covid ruling class crimes and the case of Sarah Boone

Content notice: confined spaces, torture, gore, murder.

This post is to take some notes on just one pending criminal case, but there are a few in particular that have made national waves and headlines since 2020 which I think are significant in that they express notable elements – perhaps core pillars of true goals – and ideals of the ruling class’s covid program and that I will eventually write a few words on too. Most of these have by now received national network press. However, they first circulated heavily on “independent” or “DIY”, I guess, video blogs and podcasts. There is likely some intelligence nexus with especially YouTube “content” (what’s the correct LTI term, here?), and they certainly use an “algorithm” (for lack of a better term) to bury and promote certain “creators” (more LTI, indeed). That is not to say each Kontent Kreator (KK) is a spook, but I do find it likely most have been handled. Anyway, moving on.

The mainstream media plays, at just surface level, a dual role in bringing attention to these stories while in other corners it mocks people for following them. The KKs participate by playing up their own “obsession” with these cases and insinuate or outright claim that their audience is just as “oddly” obsessive as they are. Either way, it’s ridiculous. Firstly, they want that attention for any number of proven and speculative agendas. Secondly, people pay attention because the type of crime that’s on display with these cases is seemingly more “organic” than other spectacles, and it’s horrendous to think of enacting similar on family and loved ones to the majority of people on earth. Humans are curious, you know. We want to know motives and understand the supposed reasons for this type of barbarity.

The pressures of the war on us exacerbated already hostile or turbulent situations in personal lives certainly, but most have been able to manage without undertaking or suffering some violent, life-altering episode. However, it appears some cases were catapulted into larger arenas to distract and misdirect from the true brutality of all the methods deployed in the ruling class criminal covid program, at least in part.

Sarah Boone

A woman accused of leaving her boyfriend to suffocate in a suitcase and taunting him while he pleaded to be released is set to appear in court charged with second degree murder.

Sarah Boone was arrested in February 2020 after telling police she had passed out after zipping Jorge Torres Jr, 42, inside the bag during a booze-fueled game of hide-and-seek at their home in Winter Park, Florida.

But her story unraveled when investigators discovered video on her phone showing Torres thrashing around inside the suitcase, desperately telling her: ‘I can’t f***ing breathe’.

In a two-minute video found on Boone’s phone, she is allegedly heard telling Torres with a laugh: ‘For everything you’ve done to me. F*** you. Stupid.’

The boyfriend continues calling out the girlfriend’s name, telling her: ‘I can’t f***ing breathe, seriously.’

Boone replies: ‘Yeah, that’s what you do when you choke me.’

Clearly this happened just before covid kicked off here, but KKs have gotten years out of “duh you can’t breathe stuffed into a zipped up suitcase” Kontent in part due to how much of a shit show her police interview was. You also can’t breathe in plastics and other cheap synthetics for months on end without serious consequence, which we were fucking forced to do en masse. Oh well, this dumb bitch is the definition of evil, and she is all but convicted because of the coverage.

She should have never talked to police without a lawyer present — of course no one should no matter how dire the situation looks and how right or blameless one wants to appear to be. My impression is that she was expressing shock and just unexercised, dumb alcoholic brain. She really thought she was going home that night. She repeated “not intentionally!” to a raving mad degree and the detectives played the videos she took as described in the above excerpt – that made up a de facto snuff film – at key points during her excuses and story telling to which she replied, “do I have to watch all of it? You’re killing me!” Jaw dropping stuff.

Boone’s stupidity at least had some match in the kind of sophomoric efforts from the detectives. It’s probable they had never faced a situation like this before, and her teenage affect is so confusing to attempt to decipher. She spoke with them like she had been sent to the principal’s office and blurted out strange things like being a straight-A student during her high school career, at 42 years of age at the time. So I was intrigued by a video published last week documenting a letter she recently wrote to a judge. It’s well above senior high level and seemingly crafted without the aid of the lawyer (she’s reportedly been through six that I’m aware of).

There isn’t a transcript of the video available, so I’ve included a couple of screen shots of the letter below. I’m not really sure how network coverage of this is kosher, but she’s correct, and I’m at least glad to see the right person got her letter before a judge in the first place. She has a right to a trial and for a jury to presume her innocent beforehand, though she made that very difficult for herself. Regardless, I support her efforts and I hope that’s considered by the audience. We are a long way off from a just consequence for her and real justice for Torres and his family, but even the KKs stay honest about what the worst of the worst have rights to and why it’s important.

In my experience, first year law students struggle putting “the process” their potential clients face to pen and paper, so keep that in your pocket! Boone’s realizations are more of the coherent I’ve seen coming from many pre-trial detainees. It can be easy for people who’ve lost the entire plot to lie to themselves and keep up the charade even past the point of no return to their detriment.


If you are interested in seeing the continuation of my last post, please know I’ll be spending time at the university libraries this summer to really gather my facts, and I will share some notes of interest in the mean time. I’ve started a twitter thread off the tweet for the initial post.

The next cases of this nature I will address are currently underway, those of Leticia Stauch and Lori Vallow. They are both women who have been charged with unbelievable crimes against children under their care they coerced and abused in unspeakable ways before obliterating them, all but wiping every trace of them from the earth. Truly horrific and they hit in a visceral way. Certainly the parallels with ruling class crimes against children under covid will prove to be obvious, but the power the accused allegedly wielded and further strived for using these innocent children deserves closer scrutiny. And again, the close and comprehensive media coverage of their cases is noteworthy for a number of reasons. Chiefly among them, to my mind, are the following:

  1. The amount of time it took law enforcement agencies to act and why they eventually did, and how the media framed this.
  2. What this lightening-fast and round-the-clock coverage means for anyone among the general population trying to get a fair trial.
  3. How we can attain something closer to justice through the present structure for the victims more acutely harmed by situations heightened by ruling class covid crimes with greater awareness of the harms of the overall program coming into view through the legal system.
  4. How we can approach convicting the many actors and criminals with proven records who shaped the covid program.

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