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again, some comrades and i who critically think about the media and how it operates are being accused of seeing “an op around every corner”. mostly it’s indirectly, because twitter of course, as it’s been pounded into our heads, is not a place for serious discussion nor is it actually possible for the sort of understanding that could come of that. also these people are chickenshits and have nothing else to offer but snark, like the little children we’re conditioned to believe ourselves to remain as throughout our lives, reliant on the masters’ media to tell us exactly how things are and not to question. here is a prime example (yeah i have him blocked, but he is obsessed with how people he hates go about analysis, so whatever):

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.47.58 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.50.21 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.50.38 AM

according to the enlightened, acceptable media consuming crowd, there are a couple of choices in what one “believes” versus what one can understand via typical media operations. and if you attempt the latter, you are a loon to be written off completely.

with that being said, some news about a murder of an old acquaintance of mine from high school recently made the bigger outlets such as CNN et al. his name was Ethan Schmidt, and now stories on possible motive are starting to emerge:

CLEVELAND, Miss. — According to sources close to the Delta State University shooting investigation, Shannon Lamb shot fellow DSU professor Ethan Schmidt because he believed Schmidt had been an obstacle to him being granted tenure by the university. Rather than receiving the coveted tenure distinction, Lamb had instead been reduced to teaching online classes.

Unfounded speculation early in the investigation had centered around a possible love triangle between Lamb, Schmidt and Amy Prentiss, who lived with — and was ultimately killed by — Lamb.

But a senior law enforcement source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has now provided new details of the conversation police had with Lamb before he took his own life.

i think this is part of a larger, ongoing psyop because school shootings sell in any setting, and the sociopaths’ media is all about making people afraid of going out and of their neighbors, family, and friends, not to mention discouraging people from just trusting each other in general. i also think he really is dead and that his wife and children will feel this immense loss for the rest of their lives. he was really a decent guy as i remember him, very smart but very affable toward anyone open to him as well. he was not a good ol boy of the small town we came from and treated women of all ages with respect. his parents recently moved into the large victorian down the block from my parents where my friends lived for decades — everyone knew and loved this family as well. and when of my best friends who once lived there hung himself when he was only 23, and i was only 19, it was another painful loss for our small community. i hate associating that big house where we had so many good times with two tragic deaths now.

why was this “love triangle” aspect even offered? it definitely sensationalized this story among many that remain in the constant fear-mongering hum. how do you think his children will react when they get older and look up the online accounts and see these lies to make his story marketable? he lived 300 miles from the woman the now dead suspect also shot, but it makes a good story. these vultures thrive on loss and pain and death.

who cares. connecting all these moving parts is just too much for us infantilized nobodies to handle and make judgments about. we’re only deserving of ridicule according to the professional opinion havers and their toadies, even when we are affected by the machine that feeds off this pain that hits those near us.

rest in peace Ethan.

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