losing the mind to control

A funny thing happened to me the other day. Funny not meant in the “haha” sense whatsoever, but more of a representation of how “mind control” actually works on americans every four years or so. So, funny in the very peculiar sense that control of information and ideas that makes up collectives of minds is not seen as a current, conscious project that works in various directions to splinter mental faculties important for critical thinking.

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Berned out, part 2

Here is part one in case you missed it. I am continuing on in this post by giving a short history of the region I was in at the time just prior to Obama’s selection and my experience with political activism within the community and online. To the point: I am going to demonstrate how the space that was supposed to open up for progressive change did anything but and was more likely a smokescreen that worked in many directions. My personal observations and experiences will show how this obscured (un)natural disaster and responses, extremist Tea Party starvation that followed in budgetary measures, and finally the desertion by “private” industry once the population had been laid low, culled, and generally materially devastated after they had sucked out as much labor and value as they could before moving on.

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Berned out, part 1

Over and over again I see leftists online repeating that the Sanders campaign is really opening up space for “radical/leftist/socialist [insert any other once useful term that media has sucked meaning out of] politics”, that this is momentum that needs to be seized upon to┬ánudge more people in accepting redistributionist policies. It is abundantly clear that many others feel the same. The more careful observers who do their best to preserve memory recall the bashing the “far left conspiracist flakes” received over the summer that was yet another indicator of things to come. The presumed “holdouts” are going to be continually marginalized during the rest of the year for not joining in the chorus.

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