reality nightmares

Trigger warning: Suicide. Brief discussion of method and possible reasoning.

Recent suggestions from friends, reading, and viewing brought this discussion together on Gordon Ramsay and Yanis Varoufakis, as different as they might first appear, and the production behind these appointed reality stars that represent anything but that. The discussion on Kitchen Nightmares goes into the conditioning involved of an audience that includes tens of millions of people in the US formerly or currently in the services industry. I include other manufactured political products ready for us to consume and the larger operations behind those as well. You will find everything sourced below — some of the connections are very interesting, and I didn’t even dig into each one!

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losing the mind to control

A funny thing happened to me the other day. Funny not meant in the “haha” sense whatsoever, but more of a representation of how “mind control” actually works on americans every four years or so. So, funny in the very peculiar sense that control of information and ideas that makes up collectives of minds is not seen as a current, conscious project that works in various directions to splinter mental faculties important for critical thinking.

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Berned out, part 2

Here is part one in case you missed it. I am continuing on in this post by giving a short history of the region I was in at the time just prior to Obama’s selection and my experience with political activism within the community and online. To the point: I am going to demonstrate how the space that was supposed to open up for progressive change did anything but and was more likely a smokescreen that worked in many directions. My personal observations and experiences will show how this obscured (un)natural disaster and responses, extremist Tea Party starvation that followed in budgetary measures, and finally the desertion by “private” industry once the population had been laid low, culled, and generally materially devastated after they had sucked out as much labor and value as they could before moving on.

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Berned out, part 1

Over and over again I see leftists online repeating that the Sanders campaign is really opening up space for “radical/leftist/socialist [insert any other once useful term that media has sucked meaning out of] politics”, that this is momentum that needs to be seized upon to nudge more people in accepting redistributionist policies. It is abundantly clear that many others feel the same. The more careful observers who do their best to preserve memory recall the bashing the “far left conspiracist flakes” received over the summer that was yet another indicator of things to come. The presumed “holdouts” are going to be continually marginalized during the rest of the year for not joining in the chorus.

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social engineering and capitalist reproduction

One may call this “overreacting” “moralizing” “prudishness”, but all that can roll around in my head is

So let us not talk falsely, now

The hour is getting late


For quite a while, I’ve thought that the shallow — or perhaps more accurately academic — divide between modern and postmodern “cultural studies” and “economics” is a fake one. Surely if the social is shaped by our material reality and not vice versa, this should be fairly easy to prove given the right reading and approach. However we are still surrounded by ideas informing us that this is not the case, so it is easy to lose sight of this task by virtue of the same media onslaught emanating from those who have the ability to shape it for their own gain! For some very cut and dry specifics on this rather than circular, abstract notions the Reasonable Left likes to wave around, I’ve been finding the book Myths, Lies, and Oil Wars by F William Engdahl instructive recently. This following excerpt is dated around the 1950s in the US, the “golden age” for the expanding Rockefeller oil dynasty.

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Oregon federal building takeover and speculation on ideological uses and/or preparation

I cannot load storify for some reason since creating a new twitter account so here is some analysis I’ve pulled from some different sources and discussion from twitter. The preparatory aspect is something I’ve previously written on.

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US military trade in trafficked persons and sexual servitude, part 4

In this episode I discuss the trafficking and enslavement of Balkan women during and after the NATO invasion of Yugoslavia with Kosovo as its key base of operations in this criminality.

KFOR = Kosovo Force — these terms used as musical chairs for NATO and US led missions are always meant to mislead and confuse.

UNMIK = UN Mission in Kosovo, which is also short for United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo

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the gun control spectacle and beyond

All over the internet, liberals are once again responding to the cue of “really getting serious” about gun control which amounts to nothing more than scolding people on the idea of ever touching a gun because this naturally leads to what is known as “gun violence”. Guns don’t kill people, people don’t kill people, but ideas can if they possess a gun owner because they own a gun which produces “gun violence”. This psyop is similar to what the msm robots are repeating about ISIS now being an “out of control” ideology springing from vague conditions and structures — Amy Goodman and company’s neat package named “blowback” comes to mind — and the careerist left catering to the petty bourgeoisie follows suit and scolds the working class on what they now have to “live with”:

What social forces are going to achieve any of these? It might be added, moreover, that whatever the aetiology of the Daesh pathology, it now has a life of its own. It has insinuated itself into too many struggles, too many lines of antagonism, and too many imaginaries — national, local and global. There is no guarantee that even if every one of the above demands were realised, the fire wouldn’t continue to rage for many years.

My comrade wisely pointed out that the constant changing of the name or acronym for NATO’s groups of proxies murdering, raping, and pillaging is a psyop itself that impresses upon the public that they have a common enemy with the fascist state and that they are taking up a fight with ISIS, ISIL, IS, Daesh, al-Nusra, or al-Qaeda by tracking this phenomenon and cheering in the right direction. Again this parallels the gun control phantom. We have our enemy — gun violence and well whoever shoots them. What goes unnoticed is that gun control exists, and they are systematically, socially, and culturally kept out of the hands of those who are more marginalized in society already.

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a rant against nihilism, an ode to the underappreciated

So one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen lately is “radicalized” westerners bemoaning humanity existing at all. Oh oh oh “we’ve” fucked up so much, there is nothing to fix “our” damage, blah blah blah. I just want to mock these people and say oh poor you. How terrible everything must be, for you to be so distressed by a small ruling group that you are forced to conflate it with “humanity”.

It’s disgusting and protofascist. What has humanity done for them to whine onto social networking about “our” entire fallen state? They have built the infrastructure and all the devices they can connect to in order to completely misapprehend what humanity is in the seat of the core, and they want to knock down the struggling and oppressed because they can’t see a way out.

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Rest in Peace Dave McGowan, 1960 – 2015

My heart is very heavy after finding out that David McGowan passed away earlier today (22 November). He opened my eyes to so much. I found his blog series that was eventually turned into Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon and couldn’t get enough, so I started listening to every interview of his I could find, and was led to more gruesome discoveries after reading Programmed to Kill. Grotesque, but it’s important to take seriously. Not enough people do, so when highly organized ruling class terror is displaced onto so-called plucky bands branded ISIS as novel discovery, the general consuming public recoils in horror as directed and waits for the good guys to step in.

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