Rest in Peace Dave McGowan, 1960 – 2015

My heart is very heavy after finding out that David McGowan passed away earlier today (22 November). He opened my eyes to so much. I found his blog series that was eventually turned into Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon and couldn’t get enough, so I started listening to every interview of his I could find, and was led to more gruesome discoveries after reading Programmed to Kill. Grotesque, but it’s important to take seriously. Not enough people do, so when highly organized ruling class terror is displaced onto so-called plucky bands branded ISIS as novel discovery, the general consuming public recoils in horror as directed and waits for the good guys to step in.

McGowan’s interests were wide, but his sourcing and research never suffered from any dilettantism. He took disagreement in stride — some may have written him off as a flippant southern Californian dude (that’s just like your opinion man), but I and many others recognized the strength of his intellect while he worked diligently in service to whoever would read or listen. He is known to have said he started putting stuff out there to make sense of things for himself, and when he got sick about seven months ago, he indeed found an outpouring of support from people he didn’t know he had touched as deeply as he did.

McGowan never tried to “rebrand” himself to reach a larger demographic with the aid of slick PR reps; he stayed the course with his challenging research and writing so this limited his scope. He appeared on many programs and shows that the respectable left would probably need to write home about to get an opinion on before bending their precious little ears. Not long after he appeared on John B Wells’ show to reach a wider audience with his Boston bombing research, he became very ill and was diagnosed with stage IV small cell cancer.

In my opinion he was murdered. This is certainly not the first time a researcher mysteriously “came down with” a fast acting cancer. Though the naysayers and imperialist cheerleaders will be quick to tell you of all the things that the victims could have done differently, so who really knows, right? That’s just like your opinion man — people get old at 66, who cracked open the most vile and systematic ritualistic sexual abuse under US military supervision, shit happens. People smoke, why should quick onset and death from stage IV small cell cancer really be that alarming? Additionally should we really be that surprised that leaders who have fought against the emerging world fascist system associated with the “most degenerate and thievish race of men ever to to inhabit this sphere” have been disproportionately struck as well?

McGowan was brave and wasn’t afraid of living while he fearlessly shone the light on the secrets and mechanisms the psychos desperately try to keep hidden. I am so fucking mad he is gone. It seemed he had gained more visibility in the last few years and at only 55 there was so much more that he offered for humanity. Snuffed out too early, like many of the young forgotten victims of ruling class depravity he wrote about when very few others were, if any.

As saddened as I am, I feel resolved as ever to do whatever I can. Fuck these people and their grand plans. I’d rather die myself than watch all of humanity fall under their control, what they want to tell us is the best of all worlds.

Mae Brussell once aptly stated “There is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you. Don’t die before you’re dead.”

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