother like many others of her class have been smooshed into these roles of constant over-care taking of what little physical surroundings they can attain in this life, an imposed psychosis involved with physical interior re-decoration and arrangement while emotional bonds with others fade or become impossibly difficult.

      i don’t think i’m reading *too* much into that, i hope at least. i mean things are nice to have, projects are great, but alienation comes in many forms too.


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