beyond Obama’s crocodile tears: why do mass shootings happen?

Mass shootings as packaged by the western corporate media are not designed to have a long shelf life as far as our attention paid to them goes. We are to sit in shock and awe as the latest controlled media reports roll in but only for a specified period before we are allowed to mourn, forgive, and forget. That “the public” is supposed to play this part of the act is very important with all the prepackaged narratives because opinion for the sake of opinion on the flavor of the day means ruling out what those close to them, or affected by them, may have witnessed and sensed during any given melee without vetting by the approved outlets. Making them a matter of public opinion as delivered by various outlets safely allows stories deviating from the chosen narratives to be tucked into the realm of conspiracy theory.

Mandating public opinion is important for shaping public policy from these conditioned reactions so that the courts and other institutions can socially engineer the direction of our “civilized” society. This is not something I have made up out of thin air or gleaned from one of my various, dastardly “infowars left” sources, nor does my language differ from how this process is set out by those who make the decisions. Judges and high-powered law firms with ties to states within states, intelligence agencies only crazies care about, boast about this ability for protecting the “greater good” all over the net and in the law books themselves. Why shouldn’t I or anyone else believe them? Any working class person understands that the law of the land serves bourgeois interests even if they do not explicitly express it using such a descriptor.

Combine the pre-approved narratives of the stories concocted about any featured mass shooter, the designation of conspiracy theory, and the behind-the-scenes manipulation of legal procedures and you have a consuming audience that pays no mind to how these events erode their civil rights. In fact, they are happy to cling to what side they are directed to take in their consumption of these stories and images and thereby surrender whatever privileges or rights they may have once had. Though the shadowy figure Aldous Huxley was thought to simply have written dystopian satire for undergrad level debates, he laid a psychotic blueprint. While some have assigned him a noble role in warning us, I, for one, do not doubt that he delighted in mocking people who should come to love their enslavement.

The latest spate of mass shootings over this last year have contained themes and victims that any good person should not overlook in their mourning process. To question the yarns spun by the controlled media outlets is to hate gay and black people or to prove one’s misogyny or Islamophobia. Sending up a cry or prayer for these now ritually sacrificed lambs and martyrs is proper and the only thing that can be done while media owners bear down on the mass of the marginalized and disenfranchised that much more. Searching out the intertwining toxic roots that either stage them, arrange for patsies, or simply capitalize on the more gruesome aspects of humanity that sometimes emerge without institutional arrangements is off limits. The experts have their opinions we are to follow and fall in line with.

With each new boogeyman lone wolf, I am on the lookout for themes as to their psychological makeup comparable to none other than the deceased yet recently exonerated Slobodan Milosevic. In Michael Parenti’s oral and written deliveries about the outrageous treatment he received leading up to the destruction of Yugoslavia, he tells us of the myriad descriptions given to Milosevic in the western press; essentially he was a fat loner dating back to his childhood who, despite all this, somehow managed to charismatically lead the most brutal genocide since Hitler. It’s astounding to review this propaganda and the endless strands that are meant to frustrate one who studies these patterns to make sense of them all.

The often contradicting studies into his psyche were never meant to make sense however. This sense-destroying model has transferred to smaller-time actors who now carry out complicated operations all by themselves with tactical precision. The transformation of these patsies into cartoon villains, as operations in isolation, serve a similar function as the western newest-Hitler Milosevic did. Diana Johnstone clearly laid out how attacks on Bosnian Muslims were orchestrated by western PR companies made for primetime television to turn Milosevic into such a cartoon that could only exist in the realm of the disneyfied haze of unreality known as the US.

My comparison of an admired leader outside of the western spectacle with lone wolf shooters may seem random, but if there’s anything to understand about the far-reaching interconnectedness of war made on owned classes internationally governed by ruling class imperialism, it’s that the basic structure of the cover stories do not need to vary widely to inculcate similar fears and reactions. The buildup to “humanitarian intervention” in Yugoslavia required several moving parts to make americans, Italians, Germans, and Brits (among the governed in other developed nation-states who contributed to KFOR) turn a blind eye to how this operated on them and not necessarily approve of this war soon to be waged like nothing modern society had seen before. The enlightened liberals told the college-aged and white collar business class that this project was urgent to create a multicultural society similar to the US, as if one hadn’t been thriving even throughout protracted financial strangling by western interests, and as if the US could even claim such a title without plenty of liens against it.

With the bevy of reporters on any given scene acting as the voices of faux ruling class support for gay people slain merely for who they are, black people being killed off in even higher numbers due to “police brutality” and lone nut “neo”-nazis, and slaughtered Muslims daring to go to any other house of worship that doesn’t hoist a neon cross, we are seeing another flimsy attempt at bourgeois “multiculturism” to put a final nail in the coffin of any sort of secularism that doesn’t adhere to bourgeois standards. You can be whoever you want as long as you support the worldwide corporate fascist effort, that’s all you need. And love. And forgiveness.

This is an introduction to the recurring themes I will be discussing in my following post. I will look at how the victims are utilized to make the questioning appear to be disrespecting them and their families by well-meaning onlookers taken in by faux multicultural appeal. I will draw from several of the more controversial mass shootings that have spanned the last few years, dating back to 2013, whose shelf lives have proved to be longer than others that have been lost in the larger onslaught. Cover stories are important to maintain, and the larger spectacles require the occasional upkeep because these operations are actually difficult to pull off. Layers and layers are needed to stifle the voices of the dissenting, and these can appear to be disparate and unconnected at times, but this is representative of the process of consumption itself working as designed as well. I hope to not retread too much territory in this regard that I have already covered, but I will mostly be examining the Planned Parenthood shooting that took place in Colorado Springs on black Friday last year. Within that, I will tie in what policy making means in the legal sense by comparing and contrasting the unprecedented means by which Robert Dear and other stooges moved through the so-called legal system to ensure that greater agency coordination is hidden and the vast liberal-left language deployed by think tanks to blind us from what this means for us, whether we abide by bourgeois law or not.

Sources for the brief factual information I mentioned can be found easily by searching for Diana Johnstone and Michael Parenti on Yugoslavia.

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