beyond Obama’s crocodile tears: why do mass shootings happen?

Mass shootings as packaged by the western corporate media are not designed to have a long shelf life as far as our attention paid to them goes. We are to sit in shock and awe as the latest controlled media reports roll in but only for a specified period before we are allowed to mourn, forgive, and forget. That “the public” is supposed to play this part of the act is very important with all the prepackaged narratives because opinion for the sake of opinion on the flavor of the day means ruling out what those close to them, or affected by them, may have witnessed and sensed during any given melee without vetting by the approved outlets. Making them a matter of public opinion as delivered by various outlets safely allows stories deviating from the chosen narratives to be tucked into the realm of conspiracy theory.

Mandating public opinion is important for shaping public policy from these conditioned reactions so that the courts and other institutions can socially engineer the direction of our “civilized” society. This is not something I have made up out of thin air or gleaned from one of my various, dastardly “infowars left” sources, nor does my language differ from how this process is set out by those who make the decisions. Judges and high-powered law firms with ties to states within states, intelligence agencies only crazies care about, boast about this ability for protecting the “greater good” all over the net and in the law books themselves. Why shouldn’t I or anyone else believe them? Any working class person understands that the law of the land serves bourgeois interests even if they do not explicitly express it using such a descriptor.

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