the rub

Ah, 9/11, that time of year when a chunk of delusional nitwits drowning in sugary poison come together and post vom-inducing gifs that express how they will never forget uh, something, that they are sure they saw while they blissfully ignore the destruction and genocide the trauma-based mind control event has successfully hidden, for a large part. Way too fucking large. And then there are the real nuts, amirite, who think they are being lied to, distrust the media, aren’t so sure about this “natural disaster” business, and don’t want to pay insurance companies for something called “healthcare”. Where can a Good Leftist fit in? Madness! A pox on both of them, as the saying goes.

Being a Good Leftist requires a certain kind of rub, doesn’t it? How else can one keep up with the correct moral posturing? Another kind might be admitting you aren’t as smart as those making what is still called “the news”, there’s quite a rub — realizing that your brain is being hollowed out to be filled with a trademarked consciousness. And yet that rub leads to another that may be more eye-opening than the first — getting to the bottom line of what this wheel of misfortune continues to do to us all.

I was able to avoid most the 9/11 bullshit today, but this did catch my eye. Yet another rub — the kind where “lol faux news” (that everyone seems to take seriously now, considering the reactions I keep seeing) rubs the collective nose of the Good Left they are constantly led around by in the ruling class’s shit.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 9.30.21 PM

Hope that day is 9/12, or maybe the next.

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