when, how, and why?

In dedication to ruthless criticism, I’ve tried thinking about these NFL demonstrations from every angle I am aware of. Kneeling is still a form of submission, and I’ve seen people post about secret society rituals as well. The fact it is so largely broadcast should give any thinking person pause as far as how the spectacle is designed to operate. However, there is something that really needs attention, and that I saw someone allude to in my daily twitter browsing of a few timelines. I’m paraphrasing, and mangling the original author’s wording, but as the rulers are forced to consume and regurgitate the populace’s frustration at this juncture, they are having to do so with their maws gaping wide open.

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Feeling sick and pessimistic, wanting to get some stuff off my chest before I try pounding out a piece on this upcoming Geostorm monstrosity. I sit in a small stuffy office all day reading letters from prisoners, setting them forth on a paper trail. I determine if there’s an immediate response to be given that explains to the authors something, anything, about what they can do in their situation, even if it’s simply informing them of their situation, or if there’s a possibility for a longer process that may work in their favor.

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from Doug Valentine’s most recent interview

source: “The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime”

“There are two facets to the CIA’s management and control of international drug trafficking, on behalf of the corporate interests that rule America. It’s important to note that the US government’s involvement in drug trafficking began before the CIA existed, as a means of controlling states, as well as the political and social movements within them, including America. Direct involvement started in the 1920s when the US helped Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist regime in China support itself through the narcotics trade.

During World War II, the CIA’ predecessor, the OSS, provided opium to Kachin guerrillas fighting the Japanese. The OSS and the US military also forged ties with the American criminal underworld during the Second World War, and would thereafter secretly provide protection to American drug traffickers whom it hired to do its dirty work at home and abroad.

After the Nationalists were chased out of China, the CIA established these drug traffickers in Taiwan and Burma. By the 1960’s, the CIA was running the drug trade throughout Southeast Asia, and expanding its control worldwide, especially into South America, but also throughout Europe. The CIA supported its drug trafficking allies in Laos and Vietnam. Air Force General Nguyen Cao Ky, while serving in 1965 as head of South Vietnam’s national security directorate, sold the CIA the right to organize private militias and build secret interrogation centers in every province, in exchange for control over a lucrative narcotic smuggling franchise. Through his strongman, General Loan, Ky and his clique financed both their political apparatus and their security forces through opium profits. All with CIA assistance.

The risk of having its ties to drug traffickers in Southeast Asia exposed, is what marks the beginning of the second facet – the CIA’s infiltration and commandeering of the various government agencies involved in drug law enforcement. Senior American officials arranged for the old Bureau of Narcotics to be dissolved and recreated in 1968 within the Justice Department as the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. The CIA immediately began infiltrating the highest levels of the BNDD for the purpose of protecting its drug trafficking allies around the world, especially in Southeast Asia. The CIA’s Counter-Intelligence Branch, under James Angleton, had been in liaison with these drug agencies since 1962, but in 1971 the function was passed to the CIA’s operations division. In 1972, CIA officer Seymour Bolten was appointed as the CIA director’s Special Assistant for the Coordination of Narcotics. Bolten became an advisor to William Colby and later DCI George H.W. Bush. By 1973, with the establishment of the DEA, the CIA was in total control of all foreign drug law enforcement operations and was able to protect traffickers in the US as well. In 1990 the CIA created its own counter-narcotics center, despite being prohibited from exercising any domestic law enforcement function.”

the rub

Ah, 9/11, that time of year when a chunk of delusional nitwits drowning in sugary poison come together and post vom-inducing gifs that express how they will never forget uh, something, that they are sure they saw while they blissfully ignore the destruction and genocide the trauma-based mind control event has successfully hidden, for a large part. Way too fucking large. And then there are the real nuts, amirite, who think they are being lied to, distrust the media, aren’t so sure about this “natural disaster” business, and don’t want to pay insurance companies for something called “healthcare”. Where can a Good Leftist fit in? Madness! A pox on both of them, as the saying goes.

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a note

This is a continuation of my current running theme regarding the massive undertaking to create a false left opposition in the states and also something I will revisit regarding what strategy in the states might look like.

The fake communist aesthetic that has been cultivated for years on the social media left and that is being capitalized on now erases countless kooky conspiracy groups of “nobodies”, regular folks, who are more “communist-minded”, as much as that can be a thing, than the hammer and sickle bearing radicool will ever be. Why? Because no matter what avenue of research that one undertakes to understand the real workings of the american fascist state, its anti-socialist and -communist programs are undeniable. Undeniable.

People who do not want to be lied to or governed by psychos will find themselves revealing the crimes committed against peace-loving revolutionaries americans have been trained to hate. Oh some “crazy” starts with SRA? They discover the murderous anti-communist Michael Aquino. They go on to read about the Phoenix Program. Some “weirdo” thinks media terror was exacted by a program of mind controlled serial killers during the 70s and 80s, and they go on to read the same researchers who dared to “go there” about continuing wars against the USSR after the WWII narrative said “oh that was neat and it’s all over” and when american aggression against Syria really began.

Communism is for us not a state of affairs which is to be established, an ideal to which reality [will] have to adjust itself. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.