social engineering and capitalist reproduction

One may call this “overreacting” “moralizing” “prudishness”, but all that can roll around in my head is

So let us not talk falsely, now

The hour is getting late


For quite a while, I’ve thought that the shallow — or perhaps more accurately academic — divide between modern and postmodern “cultural studies” and “economics” is a fake one. Surely if the social is shaped by our material reality and not vice versa, this should be fairly easy to prove given the right reading and approach. However we are still surrounded by ideas informing us that this is not the case, so it is easy to lose sight of this task by virtue of the same media onslaught emanating from those who have the ability to shape it for their own gain! For some very cut and dry specifics on this rather than circular, abstract notions the Reasonable Left likes to wave around, I’ve been finding the book Myths, Lies, and Oil Wars by F William Engdahl instructive recently. This following excerpt is dated around the 1950s in the US, the “golden age” for the expanding Rockefeller oil dynasty.

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Oregon federal building takeover and speculation on ideological uses and/or preparation

I cannot load storify for some reason since creating a new twitter account so here is some analysis I’ve pulled from some different sources and discussion from twitter. The preparatory aspect is something I’ve previously written on.

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