pop! goes the weasel

In this age of siege, it’s no longer enough to simply state how few own the media. Perhaps Chomsky’s gravelly tone has lulled a lot of us into a sort of a cognitive dissonance where we can on one hand acknowledge its tight control but on the other cry about those who challenge the narratives at work. Even though this examination isn’t much more than a clearing of the cobwebs, I think it’s useful when considering what the media has turned grief into — sound effects, mandated mourning, and very few facts that we aren’t even supposed to think about.

Sampled track: the unmistakable “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC.


Media Refusing To Cover Numerous Witness Accounts Of Multiple Shooters In Orlando Massacre

Witness inside Orlando club: All I heard was “pop pop pop”

Mall shooting witness: All I heard was ‘pop, pop, pop’

Witness: ‘You heard pop pop pop pop’

Gunfight witness: It was ‘pop, pop, pop, pop!’

Police Searching For Suspect in East Franklin Street Shooting

University of North Texas police officer kills axe-wielding student

San Bernardino shooting witness tells his story

Witness describes the San Bernardino shooting

Witnesses recall shooting outside Spectrum Butterworth ER

‘I heard pop, pop, pop’

Robbie Parker on “free agency”

Tales of heroism from Sandy Hook: ‘All I was hearing was, pop, pop, pop, pop … and it wasn’t stopping’

Ottawa shooting: I heard ‘pop, pop, pop’, says MP – video

Suspect identified in Richmond officer-involved shooting

‘We heard a pop, pop’

School placed on lock down after man opens fire down the street

1 dead, 1 arrested after police-involved shooting in Hallandale Beach

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

Further reading:

Police: Witness heard ‘pop’ before Dorothy Grubb’s death

‘We heard pop pop pop pop and then sirens’ as 26-year-old man shot dead in north Tampa

In Kansas, Pop-Pop-Pop, Then Terror: ‘We Got to Go’

“Pop, pop 5 gunshots that’s what I heard from 1 gun.” A witness describes what she saw before a man was shot at 4pm

“I heard pop, pop, pop, pop … I thought they were fireworks.” Two cops shot in Ferguson

Who shot who in Waco biker bloodbath? Mystery as witnesses say semi-automatic guns favored by POLICE did most of the shooting in contested accounts of battle

Believe me, there’s lots more out there. Search for yourself! And here are some videos of semis and automatics being shot in both indoor and outdoor gun ranges:

Ar 15 shooting indoor range

Apologies for the VICE link, but a double dose of gun sounds and hipster treatment of them: Shooting the Biggest Guns Money Can Buy | The Big Sandy Shoot

Machine Guns Vegas: indoor gun range with a nightclub vibe

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  1. Greetings from a fellow Triangle denizen.

    Some thoughts on this entry:

    Perhaps the “pop pop pop” is tied in some way to declining literacy levels? It’s apparent that there’s been an overall campaign to reduce public literacy levels (compare past presidential speeches to current and it’s obvious) in this country throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Either the template’s written and witnesses are following the script, or they’re unable to describe the situation beyond simple sound effects that they’re already familiar with. Or maybe a combination of the two? Kudos for picking up on the common theme that these outlets choose to broadcast. They certainly make room for videos of babies and pets at the tail end of the episode (how I loathe WRAL) to make sure you feel good before ending the broadcast that began with disaster.

    I also seem to remember that someone, somewhere had put together a study evaluating the ritual coverage given these catastrophic events and the various stages (or Acts) media outlets use to communicate the intended message. The template is the same no matter the event. Broadly speaking the study explained how it’s important to make sure the viewing audience understands that despite what happened, we will all come together and get through it, recovering long enough to confront the next reported catastrophe – exactly what you touch on toward the end of the piece. Movies also incorporate this element, to the point that they’ll display high level governmental agents getting updates directly from broadcast news; dark comedy for sure.


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