video: informed criticism on Noam Chomsky, 9/11 intel conspiracy-mongering versus structural understanding and ruling class ambitions, and more

James Corbett is someone whose work i respect although his voluntaryism seems inimical to coordinated resistance en masse, and i truly don’t understand how such an educated and intellectually curious guy can develop such weird ideas on feminism. i mean i can imagine, i just find it very unfortunate for him and what he attempts to speak on. however i do think his pulling of information from various sources prevents him from falling prey to totally limiting ideological blinders, and i use his work as any critical thinker is able to do, even from those they disagree with. he does provide a type of resistance in the work he does and the thought i know he inspires in any case.

that being said, the following video is a really great exposition on Noam Chomsky’s strengths and weaknesses, even with his inclusion of Stephen Pinker’s comments, believe it or not! i find it interesting that Pinker so adeptly summarizes the definition of anarcho-syndicalism within the left spectrum for all his warping of even the existence of sociological meaning and political ideologies, which makes his work in general pretty much unreadable for me.

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mainstream comedy is dangerous in its banality, and Amy Schumer’s role is neither funny nor feminist

western mainstream comedy is shocking for the simple fact that it is so unfunny. the dancing bears propped up to entertain seem to base their entire acts on their entitlement alone. take for instance Amy Schumer’s appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show in April:

Schumer’s entire routine here revolves around being naked on the cover of a trash celeb rag covered in empty booze bottles, extra-super-awkward puberty highlighted by utterly boring animated self-deprecation, vague discussion of hosting an awards show, and of course making fun of other women who haven’t figured out how to sit, apparently, while wearing whatever the hell they feel like wearing. it is supremely unfunny, and the lack of anything resembling substance throughout juxtaposes her as one of the chicks not like all the other girls who is almost cool enough to be a guy with the guys, but with expertly styled blond locks and boobs (can’t forget the boobs that will probably sag soon by her own admission! har har), next to O’Brien and whatshisname — the real funny men after all. rather than an appearance where she demonstrates her talent, she is presented as nothing more than ornament for well-established male showmen.

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the weird scenes inside our heads

this is one of the better interviews of Dave McGowan on his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. i like the way the host leads viewers to conclusions that some have told me are hard for them to grasp when reading the evidence itself. McGowan has stated many times that he thinks there was a coordinated operation to sabotage the antiwar movement although a stronger thesis in Weird Scenes can be tenuous for those who don’t follow him or his other work. he brings up some very logical questions toward the end of this that are worthwhile to consider on their own even if he doesn’t name a larger Operation Hippie or whatever to give people the ultimate “smoking gun” that they have been conditioned to ask of “conspiracy”* researchers.

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