liberal aiding and abetting

this has got to be one of the most bizarre things i have read yet, resulting from the ever-expanding presidential election campaign extravaganza. sure there are lots more obviously staged “wacky” incidents performed by your villain of choice this season, but in this maddeningly fascist society that many on “my side” are still timid in naming for what it is, the ostensible “left” has my ears aching from recognizing their frenzied barking and growling in response to dogwhistles.

Morrissey, who is totally not some weird nihilist fascoid in his own right, begs you, who are probably his fan right? to not vote for this rump of a bawling old man in a stupid hat. this messaging gets more sinister by the hour.

since tweeting this essay, this guy’s feed just reads like a series of tabloid headlines. he hasn’t had a horrible insight every now and then that i’ve retweeted, but come on. as my comrade points out, “hate this bullshit that ‘populist’ fascism is simply the voice of the people. its fascistic itself. this shit is top-down.” the social engineers, the culture creators, they delight in these enlightened, reasonable voices furthering and complicating their messages on a wider scale — it’s a use of twitter as the masters intended it in fact (even though i think we have greater abilities with these tools to work against that than is often recognized, but anyway). however they delight in all the attention they can shape toward total acquiescence if it’s not just participation itself. but these sorts in particular work as silencing tactics from “thought leaders” with higher visibility on social media, and in the tweet i screen capped he was very much disciplining a dissenting voice for his nearly 10k strong audience and goes on to call this person odiously conspiratorial.

he gets it 100% wrong about what the media even is. it’s embarrassing to read. perhaps the shtick alluded to in his bio is literally true in that most thoughts that he puts forward on his timeline are in a drunken stupor. so are the rest of us just not getting the joke?

globalization is treated with this weird wave rhetoric that i have not seen or heard anyone use who researches with this methodology or set of hypotheses to understand imperialist hegemony in mind. it’s none of these things problematized in isolation, but it’s also the sum of all of these things (because orgones? i have no idea). how is this analysis even possible without acknowledging the inducement of psychosis, the appeal to baser instincts because of circulation of ideas of instant gratification being the preferred state of humanity, by the media that is owned by the rich sociopaths? the complaint presents itself in the form of a presumed populist middle searching for a worthy candidate to project their fascist anima on en masse while justifying this anger at the more marginalized, whether those distinctions are racial, gendered, class-based, or ideological.

the entire rant is nonsensical — the secret is really no secret at all, he claims. the non-secret he performatively divulges reads like a playbook for how blame is shifted away and doesn’t delineate the methods by which the ruling class demands submission. complicity is flattened, it’s not even a real feature that we can examine in our own thinking according to this confused stream of consciousness; in effect, the march toward fascism realized in all subjects is unavoidable. and if you recognize the moving parts in production, you are probably a right wing loon:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.10.48 PM

classic. strike out all reliable, easily accessible history of the systematic takeover by the right in the public political arena to make a purely aesthetic point about a “guy with a bad haircut” for attention and praise. this takeover and dismantling of left and communist influence is decades old analysis, and the toadies doing the work of the dems are proving it to be the case. so what’s the point? just keep your fantasy electoral league stoked, i guess.


  1. Wait, am I misreading him or is he arguing that stoking race paranoia mixed with quasi-legitimate systemic critique among poor whites in the South is a new American politician trick? I must be misreading, nobody is that stupid.

    In either case lol at opening a rant pledging to cut through the noise and then winging it through 24 tweets’ worth of half-baked bullshit.


  2. […] enter the lovable lefty-liberal chap Charlie Brooker, the keen insider out to inform those who are willing to hear, who have the eyes to see. darling and generous, he is. Black Mirror gives us “bizarro” situations a la The Twilight Zone we enter into fully unsure of since “each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. But they’re all about the way we live now — and the way we might be living in 10 minutes’ time if we’re clumsy.” the scary future that could be realized in an instant with a black mirror always in hand seems to be typically combined with a flattened ideas of causation among all parts of the population, as if the common will was to wish into existence our most carefully hidden depravities of mind. […]


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