psyopped, 4/24/19

As technology has grown ever more sophisticated, however, so too has the ambitions of these psychological operations grown. Whereas traditional psyops have attempted merely to intimidate, bewilder or demoralize enemies into laying down their arms, modern technologies have opened up the possibility of actually controlling the mind of an opponent directly through electronic, chemical, or other means.

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what’s a Mueller Report?

Just a note on the spectrum of this insanity. Full disclosure: I never cared to read anything about this spectacle of, what even is the allegation now, election interference? In a way it’s shortsighted on my part because of the parallel nature of how powerful people actually exert their power and finalize decisions decades in the making — one thing always means the other in the public spotlight. Liberals are doing their damnedest to win a war on something they can’t even articulate while any decisions handed down in this mess will inevitably be about gagging and restricting anyone who tries to drag the specifics of ruling class crime out into the light of day.

Essentially it was meant to make people dumber. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. If you search “Mueller Report” on twitter, you get a batshit array of ramblings from various members of the political class and their slack-jawed stenographers about wanting every word available for examination now that this report meant to have been undeniable proof of “collusion”, whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean anyway, has proved to just, not be. I guess.

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the rightwing ideology of identitarianism

There are some really weird things going on around “identity politics” or what is commonly being called identitarianism. It took me hate-reading a strange piece on Spiked Online to finally think through and write some things on it — it’s so disordered and nonsensical it’s not even worth linking, and I found it via an odd Twitter account I’ve been poking some fun at recently. Someone or a group of someones cherry-picking pieces from mainstream media that apparently chronicle the demise and degradation of a once more civil United States seemingly sans a ruthless ruling class where people’s minds latch onto “degenerate” themes and consume self-destructive media products as if by magic. But I digress. I’d like to lay out some parameters here for the how the ideology operates before moving onto the more current happenings around how the left wing of the USian spectacle is deploying identitarianism.

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Dear Leader, AOC

There’s been plenty said already about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the media saturation is nauseating. This entry is not so much about this weirdo who has somehow virtually overnight garnered a degree of notoriety that allows her to be identified by just her three initials as it is about her as window dressing. And at any rate, there’s not much to her as an individual subject.

Her handlers have had her shake it like a polaroid picture, literally via Instagram, and like such a photo’s quick development, her positions barely have time to “dry ” before they’re proven bogus by her diametrically opposed actions that are easily tracked in the public record. And yet, her followers do not care. They want to “like” her dance routine/preparation of macaroni and cheese twice. Maybe ten times. I find it very shocking to witness; the work of degrading and disrespecting the audience has as its fruit double time exposure as the rest of us who do not buy in — who laughed off the bat at her emoji-fake expressions knowing exactly who “she” is — have no chance of interjecting anything factual to this crowd, convinced they are doing socialism.

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a tale of a childhood lie

Technology has moved what is known as reality forward in such a rapid manner it’s sometimes difficult for me to reconcile life as I know it now with my early beginnings and my material reality growing up. It’s as if it couldn’t have happened like this, utterly surreal. I lived on a five acre farm with my parents and siblings a few miles outside of a tiny town. The house was also tiny and didn’t have central heat or air or a furnace.

It was originally built as one room and others were added on in succession, even the plaster kitchen. A wood-burning stove was at the center, and eventually we got a window-unit air conditioner. The dining area was sealed up with tarp or sheets on hot nights as it blasted, and we children zipped ourselves up in sleeping blankets on the floor, unable to bear it in our rooms, because it had to run so cold to keep the whole room habitable.

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invasion of the body snatchers

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 11.55.57 AMCelebrity plastic surgery is a topic I have a morbid fascination with, and I realized recently that their deaths are something that I have incidentally studied over the course of my political education as well. And I know I’m not alone in this because observation of this life and death cycle of ruling class avatars is something that is forced upon us through so many types of media now. I avoid a good deal of it “in real time” like anyone can, but it’s an ever present element of american media now.

I don’t think all people who have lived in the spotlight as television and film culture has evolved and developed throughout the 20th century were talentless hacks who became well-known for recording sex tapes or autotune voice enhancement or you-name-the-superficiality specialty niche audiences were created for. And certainly there are still those who remain, who take the arts of theater, film, and musicianship seriously. To me, it’s becoming more difficult to recall those times when actual acting talent was celebrated by the big networks, even, and debuted on their late night shows once meant for an adult audience, and I was just a newborn on the cusp of the disappearance of these more serious attitudes in the mainstream.

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Trump stinks! yeah yeah

Remember that tune? I’m not sure why I put the ostensibly most important and enlightened political thought of our day to the only J. Geils Band song I have at my immediate recall since I haven’t heard it in a long time. Maybe it’s the pause between the repetition of “love stinks” — like the writer and then subsequently the listener had a moment to think about what saying “love stinks” might actually mean after mindlessly agreeing, “yeah yeah”. Time to double down, it stinks.

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when, how, and why?

In dedication to ruthless criticism, I’ve tried thinking about these NFL demonstrations from every angle I am aware of. Kneeling is still a form of submission, and I’ve seen people post about secret society rituals as well. The fact it is so largely broadcast should give any thinking person pause as far as how the spectacle is designed to operate. However, there is something that really needs attention, and that I saw someone allude to in my daily twitter browsing of a few timelines. I’m paraphrasing, and mangling the original author’s wording, but as the rulers are forced to consume and regurgitate the populace’s frustration at this juncture, they are having to do so with their maws gaping wide open.

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Feeling sick and pessimistic, wanting to get some stuff off my chest before I try pounding out a piece on this upcoming Geostorm monstrosity. I sit in a small stuffy office all day reading letters from prisoners, setting them forth on a paper trail. I determine if there’s an immediate response to be given that explains to the authors something, anything, about what they can do in their situation, even if it’s simply informing them of their situation, or if there’s a possibility for a longer process that may work in their favor.

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