US military trade in trafficked persons and sexual servitude, part 1

i have been working on a podcast series based on some of the research i’ve been doing on the US military’s trafficking in persons and trade in the sexual servitude of many of these persons. i am trying to keep these as succinct as i can to define some terms and home in on the relevant (and damning) evidence to demonstrate the military’s abuses and domination in these fields, and this installment is a comfy 20 minutes.

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reports on the internment of houseless and migrant populations

trying to keep this updated. any links appreciated.

Hungary begins mass arrests, by Robert Samuels and William Booth 

15 September 2015

After shutting down the main corridor for refugees to Central Europe and fortifying its border with 109 miles of razor-wire fencing, Hungary on Tuesday began mass arrests of migrants who tried to sneak across its frontier.

More than 150 were detained as the country drew its line in the sand. Its get-tough approach to the European refugee crisis created an immediate bottleneck and howls of protest.

Within hours, a tent city sprouted on the Serbian side of the border, creating another potential flash point of misery and anger, as refugees scrambled for new routes to their preferred destinations in Germany and Scandinavia.

Hungary’s move was condemned by neighboring countries, humanitarian organizations and migrants, who staged spontaneous demonstrations along the newly erected fence.

Frustrated migrants break through police lines in Hungary, by Arwa Damon

8 September 2015

The people — mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan — had complained about uncomfortable conditions in the camp and not knowing what would happen to them next. […]

They walked and hiked about 4 miles, many dropping their possessions on the ground. Two kids from one family lost the shoes they were wearing. They walked over a train track and rocks barefoot for miles.

Hungarian police raced after the fleeing migrants, some of whom may be refugees, and at some point the group was split in half.

note the recurring theme of apparently random people who are “taking advantage” of countries receiving, or interning, migrants as the case may be.

The migrants said they had been told buses would take them to another area where they would not be fingerprinted. They expected to later get on trains they hoped would take them to Austria and finally to Germany.

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liberal aiding and abetting

this has got to be one of the most bizarre things i have read yet, resulting from the ever-expanding presidential election campaign extravaganza. sure there are lots more obviously staged “wacky” incidents performed by your villain of choice this season, but in this maddeningly fascist society that many on “my side” are still timid in naming for what it is, the ostensible “left” has my ears aching from recognizing their frenzied barking and growling in response to dogwhistles.

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