I’m not going to call this a question

I was thinking some thoughts on the War on Women, actually more like the war on women, as the former is schlock PR for the Nazi freak full bore misogynist attack on female autonomy and personal sovereignty. And criticism is a minefield now. In an effort to subtly bridge the gap of what I’m getting at before I have to do a quick gloss of social history I think is relevant and to keep my conclusions and facts straight, the current gender effort by the ruling class is part of the same continuum of what many call biosurveillance and biofascism: we’re really looking at a program for the total policing of all women’s bodies, as well as any person thought to display a feminine presentation. This is meant to shape pogroms they would like to see on the horizon.

In the broader commentariat milieu, on whatever serious or LARPed side of discussions and in some instances, straight shit flinging, it depends on who you ask what “the wrong body” means to get an answer which is by design. To confuse, distract, and pit people against each other. And this brings me to my second point I will list first:

  1. Why is anyone going to talk about supposedly unknowable and mysterious algorithms and AI without acknowledging how well this program has utilized them? I mean, do you go around and see baseball bat swinging anti-TERFs in busy streets causing mayhem? Does anyone you know? Are teachers sending home “think about mutilating yourself and write three paragraphs on it” homework to your children, or students you know? Are you on public library email lists that promote upcoming events? How many of them have been drag queen story hour? Do you think you should form a broad opinion on this alleged phenomenon based on what is promoted in your social media feeds?

These are not simply rhetorical questions or meant condescendingly. American public education was built on weaponization and control but it’s not limited to that. Unionization is still region and district specific in much of the country and often rightly and/or wrongly strongly influenced by established families. Among those, there are generations of blue collar unionized workers who have laid down deep roots, maintain networks across industry, and are active in politics. Public schools are always always always political in part because they are so federally strapped. Are these however even loosely organized groups of individuals going to promote this as beneficial for students to their already battle-worn administrators, teachers, and support staff?

If weaponization of diversity in gendered forms of humanity is going on to a meaningful degree through public schools we should seriously address, we must look at facts. Players, material, frequency, targeted regions, and all the further specifics that go into gauging if there is a problem or the manufacturing of one. I do not know this; I want to see a comprehensive report by the people who have taken on this accusatorial burden — but generally such types don’t take this seriously enough to do so as their goal is the total destruction of schools and unions because they are fascists and/or Dixieland-Nazi mouthpieces. My opinion is that it is not happening as it is displayed on screen, or it’s so marginal to be meaningless on an institutional scale. Please don’t take this as being dismissive of true victims, but there is an issue of credibility based on presentation alone and who is doing it.

2. LGBT rights advancement organizations have been successful for various types of protections, and outside legal arenas, greater solidarity among workers flourished. In my corner of the world, the 90s was a pretty bitchin time for freedom to sexual and gender expression. To quote Kurt Cobain, “everyone is gay”. This might put fear into the heart of the neo-Birchers, but no one cared. They were too busy fucking whoever they wanted to give a flip. And now “promiscuity” (freedom of expression and communication) itself is to be a closeted shame according to the toxic ruling class media.

I think the revanchist efforts to thwart that are obvious, however I’m not going to do justice to them at the present because they need serious consideration and a true accounting. These exist, too! But they’ve been defanged and coopted, and then there is the fact we have been constantly hammered over the head with a pseudo-reality through a state of the art military operation with who else but Chelsea Manning as avatar/catalyst. I’m not at odds with any sincere person who feels lost. I’ve hit on a few things alluding to how this operated at the professional level throughout the worst of the covid operation in trying to make sense of this. But I do want to offer more proofs with greater confidence, so I will catch you next time.

antinostalgia audition

Years back, I discussed how Gordon Ramsay was a Blackstone joint and why he was spun the way he was. This was before it was pseudo-analyzed as something that could never be really understood, or something, as it often is now in all this fluff online. He was a guilty pleasure then and now, and truthfully I respect his screen presence; his reactions when not blown out of proportion or staged for a bit are indicative of lots of hard work and perseverance. Authentic. To run a kitchen successfully, efficiently and to find the harmony in doing so – why you fucking had the idea in the first place – requires a lot of straight up dickishness, or at least what appears to be so. In reality it’s standards and expectations plainly spoken when you don’t have the time to finesse the message. You can’t, or you are buried and fucked. And someone who can’t take a bit of railing when they fuck up most likely won’t be able to dig themselves or anyone else out of a premature grave.

The humming food service kitchen is something to behold. Unfortunately that’s not super prominent in Ramsay’s productions. They focus on individual triumph, but not so much chicanery. Honest winning, I guess, in this little bubble that has a never-ending supply of fish and beef and much more from all over the world delivered to the Las Vegas desert within a business day.

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