social engineering and capitalist reproduction

One may call this “overreacting” “moralizing” “prudishness”, but all that can roll around in my head is

So let us not talk falsely, now

The hour is getting late


For quite a while, I’ve thought that the shallow — or perhaps more accurately academic — divide between modern and postmodern “cultural studies” and “economics” is a fake one. Surely if the social is shaped by our material reality and not vice versa, this should be fairly easy to prove given the right reading and approach. However we are still surrounded by ideas informing us that this is not the case, so it is easy to lose sight of this task by virtue of the same media onslaught emanating from those who have the ability to shape it for their own gain! For some very cut and dry specifics on this rather than circular, abstract notions the Reasonable Left likes to wave around, I’ve been finding the book Myths, Lies, and Oil Wars by F William Engdahl instructive recently. This following excerpt is dated around the 1950s in the US, the “golden age” for the expanding Rockefeller oil dynasty.

Within the United States and later across the non-communist world, the social engineers and scientists advising the Rockefellers and other leading powers of the American East Coast Establishment — as the combined oil and banking interests of  Wall Street and Standard Oil were called — devised an ingenious and ultimately diabolical method of using energy as a lever of social control. They tested it first on the American population and later expanded the model to encompass the world economy.

In 1948 the Rockefeller Foundation gave what was then a very substantial grant of $100,000 to Harvard University’s young Russian-born economist, Wassily Leontief.

Leontief, an economist who had left the Soviet Union during his university studies and emigrated to the United States, set up the Harvard Economic Research Project just after the war. His aim was to develop an accurate, dynamic economic model based on his development of industry-by-industry input and output data. Leontif’s project, part of which became the Harvard Business School’s “agribusiness” model under Professors Ray Goldberg and John H Davis, was generously financed with Rockefeller money throughout the 1950s.

[There is much more important information included in the portion I’m skipping regarding the Ford Foundation, IBM, and CIA, but my purpose here is to provide brief background for the matter at hand. I recommend getting yourself a copy of this very accessible book and maintaining and open and critical mind while reading it.]

Leontif’s work provided the Rockefeller circles with tools of social engineering unprecedented in scope. Energy, not surprisingly, was at the heart of that social engineering. Entire populations would be manipulated — in ways they would not grasp — to become drones, in effect, of powerful elite industrial dynasties, such as the Rockefellers, DuPonts, Carnegies and Fords. The concepts emerged from something called Operations Research, a strategic and tactical methodology developed from military management during World War II.

So as I search out literature important to ongoing, developing theses on programming, mind control, and social engineering, I become frustrated with the reasonable lefts who sometimes cloak themselves in marx-ish aesthetic, as much as it can be considered that, who deny larger projects at work. At the same time, I grow weary of those who present figures as exceptional and directly employed without the evidence at hand and who effectively sidestep these larger, diffuse projects for something more sensational in order to obliquely blame the uninitiated (and manipulated) for making poor choices, or something. Continuing:

The original purpose of Operations Research was to study and solve the strategic and tactical problems of air and land defence, in order to maximize use of limited military resources against an enemy. Some foresighted persons in positions of power realized that the same methods might be useful for controlling an entire society. Rockefeller Foundation people then approached Leontif at Harvard. His project was to ‘model’ ever-greater sectors of the United States economy. Later versions expanded the input-output analysis, as computing power and data sources grew, to model first the US economy then that of the entire world — the global economy.

‘Managing limited resources’ — as developed in the Leontif applications of Operations Research — became the heart of the Rockefeller group’s economic strategy after the 1950s. However, they were determined to be the only ones to decide when, where, and by how much to limit the most valuable of those allegedly ‘limited’ resources — oil.

With a longer history of Machiavellian statecraft, we are in the midst of (and have been for some time) conscious projects set in motion since the last half of the 20th century to greater explore and apply to our current situation. And to be sure, people like Engdahl doing research and writing that uncovers the architects and planners are backed up by Marx’s work even if they have not branded themselves aesthetically left or marx-ish. How is “demand” created? What are these magnates systematically constrained by, and what must they do to ensure consumption? From Capital, Volume II, and I added the emphases as follows:

[W]henever raw materials, semi-finished goods, etc, enter in huge quantities into the production of commodities, the commodity-capital consists for the most part of replacements of the circulating constant components and of the variable capital. […]

The quantity of commodities created in masses by capitalist production depends on the scale of production and on the need for constantly expanding this production, and not on a predestined circle of supply and demand, on wants that have to be satisfied. Mass production can have no other direct buyer, apart from other industrialist capitalists, than the wholesaler. Within certain limits, the process of reproduction may take place on the same or on an increased scale even when the commodities expelled from it did not really enter individual or productive consumption. The consumption of commodities is not included in the circuit of the capital from which they originated. […]

So long as the product is sold, everything is taking its regular course from the standpoint of the capitalist producer. The circuit of the capital-value he is identified with is not interrupted. […]

[I]f this process is expanded — which includes increased productive consumption of the means of production — this reproduction of capital may be accompanied by increased individual consumption (hence demand) on the part of the laborers, since this process is initiated and effected by productive consumption. […]

The commodity capitals compete with one another for a place in the market. Late-comers, to sell at all, sell at lower prices. The former streams have not yet been disposed of when payment for them falls due. The owners must declare their insolvency or sell at any price to meet their obligations. This sale has nothing whatever to do with the actual state of demand. It only concerns the demand for payment, the pressing necessity of transforming commodities into money. Then a crisis breaks out. It becomes visible not in the direct decrease of consumer demand, the demand for individual consumption, but in the decrease of exchanges for capital, of the reproductive process of capital. 

These schemes devised by the Rockefellers et al that are definitely of interest to those above them are not necessarily moral judgments about how debased or barbaric society should be from their personal points of view. We are cogs, simply livestock to be arranged and rearranged to create a socially engineered complex to ensure the reproductive process of capital. That is not to say what is happening to our cognition — from the food available to us to try to nourish ourselves with to the endless garbage media advancing truly perverted standards of behavior — isn’t something to be alarmed by and study. However I think the theoretical focus that is loosely called marxism requires, well, more Marx.

A couple of “schools”, if you will, of marxist thought that are discussed online seem to either try to separate the creation and maintenance of political economy from culture creation (as alluded to above) or reduce capitalist reproduction itself to a blind process that will crash, and as far as I can tell, without much effort given to prevent that by the masters who own everything. As it stands, there does need to be a pool of consumers to continue to reproduce this process. But the pressures of its contradictory nature require maintenance on several levels, including a paring down of the population to keep this tight hold of productive control in the hands of a few. This is exactly why we see the level of bloodshed today, the displacement of entire populations to clear out their land for “development”, population control schemes, genocide, and the increase in impressing ever more barbaric and perverse standards on the consuming core fed literal shit and slop to prevent them from thinking past that role at all.

If I’ve ever been unclear on why I refer to the US (and their efforts at creating the emerging global order) as a fascist state, I hope this begins to explain why. This concentration of wealth is not in the hands of “a government” when that has only existed as a front for the unelected to amass more and more and then turn around and ration it to certain segments of the population. It is at the same time both not a government and the ultimate form of one under the mantle of the state for the powers behind it. Effectively the government has no regulatory capacity that protects its subjects for their interests beyond their place as laborers and consumers in the chain of capitalist reproduction. The powers behind it use it as a tool, so therefore the guise of “the government” controls all.

This should also reiterate why fascism is a ruling class phenomenon that in no way springs forth from the working class. Because the working classes are not fascist, it is important to not mistake the black propaganda efforts at work on various levels cognitively that are really working for this sort of ultimate subjectivity. I’ve written about liberal “lefts” playing into and exacerbating the clowniest of the clowns supposedly representing a populist middle of this electoral season and most recently the media blitz on a “right militia” (so the progressive press tells us, covering for this effort at encouraging more fascist, leaderless lone wolves) takeover of a federal building that is causing all sorts of ripples.

White supremacy is the ideal vehicle to drive this subjectivity particularly in the core countries, but it is but one aspect of the supremacy that matters to the ruling class and that is theirs that they see as superior to all races and all beings unable to compete at their level. “Survival of the fittest” in its most vulgar expression, and if one cannot, it is important to be a subservient lackey to be on the side that “wins”.

It is becoming shockingly even more apparent and sickening in a racist, misogynist, pedophiliac media that masks the many genocidal forms the fascist state takes on today. Environmental racism leads to all sorts of complications for people of color to thrive who are mostly confined to these ghettos, and surely the peoples of the third world suffering the most from climate change, touted as a quaint cause by progressive and social justice-y compromised servants always wanting you to buy their books, will be handled by greater depopulation efforts as they progress from saintly sterilization methods to save them from themselves. “Climate change is terrorism” is the newest mantra and that “terrorists” must be known to the state in utero or beaten down in fascist-funded schools is one solution.

These compromised servants and outlets uncritically work in lockstep with their ultimate masters to complete this total control they seek, so it is not always a matter of “issues” to be concerned about in isolation. This is the social control that Engdahl writes about that is being unleashed on the entire world. So let no one tell us that the rulers’ quest for their ultimate supremacy isn’t a “race thing” since this is in fact in blind service to the bloodthirsty, racist owners.

Even if these different forms of control are no longer useful to the proletariat at a cellular level, as Engels discussed about male supremacy in the remains of the working class monogamous family unit in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and The State, these remnants, too, are tools used to boost this quest for profit. Some months ago I wrote a blurb on a controlled form of opposition that is presented to us as “anti-consumerism”:

it is clear to me that “anti-consumerism” doesn’t even begin to cover what is going on here, what has been going on. regulatory rollback of the reach advertisers and marketers have been allowed over the decades has created an environment of cradle to grave brand identification. the psychological tools they have at their command confuse and pervert bonding and attachment capabilities –necessities – from birth. the evolution of this branding since the 50s, at least, does not even require a “moralistic” judgment as far as sexualization or violence, on the surface at least. the values instilled are based on nothing more than servile advertisers’ quests to reach the next quarter’s quotas for the masters who ride the coattails of their masters, and so on.

that being said, mistaking those who reject these exploitative ideals of sexuality and violence (that is meant to be undertaken only by those who serve states built on these structures) by sociopathic murderers and rapists for moralizing prudes in toto only mires us further in the masters’ schemes. we have been given names to group those who push back and who rub us the wrong way, whether they do it rightly or wrongly, that seem politically astute in aspirations for “equality” and “fair wages” under this regime, but that have either been circulated or co-opted by slick PR representatives. the purpose is to destroy communication, infantilizing us into literally branding others who fall outside.

This expansion of creating consumers at younger ages is turning into nothing less than another form of supremacy rooted in pedophiliac imaginations. Youth are being separated into (brown and black, foreign) “terrorists” now, and the more “desirable” young consumers are to be dominated as sexual objects. This certainly reflects the myriad of pedophiles and their revolting networks that can be found in the ruling and servile classes, the lesser of which are blackmailed into such complete subservience.

It is clear that even the most vile still understand why this is flat out wrong to the larger public who recoils in disgust to such a degree that they find themselves unwilling to look at the broader societal phenomena, and they work to keep their depravity hidden accordingly. Indeed it is unbelievable to think humans can be so horrible, but the ruling class fascists are anything but human delighted at the thought of turning as many as they can into cretins just like them who will never question their rule while the rest are disposed of by the many means I’ve already mentioned. Recently a comrade sent me a shocking article that puts this “mundane” quest on display — selling and normalizing pedophiliac interests is the newest form of hip writing aimed at women. This is a perfect example of the creation of this demand — give teenage girls porn as a way to understand themselves — to maintain the status quo, but it is presented in a way that is just “keeping up with the cool kids”.

For a teen girl, in Russia at least, part of the allure of two nice-smelling men getting intimate with each other is tied to the imagery’s illicitness. Gay porn is coded with the coolness of youthful contrarianism. On the Russian social network VK, which operates like a Tumblr–Facebook hybrid, the blog No Hope Kids pastiches signifiers of hip (dip–dyed hair and vague rejections of capitalism) with pictures of lip–locked men who have what Anastasia refers to as a “post-Soviet look.” The blog is careful to display an “18+” disclaimer. Thanks to the 2013 Russian law forbidding “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors,” anyone accused of even creating “an interest in nontraditional sexual relations” could have to pay a fine.

Beyond this hip VICE production’s presentation, we have a woman of color advertising this “new trend” highlighting the libidos of Russian teen girls. This is the mainstreaming of militarization of sexuality on a scale not seen before as this slavery of Russian, “lesser” European, and Asian women has emanated from invasion and conquer. Additionally, we see the reinforcement of the unique perverseness always assigned to gay men when issues of pedophilia do make the mainstream and are subsequently diverted, again, to the exploited and oppressed classes pinned to the preferences of the always outrageous, uncontrollable dregs of society who probably deserve all they get: teen girls, still a safe butt of a joke to those on multiple points of the political spectrum.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.12.46 PM

There is too much security found in the simple platitude that “no one believes this stuff anyway” when it comes the propaganda we are bombarded with every day. It is possible to not “personally” believe this or that news story, or that the governmental tools of the ruling class do not care about us. It’s not now “just” a matter of just buying products or showing patriotism for the borders you were born in, but is it possible to even say that of this development now, knowing what we know? This is nothing less than a creation of people in the rulers’ own image, and I have just touched on but a few of those methods. Like I have stated before, a full lock down on the property of consciousness is the ultimate goal in their total recolonization.

I think about this often and try to read as much as I can on various topics related to this mind control and programming that are one and the same under the titles of “economics” and “culture”, and yet I don’t think the masters can get away with this. Indeed great men do not make history what it is but they have the ability to write it, and now they want to write us in totality. While I find their grand schemes for all of humanity impossible to achieve, look around us, look what this is doing to our brothers and sisters all around the globe while they try. To resist is to be conscious, militant, and aware of the multiple methods of cognitive shaping while not letting paranoia get the best of us. There is one world and one reality, not the numerous subjective types they want to instill in us to make us crazy and hate and use each other. They can’t win, but they will try, and that’s why the vigilance of their scheming is worth it, to realize then stymie these efforts at any turn and remain critical thinkers.

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