recent news on trafficking concerns, refugee and migrant quotas, & general operation of fascist imperialism

a short episode on recent news of refugees and migrants who are at risk for various war crimes by both states and their proxies along with reports from the last few years.

i briefly touched on how the fascist state operates outside of popular, cartoon versions, and i think the book Martin Bormann — Nazi in Exile can be helpful in grasping this. you can download a free pdf or read it in html version here.


Hungary takes refugee children away from parents as it declares state of emergency

Migrant crisis: EU ministers approve disputed quota plan “migrant crisis”

Man in Hungarian gay sex-slave ring in Miami convicted of human trafficking unfortunately the editors felt like “gay” was important to highlight here, i’m sorry. this is another distracting feature as to how the problem of trafficking is communicated to the public, in these bits and pieces, and with the ridiculous “gay agenda” crap always in the background it seems.

Man, 41, jailed for ‘sex slavery’ of women in Bolton and Blackburn and here we have the idea of what information is willingly given up about the problem scare quoted.

Human trafficking: The EU’s dirty secret

Romania a global center for human trafficking

Traffickers jailed for London sex slave trade

Hungarian pimps operated male sex-slave ring in New York City: charges

10 family members charged in human-trafficking case

Hungarian migrants bring 50 sex slaves to British university

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