US military trade in trafficked persons and sexual servitude, part 1

i have been working on a podcast series based on some of the research i’ve been doing on the US military’s trafficking in persons and trade in the sexual servitude of many of these persons. i am trying to keep these as succinct as i can to define some terms and home in on the relevant (and damning) evidence to demonstrate the military’s abuses and domination in these fields, and this installment is a comfy 20 minutes.

the paper i discuss in part for this episode is available in PDF online! i was happy to find this as i was only able to locate it through a university library search — handy to have access to in order to even find it under the NSA searches. this is a great way for any listeners to see the extent of the author’s research in addition to my summation of the legalities and terms i stick to in my recording.

one caveat i offer is that within the podcast i claim that sex tourism is “hard to define”, and i mean that in the legal sense under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. additionally, a comrade sent me an interesting post that i think is a helpful addendum to the habitual use of the term “moral panic” that hangs on around these issues:

It’s fashionable to view such moral panics as media-generated phantasms, and dismiss them accordingly. But that is far from the case. A moral panic is actually a process in which a deep social problem that lies unacknowledged in the collective unconscious erupts into consciousness via the punishing social superego mechanism of the media, most usually through the tabloid press. There then follows a moment of agonising hysteria before the calming, reasonable voice of the paternalistic liberal media tamps it down with imprecations against “mob rule” and “kangaroo justice”. At the end of the whole process, the issues remain pretty much as they were before. Which is to say that moral panics are media-managed cathartic processes that give vent to anxieties while doing nothing to resolve them.


  1. very much appreciate your take on this. seems there’s been a striking lack of reports about trafficking re US military within MENA countries, and considering broader history you’ve mentioned here, it strains credibility that this issue is nonexistent in the region.


    1. thank you. it’s fairly stomach turning as far as what the establishment is eager to pin on ISIS. (like Sibel Edmonds says, “ISIS r US”.) for many reasons i think i will keep on emphasizing the mechanisms and legal means used to do this before going further into treatment of the oppressed and enslaved. would seem to present a more airtight case to any apologist waiting to shriek “moralizing!”


  2. Will there be a simple text transcript of what you’ve surmised?

    I’m on dial-up access, and stopped even trying to view podcasts/videos/and certainly [Google’s] You Tube , some time ago, as (for just one reason of many) it takes me hours to view just a few minutes of – usually utterly worthless ego inflated vomit – and, meanwhile still try to keep some shelter over the heads of those I love, and myself.

    It is unconscionable as to how much TIME the poverty ridden are expected to take, in attempts to understand what is being decided/and commented upon –regarding their fate – On Line.


    1. hah! i can definitely scan my (kinda sloppy) notes. i just worked from that one paper linked for this episode, and i’m trying to keep it that simple as i move along.


  3. in other words, I am absolutely unable to view, or hear, your commentary, despite possibly having provided you with likely helpful information: https : // kariflack . wordpress .com / about / #comment – 1101 (delete the empty spaces, etcetera …. sighhhhhhhhhhh).

    (sorry there was no reply ‘icon/button’ showing, or I would have ‘nested’ this comment directly underneath my above comment, which I am adding to).


    1. yes thank you! i will end up citing it at some point. more people have sent me some helpful information as well…it’s everywhere if people have the eyes to see. why the “discussion” online is so infuriating.


  4. my point was … that it needs to be cited now, so that those who do not have podcast/etcetera access can comment on it currently, as it was written/voiced, not: well after it was surmised on audio visual unavailable to the vast majority of human beings.

    sorry if I wasn’t clear on that expression, I had thought I was.


    1. but let me make myself clear as well: the provided PDF is what i stuck to in this post. i have not referenced other materials yet because i am trying to not overwhelm listeners or readers with a lot of information at once.


    2. i’ve submitted the podcast for transcription from a site that does some pro bono work, but i have no idea how long that will take. i will post it. and as i cite everything else i use in my writing as well, i cite that. if i use any of your links provided, i will cite those as well. i’m sorry that you do not have access, but i have provided the one paper i used for the podcast, offered to share my notes, and have submitted it for transcription.

      i have studied these issues for years and have had numerous conversations about them, aside from the links you had left. no one has a monopoly on them, and they shouldn’t if more work is to be done about the atrocities surrounding them.

      i’m not going to do cite something i had never referenced to begin with. and as a person doing this free of charge, with a very loose creative commons license because of how important these issues are so that others can build on it, AND in addition to my other daily work, i’m not going to tolerate orders.


  5. I totally understood that I could link to that pdf file, after you noted it, what I would like to be able to read, NOW, is your commentary regarding the commentary on that pdf file; a point which I tried to make very clear in my above comments.


  6. thank you, very much, kariflack.

    very, very sorry if I came off as a demanding pain in the ass, just wanted to highlight the fact that actually billions are totally cut off: “Time Wise”; Privacy Wise; and, last but not near least, Financially/ $$$Computer Owner/Smart Phone Owner/Web 3.0$$$ Wise – from “On Line” audio visuals [Podcasts/”You” Tubes [let alone “the web” itself]- while their fates are being pontificated upon, despite the fact that they are not at all a part of the conversation taking place.


    1. “pontification” is interpretation of existing laws that are code for how trafficking is allowed? how am i aiding in their fate, here, by reading what is put before us by the ultimate pontiff’s actors (the US military and those who direct it), and then sharing that online? if you feel that is an insult to the victims, i’m not sure why you commented here in the first place as if you were interested in these issues. by this logic, should you not provide all your comments to people who are unable to read, perhaps put them in audio form? mail them? the conversation in any regard is important to a western audience without political understanding with regard to the rest of the world their masters plunder. i think i’ve generously engaged you, but i am done now. feel free to read, but i’m very wary of this snark and the demands you have placed on my time, in earlier comments as well.


  7. interesting take on moral panics. I had wondered if moral panics might not actually be a necessary to effectuating a systemic socio-economic transformation. A few years ago, after hearing about the number of private contractors in Iraq, I was browsing job advertizements for this domain and found that the same company recruiting cooks, drivers, etc. was also recruiting sex workers.


    1. wow. i picked up some literature today on how the victimization language that NATO/UN “humanitarian” orgs use precludes recruiting such as this. if it can be marketed away from forcible trafficking, it is useful in narrowing down exploitation and victimization to nearly nothing, improving their rate of prosecution for public relation/perception purposes.


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