a rant against nihilism, an ode to the underappreciated

So one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen lately is “radicalized” westerners bemoaning humanity existing at all. Oh oh oh “we’ve” fucked up so much, there is nothing to fix “our” damage, blah blah blah. I just want to mock these people and say oh poor you. How terrible everything must be, for you to be so distressed by a small ruling group that you are forced to conflate it with “humanity”.

It’s disgusting and protofascist. What has humanity done for them to whine onto social networking about “our” entire fallen state? They have built the infrastructure and all the devices they can connect to in order to completely misapprehend what humanity is in the seat of the core, and they want to knock down the struggling and oppressed because they can’t see a way out.

The war in the core nations is barely acknowledged, rather seen as a series of individual struggles with mental health and so on. Still this is only realizing a psychological level, discounting the regular displacement due to precarious employment many in the middle have to battle and the cities carved out by the toadies for the ruling classes to gentrify which is in reality a gentler and arguably a more politically correct way to say resettle and recolonize.

It is a privilege to not live in a ghetto with massively depleted infrastructure. I don’t mean to say that those who deal more with the psychological effects are “privileged” in that respect, but my god when people are damning all of humanity for their cathartic prosumption of media online I get a mean streak to me. Perspective is needed. But I’m not into waiting around, so those are the people I would rather isolate myself from.

This is a result from the nihilist messaging we receive from the owning class’s media. I do not see the alternative as “thinking positively” or resorting to a liberal sort of humanism — a feature of this sort of liberalism is convincing the marginalized that adjusting the hue of what the fascist state symbolically accepts is progress while the spectacle fills in the gaps of perceptions of their actual material needs.

I think we are at a transition point with regard to what belief even is. The illusion of america as a “liberal democracy” is falling away at an accelerated rate, and the masters’ media is doing the work handily at putting this on display. Trump is a fascist, but so are all the other candidates. The democrats that leftists, reds, and anarchists are supposed to deflect to when faced with the next regularly scheduled crisis poll just as depraved as the rumored far right we’re always to be preventing in gaining more ground once we act like Smart Adults and “unify” for the Greater Good.

What is left then? What is there to grasp for individuals alienated from organizing trapped in a constant material state of flux? We are given the containment zone of social networking that is constantly being chipped away at to make it anything but social. While Twitter and Facebook have allowed for the proliferation of networks among citizen journalists and researchers, they are designed largely for “entrainment” — “spaces” where one is to receive all their information. If it wasn’t trending, did it really happen?

I don’t know for sure what online militancy means in the western sense, but I think it’s something to take seriously. Look at the examples of who leads by the eyeballs among the “left” already, if they are not simply still tolerated for not having swastikas tattooed to their chests — your guy with the Beat repeating all we need is love or your guy who insists you aren’t seeing the liberatory meaning in a fascist operative’s fascist screeds. If it’s not these guys in particular, it’s someone else who has made a career out of studied anti-communism.

It shouldn’t be discounted that comrades have made inroads in convincing the disaffected western and core subjects to look toward global south leadership. They are not our “saviors”, they are leaders who’ve realized the onslaught of what global americanization means for much longer than those in the global north.

The ubiquitous ideas and conditioning are much more sinister than what is often written off as “memes”. We still have so much at our disposal to turn the tables, but “playful” memes such as this are just a funny condition we must deal with? Nonsense. And this is what the imperialist garbage does, it fills our heads with nonsense. We have the “baby boomer” generation at large to look at as an example of what to do and what not to do — not for reasons of their wallowing in some fake largesse, but to realize what neutered their action and thinking and also what struggles we have inherited from them that desperately need to be furthered and made urgent.

It’s difficult and painful to look at what is beneath the veil but at the same time it is there, and it requires study. Our existence demands this. There are various (often attractive) strands of the cult of globalization that lead back to many of the same sources, and it will be easier and easier to get caught up with a faux spiritual path the more nihilism is pushed onto us, the more the masters tell us their solutions are the only ones because we have “accepted” their rule.

If we don’t know the details, we can find out. Part of social media entrainment is convincing us that our few streams are the only thing that exist for gathering information. The connections of the connected are available on Wikipedia, even. Hidden in plain sight like so much is and like the intelligence organizations have counted on for decades now when they make their plans readily available for those who will read and understand. Bless our foremother Mae Brussell for plainly telling us this truth without any coddling.

The nihilist tells us life is meaningless anyway — if this were true, there wouldn’t be a ruthless class of psychos securing everything for themselves for what, for the living in the best material comfort they don’t think the rest of us deserve. How convenient for them to have a population in the global north content with living their lives without meaning, just as long as the disaffected don’t think that humanity contains more than what is delivered through the screens and airwaves they own…for now.


  1. very well put! hitting upon distinction between nebulous “systems” terminology (which feeds this narcissistic nihilism, ‘cuz what can I/we do, the elite are just as interchangeable as we are’) and actual analysis of system functions might not be all that empowering but at least it doesn’t disintegrate the unwashed masses into criminal vermin.


  2. This reminds me of my “meaning of life” manifesto from 2010, when I concluded that “Nihilistic hedonism has become cliché.”

    I am going to find out more about Mae Brussel now. I feel like we need more rants like this.


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