pseudo-masculinized emasculation

So Phil Hartman died 25 years ago today/yesterday. What a loss, what talent he had. Peerless. Senselessly murdered by an extremely jealous and dangerous woman. Did he know it was coming? –not to cast blame on him, I just haven’t looked into the case in years. So more accurately, did he know it could be a possibility? No one but .00000001% of the world’s population goes into a romantic partnership with the intent to kill the other, but when you know it’s a possibility the realization is unmistakable. And you have to get yourself out of such heated and impassioned situations, or die. If not physically, spiritually.

With all the freaking out about the gaying of america or whatever by rightists, mandatory gender changes etc, they are mum on issues of domestic violence that affect men. Even when the “MRAs” were making rounds, it was clear that wasn’t a goal. Meaningless stats and bogus claims about custody arrangements on an institutional scale. The hyper/pseudo-masculinized MAGA types would rather bluster about bludgeoning women for showing their ankles in public than think they could ever be fooled by a murderess.

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what does it mean to take a child’s life?

Content notice: brief discussion of child murder (as introduction to a following post).

I’ve gone blind with rage once. Maybe more like, with righteous anger to the point of nearly stroking out. But maybe not. Harvard or somewhere conducted studies that proved – hold on – it’s a real phenomenon. It probably didn’t prove that but it doesn’t make it any less real, and it probably has to do with several ways in which the human body processes extreme emotional states, beyond what is situated between our ears.

Well/appropriately-directed anger is obviously one such state that is being acutely penalized and criminalized presently. For example, Jordan Neely was the victim who was mounting a defense of himself against the entire apparatus of the fascist corporate state. He was alleged to have been, simply, angry – an apparent sin now punishable by execution – when it’s reported elsewhere he was asking for help and telling anyone who would listen that he is hungry. In no world did a marine belonging to the imperialist fascist core’s vast military forces defend himself nor anyone else present, but it was in defense of the fascist vanguard. That’s who all these insane brownshirts pledge allegiance to, duh. There is simply no other interpretation, only propaganda carried out by a tiny cohort of artificially intelligent “media personalities” with majority algorithmically positioned bot accounts for “followers”. I’m on @eugenicskun’s wavelength in this regard and attempt at swinging the gate wide open to blackshirt formation (cf. that flagrant puppet theater called the “Patriot Front” making headlines).

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a note on freemasonry-illuminatism-infantilism

I don’t understand astrology, and I don’t care to – all the charts and whatnot. My brain is crammed as is and there is so much else to learn about. I used to read on all these different things that supposedly set me apart as a sagittarius that were mildly entertaining but not compelling enough to study in depth. I don’t mean to disparage anyone who is into it because it is an interpretation of truth that’s been held from us regarding our place in the world as humans. “Nature” under ruling classes has been presented as this kind of automatic earth we arrived on, somehow, that we stand apart from which is of course the opposite of truth. It’s a huge lie that takes a lot of work to maintain.

What I can’t suffer any longer from anyone no matter how much I might like them otherwise is this idea that every single action is held up by the moon and stars on the command of the ruling class coming from seeming dissidents who’ve had their frequencies disrupted by Robert Anton Wilson and the like. The essence of these arguments is that every newsworthy event is planned to coincide (but did it really?) with the blah blah full moon on the fifth Wednesday of the second quarter commemorating the election of Pope Francis foretold a century before the event. And so this means everything is fake and our “worldly concerns” like politics and legal matters that we can actually affect should be compartmentalized, filed away and forgotten in the recesses of our minds while we try to make sense of 3D posters or something.

I was really turned off by someone like this over the course of the Alex Murdaugh trial. We both followed it but he kept proposing these ideas that since all these other events were occurring at the same time (as they always do, no?), it was a meaningless exercise, or that is was built up so much by the media it was meaningless. And it really annoyed me, I kept trying to steer our exchanges to something a little more real – yeah the media is running away with it because one of their reasons for existence is to exploit organic human action for its (the ruling class’s) advantage; and most importantly, that the concerted pleb/proletarian action that led to the the prosecution of this case in the first place was used to the advantage of regional politicians as it relates to South Carolina’s position as “first in the south” that contributes to the larger arena of national politics.

Isn’t that interesting enough? And what else is there? Why didn’t the AG’s office push harder on the quantity of drugs Murdaugh was consistently in possession of? What was their true role in keeping this so personalized and focused on Murdaugh the individual? And because it happened as we emerged from rough times and an uncertain winter, guided by the sun, stars, moon, axis, rotation, etc etc – wow, that is so much more interesting to me than perfectly deciphering the symbols appropriated by a bunch of perverts who’ve drawn from virtually all traditions on earth to convince and dazzle, to obscure these truths from those they oppress and rule over.

I’m not going to call this a question

I was thinking some thoughts on the War on Women, actually more like the war on women, as the former is schlock PR for the Nazi freak full bore misogynist attack on female autonomy and personal sovereignty. And criticism is a minefield now. In an effort to subtly bridge the gap of what I’m getting at before I have to do a quick gloss of social history I think is relevant and to keep my conclusions and facts straight, the current gender effort by the ruling class is part of the same continuum of what many call biosurveillance and biofascism: we’re really looking at a program for the total policing of all women’s bodies, as well as any person thought to display a feminine presentation. This is meant to shape pogroms they would like to see on the horizon.

In the broader commentariat milieu, on whatever serious or LARPed side of discussions and in some instances, straight shit flinging, it depends on who you ask what “the wrong body” means to get an answer which is by design. To confuse, distract, and pit people against each other. And this brings me to my second point I will list first:

  1. Why is anyone going to talk about supposedly unknowable and mysterious algorithms and AI without acknowledging how well this program has utilized them? I mean, do you go around and see baseball bat swinging anti-TERFs in busy streets causing mayhem? Does anyone you know? Are teachers sending home “think about mutilating yourself and write three paragraphs on it” homework to your children, or students you know? Are you on public library email lists that promote upcoming events? How many of them have been drag queen story hour? Do you think you should form a broad opinion on this alleged phenomenon based on what is promoted in your social media feeds?

These are not simply rhetorical questions or meant condescendingly. American public education was built on weaponization and control but it’s not limited to that. Unionization is still region and district specific in much of the country and often rightly and/or wrongly strongly influenced by established families. Among those, there are generations of blue collar unionized workers who have laid down deep roots, maintain networks across industry, and are active in politics. Public schools are always always always political in part because they are so federally strapped. Are these however even loosely organized groups of individuals going to promote this as beneficial for students to their already battle-worn administrators, teachers, and support staff?

If weaponization of diversity in gendered forms of humanity is going on to a meaningful degree through public schools we should seriously address, we must look at facts. Players, material, frequency, targeted regions, and all the further specifics that go into gauging if there is a problem or the manufacturing of one. I do not know this; I want to see a comprehensive report by the people who have taken on this accusatorial burden — but generally such types don’t take this seriously enough to do so as their goal is the total destruction of schools and unions because they are fascists and/or Dixieland-Nazi mouthpieces. My opinion is that it is not happening as it is displayed on screen, or it’s so marginal to be meaningless on an institutional scale. Please don’t take this as being dismissive of true victims, but there is an issue of credibility based on presentation alone and who is doing it.

2. LGBT rights advancement organizations have been successful for various types of protections, and outside legal arenas, greater solidarity among workers flourished. In my corner of the world, the 90s was a pretty bitchin time for freedom to sexual and gender expression. To quote Kurt Cobain, “everyone is gay”. This might put fear into the heart of the neo-Birchers, but no one cared. They were too busy fucking whoever they wanted to give a flip. And now “promiscuity” (freedom of expression and communication) itself is to be a closeted shame according to the toxic ruling class media.

I think the revanchist efforts to thwart that are obvious, however I’m not going to do justice to them at the present because they need serious consideration and a true accounting. These exist, too! But they’ve been defanged and coopted, and then there is the fact we have been constantly hammered over the head with a pseudo-reality through a state of the art military operation with who else but Chelsea Manning as avatar/catalyst. I’m not at odds with any sincere person who feels lost. I’ve hit on a few things alluding to how this operated at the professional level throughout the worst of the covid operation in trying to make sense of this. But I do want to offer more proofs with greater confidence, so I will catch you next time.

antinostalgia audition

Years back, I discussed how Gordon Ramsay was a Blackstone joint and why he was spun the way he was. This was before it was pseudo-analyzed as something that could never be really understood, or something, as it often is now in all this fluff online. He was a guilty pleasure then and now, and truthfully I respect his screen presence; his reactions when not blown out of proportion or staged for a bit are indicative of lots of hard work and perseverance. Authentic. To run a kitchen successfully, efficiently and to find the harmony in doing so – why you fucking had the idea in the first place – requires a lot of straight up dickishness, or at least what appears to be so. In reality it’s standards and expectations plainly spoken when you don’t have the time to finesse the message. You can’t, or you are buried and fucked. And someone who can’t take a bit of railing when they fuck up most likely won’t be able to dig themselves or anyone else out of a premature grave.

The humming food service kitchen is something to behold. Unfortunately that’s not super prominent in Ramsay’s productions. They focus on individual triumph, but not so much chicanery. Honest winning, I guess, in this little bubble that has a never-ending supply of fish and beef and much more from all over the world delivered to the Las Vegas desert within a business day.

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people are all right with me

What do you do, or try to do, when someone is beating you? The common answers I assume would be to fight back or get away. In some situations this is impossible to do, or time has to pass before meaningful action can be taken while using mitigation measures in the meantime.

Time has passed since 2020, and maybe more importantly, 2021. I find that sometimes hard to believe, because it seemed the world stopped at quite a few points and we never left 2020. And surely, I thought, this couldn’t be reality. I was instilled like many others with heart-stopping fear. I was so sensitive all over at times that I could feel every muscle in my head and neck while I thought hard about the foreseeable future.

The world did not totally stop, but for a significant amount of the population it did. And people were extinguished, the magnificent and manifold points in the universe they expressed in glorious human form, warts and all – gone forever. As the culling goes on, millions are adding up now.

It’s been major escalation on a worldwide scale, tragedy that in a way has to be understood via screens (reading, watching, discerning) to take in its scope. And also due to the fact that many of us have been isolated and damaged by the sudden stopping of movement and free speech. Despite this, I think there is value in comprehending it, no matter how difficult that may be. No matter the agreeable or acceptable excuses. And not to go all Bon Jovi on you, but we’ve got each other, and that’s a lot. There is kinship and solidarity to be found, and people who have thankfully been spared by saline-injecting heroes who can now be empowered by those who have stood firm to speak their truths and share their experiences without fear. Just one aspect of the universe that once recognized, valued, and cared for fluttered back from certain extinction to shine as bright as ever, leaving countless points of light in the afterglow.

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behind the screen play

Here I thought we might get away without some sick Ritual going into the fourth consecutive New Year of the New Normal. I and most likely anyone reading this was rocked by Qasem Soleimani’s assassination on January 3, 2020. On January 6, 2021, liberals mass hallucinated over CNN’s Worst Attack on Our Democracy Ever production, giving the green light to the true [Woke] coup provocateurs and infiltrators to politicize everything they possibly can and to purge every partisan and dissident with extreme prejudice if necessary. And just prior to the advent of 2022, Biden threatened death upon the majority of Americans for their resistance to lethal injections. Of course, no one scripting those lines for President Roboto thought anyone would die from lack of the toxic secret sauce. The implication was crystal clear, though many “dissidents” thought themselves smarter for “surviving the winter of severe illness and death” and AI guided memery continues to circulate. Many resistors did not in fact survive due to numerous factors outside of a cold or continue to face a possible lifetime of uncertainty, robbed of careers and assets.

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the would-be hunters, the should-be prey

So I have been intermittently trying to record a video or podcast on the topics I’m going to blog about in this post. One reason is that I become emotionally overwhelmed when speaking on the subject of apex predator subordination, trafficking, and slavery by humans. It can be embarrassing, and it’s hard for me to compose myself around strangers even. I don’t know, some things just need to come out I guess. I cried like a baby the first time I experienced a memorial for rescued tigers whose remains had to be cremated to prevent any possibility for harvesting of their bones or organs. I visit it occasionally and silently cry. The sunlight as it spills through the foliage of ancient knotty and gnarly giant trees makes for a space of knowing, of love and respect that doesn’t require additional witnesses to display its force and power.

As a child, I faced a series of traumatic events very early on, and the tenderness it caused led me to sympathize with bears very much and I wept for their unfair treatment by humans. I was entranced by PBS wildlife specials for hours. I think what got me through some lonely and confusing points in those early years was treasuring a lovely ceramic sculpture of a mama bear and her cubs escaping into the woods just past a “no hunting” sign; it had a music box that once wound up played “Born Free”. And as sentimental as that may sound, it is symbolic of the crux of the matter for me – the sorrow for majestic animals that deserve mutual respect from humans and who in captivity will never be able to exercise their true potential. Due to human malfeasance, greed, and unchecked desire, those born into captivity will be very unlikely to fend for themselves if sent to the natural habitats of their forebears. This in turn is also the story of us, and what we are at risk of losing.

When the stars threw down their spears
And water’d heaven with their tears:
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

“The Tyger”, William Blake
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