recent news on trafficking concerns, refugee and migrant quotas, & general operation of fascist imperialism

a short episode on recent news of refugees and migrants who are at risk for various war crimes by both states and their proxies along with reports from the last few years.

i briefly touched on how the fascist state operates outside of popular, cartoon versions, and i think the book Martin Bormann — Nazi in Exile can be helpful in grasping this. you can download a free pdf or read it in html version here.

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for the record

again, some comrades and i who critically think about the media and how it operates are being accused of seeing “an op around every corner”. mostly it’s indirectly, because twitter of course, as it’s been pounded into our heads, is not a place for serious discussion nor is it actually possible for the sort of understanding that could come of that. also these people are chickenshits and have nothing else to offer but snark, like the little children we’re conditioned to believe ourselves to remain as throughout our lives, reliant on the masters’ media to tell us exactly how things are and not to question. here is a prime example (yeah i have him blocked, but he is obsessed with how people he hates go about analysis, so whatever):

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.47.58 AM

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US military trade in trafficked persons and sexual servitude, part 2

trigger and content warning: discussion of violence including rape and forced examination which is related to confined spaces as well.

in this installment i examine the history of US military construction of prostitution in South Korea, briefly touching on the broader history of sex work and forced prostitution on the Korean peninsula leading up to that. i draw some parallels between the Japanese imperialist formal laws put into effect to regulate and control prostitutes drafted for their military occupying forces and how the US military utilized not only their infrastructure but their instrumentalization of women’s sexuality through more indirect means to facilitate a thriving practice of “privatized” prostitution after they abolished licensed prostitution. the mythology they have built as “liberators” over the more “uncivilized” Japanese colonial rule has been integral to accelerating the trade in persons, and it thrives present day with the same abuses and crimes done to the modern-day “comfort women”.

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the thrill of fear and loathing in the white supremacist dreamworld

some discussion of television treatment of trans peoples’ experiences with regard to the program Sense8 may be triggering.

less importantly: spoilers.

i was trying to come up with some important words on the history of television’s use value using my own experiences as a starting off point. i think i was born at the cusp of it becoming a greater “babysitter” as the saying goes, able to only watch my grandmother’s cable outside of our three boring channels. then you grow up and realize they are all the same channels in essence anyway. i think there is a lot to be said on the production of certain shows as the masters were trying to pacify working class relations within from the 70s through the 90s, particularly aimed at audiences of color and (some) women. some good examples that come to mind are the Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Jeffersons. the mid-80s put on display the model black middle class family via the Cosby Show, and while A Different World has stood out in the imagination, looking back i remember moments of the characters mourning and then accepting a montage implanted in the mind of the white audience known as the civil rights era. it has been achieved, all of this equity is quite splendid to see played out before you as wages decrease and children are executed in the streets, now get back to work.

deeply racist themes in “critically acclaimed” contemporary television seem more covert to me now, as if we have entered a new era in programming that has acknowledged its own past in more overt programming and this is what is required now. i don’t know if that is a sound judgment; varying levels have existed all along and depend on the reader’s astuteness.

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making the world safe for human traffickers, one PR stunt at a time

to put together the most coherent picture of the relationship between the US intel managed drug trade, military base patrolled brothels, and human trafficking would require a series of books, and it would most likely be difficult reading: many of the books i’ve wrestled with in appreciating the sometimes tedious renditions of the alphabet soup and the sociopathic agents and officers leading the operations really require a “cheat sheet” of acronyms referred to in chapter whatsitsname, section whatever that pop up again and again, in between activities that demonstrate their work in concert.

since the different “organized crime” syndicates and cartels are used as cover, this would require the specifics of relationships between key military players and their leaders. for one example, Lucky Luciano did not provide simply a fortuitous French Connection for the CIA to later stumble upon, as even some researchers digging around in the darkest corners of deep state activity would like to insinuate. presented as a series of fortunate coincidences for the capitalist inside army, this can dissuade one from understanding how these worked toward anti-communism playing out on the international stage and how this activity directly funded militant communist party overthrow.

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