invasion of the body snatchers

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 11.55.57 AMCelebrity plastic surgery is a topic I have a morbid fascination with, and I realized recently that their deaths are something that I have incidentally studied over the course of my political education as well. And I know I’m not alone in this because observation of this life and death cycle of ruling class avatars is something that is forced upon us through so many types of media now. I avoid a good deal of it “in real time” like anyone can, but it’s an ever present element of american media now.

I don’t think all people who have lived in the spotlight as television and film culture has evolved and developed throughout the 20th century were talentless hacks who became well-known for recording sex tapes or autotune voice enhancement or you-name-the-superficiality specialty niche audiences were created for. And certainly there are still those who remain, who take the arts of theater, film, and musicianship seriously. To me, it’s becoming more difficult to recall those times when actual acting talent was celebrated by the big networks, even, and debuted on their late night shows once meant for an adult audience, and I was just a newborn on the cusp of the disappearance of these more serious attitudes in the mainstream.

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