what does it mean to take a child’s life?

Content notice: brief discussion of child murder (as introduction to a following post).

I’ve gone blind with rage once. Maybe more like, with righteous anger to the point of nearly stroking out. But maybe not. Harvard or somewhere conducted studies that proved – hold on – it’s a real phenomenon. It probably didn’t prove that but it doesn’t make it any less real, and it probably has to do with several ways in which the human body processes extreme emotional states, beyond what is situated between our ears.

Well/appropriately-directed anger is obviously one such state that is being acutely penalized and criminalized presently. For example, Jordan Neely was the victim who was mounting a defense of himself against the entire apparatus of the fascist corporate state. He was alleged to have been, simply, angry – an apparent sin now punishable by execution – when it’s reported elsewhere he was asking for help and telling anyone who would listen that he is hungry. In no world did a marine belonging to the imperialist fascist core’s vast military forces defend himself nor anyone else present, but it was in defense of the fascist vanguard. That’s who all these insane brownshirts pledge allegiance to, duh. There is simply no other interpretation, only propaganda carried out by a tiny cohort of artificially intelligent “media personalities” with majority algorithmically positioned bot accounts for “followers”. I’m on @eugenicskun’s wavelength in this regard and attempt at swinging the gate wide open to blackshirt formation (cf. that flagrant puppet theater called the “Patriot Front” making headlines).

When I went blind with anger, it was that kind of visual pins and needles sensation. Like waves that worked outwards in until the vision you saw resembled an inverted version of your iris looking back on you. It reminds me of some recent-ish KRS-One lyricism: “I’m taking aim with my one third eye / Let my words fly, boom bye bye”. Experiences like this and allegory that expresses all the ways in which they can emerge aren’t contained within one individual, either. It is a collective phenomenon evident everywhere else in the universe we are part of. We speak with each other which is impossible to do without in this real world, nothing virtual about it.

While I was confronting the individual who got me there, it wasn’t her singular actions that stirred up such emotion. It was her ignorance of those that surrounded and influenced her that had the potential of irreparably damaging her children I was probably charged with more care than she gave them at that time, or that she could give them. I didn’t care! That’s what I wanted to do, and her attitude isn’t necessarily relevant.

The community center I worked at under the mandate of an after-school program (the club) that extended to full-day summer programs took in all children who were hungry and needed basic care and a place to belong, friends, mentors, things to do and gently-guided structure that communicates they are as important in their education progress as anyone else. That’s not to mention air conditioning; I had encountered this woman’s son who loved all his friends at club in the street, furiously pedaling his bike and sweating heavily on a hot summer day as he was “running errands”. I asked him why he wasn’t at club? He said his parents couldn’t afford the fee this year (low cost as it was and heavily subsidized “for the time”, but still. It’s money.). We were able to take in those who couldn’t afford it though, and I told him your mom just needs to bring you to club and sign some papers, for him and his sister. So she did, and I was glad to see them. Adorable little characters who cracked up all their friends.

I liked this woman and her husband. I could tell where their children got their sense of humor from whenever we cut up a little as they picked them up after club. But things were obviously rough that summer as they were cash strapped, hurting for gas to the point they sent their child out on his bicycle to get necessities. It was rumored they had been moving large amounts of marijuana. I brushed off the accusation as gossip and didn’t want to mess with their business even if it was their business, that I would assume they would be careful with. But they both rolled into club one late afternoon, railing against one of the older teen girls who had taken on the duties of answering phones and greeting people at the front desk. She loved it, and she was good at it. Friendly, cute, and street smart, among all the other smarts we work toward.

But she was allegedly “holding” some of their money, related to what they wouldn’t say. Fine. And maybe at most it was $100, not some federal case. But as my chief – who took no, absolutely none, negative amounts of shit, in fact, from no one – and I communicated to each other in a flash, we knew we had to contain whatthefuckever was going on. I took her to an empty classroom and closed the door, and she proceeded to go off about how she didn’t want her kids around that little bitch, who the fuck does she think she is. I told her why “that little bitch” was here, nothing was changing, and hello it took me seeing your son fucking sweltering in the heat doing adult shit before he got a reprieve by coming here; why it was important to all of them, and them bringing in their bullshit, whatever it was, was a threat to the club and all the children. I was heard, I couldn’t see, but she was still pissed. We can’t be tasked with everything individually, so whatever. Outside, it nearly came to blows between chief and her husband. All over some bullshit constructed to fuck us all over, make us hate each other, and tear down the innocent in a place where we did our best to deconstruct it in a peaceful and secure setting.

We need to transform and organize that anger we all feel to use collectively in defense of ourselves and each other, and that is why it’s so dangerous to the ruling class. The penny dropped and the message is clear. It is punishable by death, but it is by no means a done deal no matter what the slack-jawed AI avatars drool out.

That’s one reason I find the cases of child murder in the news lately important to learn from. The cases of Gannon Stauch, Tylee Ryan, and JJ Vallow touched a nerve all over the world not merely because they were sensationalized, which I would argue that’s a direction the MSM had to avoid because of the outcry, but because even after all this abuse we’ve suffered at an accelerated rate in the last three years, people at large cannot imagine enacting such horrors on their own children. The victims in these cases were all children done gravely wrong by society generally, irrevocably harmed; they are gone, obliterated – as all are the children taken by these murderous shots and all the other life-depleting measures pushed on them from multiple levels. The conspiracies that entrapped these innocents on an acute level have been seen, understood, and ruled on, justice seen through by angry groups of ordinary people who do not want to see it again. And we will see justice for the rest. We have to.

In my idea of a just world, trials for those accused of child murder would be held in a gleaming white room featuring an effect or mechanism that would cast a fish-eye view on each speaker so that the undivided attention it attracted would amply highlight every facial movement, every expression of body language. Think Busta Ryhmes’s videos from the ’90s. Some events need to be taken with such a degree of seriousness. A deadly degree of seriousness for an innocent, vulnerable life stolen from them and the entire world they belong to. Among an entire community that want to see every child in it to do well, to have a chance at making their own life and become an independent person who can give back to the people who fostered them when the time is right. As mentioned in previous posts, I will post more extensively on the case of Gannon Stauch whose murderer, his own step mother, Leticia Stauch was convicted for recently. There’s a lot to consider, particularly that the road-weary little boy of a common soldier, the most common there can be in the imperial core (thanks to Phil Greaves for putting this into historical context in ’20), was deemed important enough to warrant a mass search that went cross-country to put him to rest and the killer brought to justice.

The thing is though that we have gotten really good at bringing such individuals to justice, however stripped the context may be, so we have to be better. What exists already is ours but we have to stake that claim of ownership to pursue justice. The courts may embody “the rule of law” in practice, but to rule by law is what we aim to achieve by bringing all these mass murderers to true justice that’s transparent for all to see.

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