losing the mind to control

A funny thing happened to me the other day. Funny not meant in the “haha” sense whatsoever, but more of a representation of how “mind control” actually works on americans every four years or so. So, funny in the very peculiar sense that control of information and ideas that makes up collectives of minds is not seen as a current, conscious project that works in various directions to splinter mental faculties important for critical thinking.

This is something that I have discussed a few times before with regard to the very literal programming we receive via multiple media forms and the purposefully disjointed news delivered by way of oh-so-concerned billionaires. Looking back on these two posts, I now think that I was not critical enough by virtue of adhering too closely to narratives of mainstream scoffing at such an idea of robotic, precisely executed mind control that are solely in the realm of sci-fi in order to discredit them.

Studying the vast amount of evidence on various institutional tinkering to create what is known as (mostly american or western) “culture” (with a strong emphasis on “cult”) has led me to see how we are swimming in this shit. Although the methodology is in practice decentralized with numerous players in the game serving different agendas, the most important effect is having the masses’ attention nodding and bobbing to see the fingers waving without ever finding the palm. In other words, the outcomes of seemingly impossible to comprehend bloodbaths and fake revolutions simply appear as rabbits pulled out of hats, a turn of phrase that Doug Valentine is known to use that perfectly sums up the facades of “investigation” in the mainstream media he so adeptly tears down.

Okay, back to the “funny” part. The other night, I posted this picture of Hillary Clinton presumably from the latest “town hall” forum that I screen capped on MSNBC’s site on my Facebook page. I was not trying to be funny; my reading of her very apparent body language is to point toward how obviously it actually reveals her sprawling business dealings and therefore genocidal intentions that can be found all over the web. To put it very plainly, more direct cutting through the bullshit is needed to see that these emperors really are naked.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.41.22 PM

Though she may be dressed in a pink pantsuit — a choice outfit that assuredly signals her standing apart from “the boys” she is in fact deeply in league with — her involvement in dismantling Syria is openly published all over the net. The first comment I received on this picture was to the effect of “GO BERNIE” since said commenter obviously saw what I was gesturing toward by posting such a thing. He is a man I met virtually via a discussion group based off of the late Dave McGowan’s book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.

Back around 2009, McGowan published a series contesting the veracity of the moon landing entitled “Wagging the Moondoggie”. Indeed, he made swiss cheese out of the official stories about “humanity” achieving such a feat. I was rereading some of this series last night as the Bern cheerleader is someone who has perplexed me since “friending” him; he fully denounces the idea that Man ever stepped foot on the satellite while firmly bern-lieving in the change we are on the precipice of embodied in this no-nonsense veteran senator who in all probability will be out of the race by March, but hey, weirder things have happened.

Now I know this firsthand because he was sure to message me after he added me that we, he and I, are among a small group of dissenters who can really see through all the bullshit. It was such a steadfast message that it seemed he was trying to assure me of some elite status we hold. It was then he brought up the faked moon landing, and I stated that I was still agnostic about it never happening. He was taken aback by this and told me in no uncertain terms that there is no technology in the entire world that could have facilitated this momentous event.

My full position on this as of now is that what the american public saw at the time was not man landing on the moon, but rather an elaborate, staged production that was needed to capture the imagination of citizens while an unprecedented transfer of wealth took place to build up the military apparatuses like never before. The level of destabilization and destruction we see today is due to this, to my mind, much more historical event that is discernible through research of the concrete military expansion. So I do not know if the moon was ever reached, much like I do not know exactly how the twin towers came down. What I do know is that in either production, what we have seen and been presented with does not tell the full story.

The admission of not knowing is a big problem for americans that is but one of the facets of exceptionalism we are indoctrinated with. There are official stories that tell all the truth, and nothing but, or an array of (many plausible) alternate theories that have now been further complicated and commodified as well. Pick one! In any case, McGowan provided a lot of solid examples on why the “official story” of the moon landing should be disbelieved: the disappearing of footage on a ridiculous scale of Man’s most important undertaking of the 20th century, nay all time; the lack of regular technology in everyday use at the time that made the surface explanations seem silly; fake moon dust and rocks; the sheer impossibilities that basic physics cannot explain; the failure to repeat such missions for decades, by any nation, and by NASA’s own admissions are impossible to replicate; and the list truly does go on. Perhaps one of the most damning indictments is how behind in space travel and development the US actually was compared to the USSR and how americans were inculcated with the additional nugget of ruling class imagination that they just must have given up after the mighty US one-upped them.

And despite all this, I do not know what technology is behind all the curtains, so I am not comfortable in taking one binary position or another as unlikely as this trip seems. Trillions of dollars have “disappeared” in my lifetime, and I am not going to presume I know all the schemes that have been hatched and that are currently in motion that these dollars actually go to. To somewhat mimic McGowan’s style of comparisons that some see as leaps or stretches when he set up his cases — and I will give those critics credit there — why are so many of us dying from easily preventable diseases while others lead long lives due to the state of the art medical technology they have access to? The information on these possibilities is tightly controlled and class restricted; to understand the prevention of knowledge on the former is to realize the latter’s mere existence that shapes our lives in multiple ways.

The fantasy of “information freeing itself” plays right into these methods of control. This man assumed he and I had done enough by reading these unleashed facts while his conflicting accounts of what is possible under the same structure apparently prevents him from making his own analysis of varying situations or synthesizing the research made available to us. I am not sure how else to explain why I was accused by this true believer that because I was unwilling to support or debate Sanders, deleting his initial comment that advertised for his savior from my locked Facebook page, I supported Clinton’s desire to fund and unleash more havoc on besieged Syrians. Truly some twisted shit he came up with.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.28.36 PM

I’d like to think he is a sophisticated troll, and indeed some of the facts on his profile page jive with other fronts and accounts that have been repeatedly stalking a group of us digging into the fraudulent information-freeing saviors and their cohorts. This misinfo and discrediting is common and procedural as seen through patterns on social media, backed up by the decades of work that has gone into this thought distortion, so sometimes it can be hard to tell who the pros are versus the plain old dupes. It is easy to be a dupe.

How is it possible to hold in one’s mind that, as McGowan puts it, to disbelieve the Big Lies is to question everything you’ve known as truth while holding up a candidate for an office we obviously have no influence on by way of voting — which is of course named simultaneously as the height of political action in the US — to truly affect the outcomes of our daily lives? I am absolutely boggled by this person, and he is not the only one I’ve met who has delved into deep state doings and their charades while stanning for Bernie.

I could not debate Sanders with him because of his believer status; to do the digging he himself claims secures us a position presumably “from above” objectively proves Sanders’ popularized role to be false as I have touched on in my “Berned out” posts. There is nothing to debate. Sanders will not stand in the way of the further Pentagon allocations, and this plainly spells out why the american working class which does not hold an isolated position in the world is going to be further and further impoverished. The writing has been on the wall for some time. The exacerbation is happening in real time, and yet I and others are somehow assaulting the delicate sensibilities of believers by pointing to these facts. These are knowable, and we have seen the fake Sanders campaign fall to pieces by design as comrades at Black Agenda Report have been telling those will read or listen since Sanders name was thrown in the mix. Not knowing by way of projecting this shortcoming onto an appointed figure is therefore transformed into a virtue, another hallmark of american exceptionalism. The city on the hill provides for its own with these savior figures woven into the fabric of its mythology. Of course the reality is that this is another charade that obscures how dire this collapse really is.

The agent of the spectacle placed on stage as a star is the opposite of the individual, the enemy of the individual in himself as well as in others. Passing into the spectacle as a model for identification, the agent renounces all autonomous qualities in order to identify himself with the general law of obedience to the course of things. The consumption celebrity superficially represents different types of personality and shows each of these types having equal access to the totality of consumption and finding similar happiness there. The decision celebrity must possess a complete stock of accepted human qualities. Official differences between stars are wiped out by the official similarity which is the presupposition of their excellence in everything. […] The imposed image of the good envelops in its spectacle the totality of what officially exists, and is usually concentrated in one man, who is the guarantee of totalitarian cohesion. Everyone must magically identify with this absolute celebrity or disappear. This celebrity is master of non-consumption, and the heroic image which gives an acceptable meaning to the absolute exploitation that primitive accumulation accelerated by terror really is.

Which brings me back to Killary. She is as “establishment” as anyone we are told by those providing more grist for the mill in disproving her “bourgeois feminism”. More bullshit piled on top of her pantsuits of many colors we are constantly being told to react to. But one important part of her presentation that I think is getting lost in the overall production is how vital the narrative of someday being one day that a woman can serve as president has been to disciplining quasi-feminist reform movements. I find this omission, tied up with the conditioning girls are subjected to under the fascist american state, to be deeply sexist as misogynist HRC is pink-pantsuited outside of the typically “white male” domain.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.22.48 PM

Don’t give her up to the White Males now because of your petty jealousies!

This has been a brilliant strategy; the constant arguing over her fake commitment to women claimed by the obviously DNC bankrolled bloggers has worked to separate her from her counterparts she is deeply entrenched with based on her gender and biology that makes this a debate to be had at all. Though they appear in opposition to her, Sanders-leaning (in practice) liberal feminists contribute to boosting her supporters through their rebuttals. And all in all, they stand on the side of organized institutional power in the online blogging arena that has been crafted by Clinton Inc for the last decade at least.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.56.49 PM

A meeting of “Bill Clinton and bloggers” ca 2006 sponsored in part by Hillary’s “former” digital director, one “former” fascist militant Peter Daou. Notice how natural Jessica Valenti is posed there in the center. Noting this funny occurrence at the time produced a lot of feminist misogynists apparently.

One example I’ve seen lately is the case of Sarah Siskind. I had never heard of her before until a couple of appointed “marxist feminists” started mentioning her in tweets and in articles. And yet I have no inclination to search out what her positions on Killary might be. It was enough to see that these “marxists” or whatever they are claiming this week found reason to boost her. That I am an obscure blogger who does not care one iota about a professional reputation safeguards me from doing the same, I’m pretty sure. Regardless, this works to place them in the fold whether they are consciously choosing to or not. Thousands upon thousands of twitter followers to witness their making hay of her reveals their intentions to the careful observers.

With social media, we not only more closely see the american petty bourgeoisie (especially) lose their minds every four years based on this very narrow view of reality, but also the heightened encouragement and direction by them of a seeming narcissistic dissolution of individuality for all to serve this order, an order they themselves will never truly be in charge of, but what do they know. They are delusional. Anyway, I think that we are conditioned to perceive this as narcissism under this regime, but it is a type where the self is only realized by way of celebrity representation — a wholly false self, or a pseudo-self that revels in acceptance from an audience based on existing cues.

I think that the production of one man on the moon is comparable to the dream of one woman in the white house. Both are steeped in maintenance of Big Lies. In the case of the moon landing production, no matter how it exactly went down, it resulted in a Big Lie at the very least. Of course it was and is camouflaged by many smaller sorts purporting that as One, america conquered this rock, and as part of that One, any american can accomplish similar feats if they keep their head up. Wondering, gawking, and dreaming of all the endless possibilities™ regardless of the conditions of one’s feet, or who they may be trampling on — just don’t look down or around.

And Clinton’s propagandists — the most visible being Jessica Valenti, Amanda Marcotte, and Sady Doyle — only ask that we ignore all the women Killary has murdered and trampled on to change the face of the country forever, according to them, to a more feminized fascist sort. A whopper if there ever was one so that they can specially deliver messages to young girls that one day they might be able to occupy the same seat (as long as they rapacious enough, but them’s the breaks). So they continue in their misogynist endeavors if not just to maintain their platforms, living vicariously through HRC as avatar, as if the bourgeoisie really gives a shit about them. More delusions.

The idea of a woman president has been something that has preoccupied mainstream feminism as its stars have impressed its importance onto unwitting women who really are concerned with women’s liberation who only find themselves bombarded with facile bullshit online that likely has nothing to do with their daily struggles. Practical advice is not readily given by the most visible blogs that Clinton Inc has obviously worked to control to promote this importance — to promote her.

None of this has been about socialism or a woman president; it’s all been about control and misdirection. To argue for or against any candidate within these parameters is the same as it’s pretty much always been, and it pains me to be making another post in this direction. I don’t know that the americans involved will easily gain their minds back at the end of this year. In fact, I highly doubt it. The same song and dance happened with Obama after, surprise! he failed “us”. It will be time to move on to sundry issues as mandated by the progressive(ly fascist) media that has stripped all meaning from actionable left politics, and we will be told that these are the baby steps necessary for “next time”. I live for the day when we collectively stop dizzily looking up or at the wagging or waving fingers and instead check and adjust the rearview mirror carefully in order to more clearly see what is right in front of us.

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