Trump stinks! yeah yeah

Remember that tune? I’m not sure why I put the ostensibly most important and enlightened political thought of our day to the only J. Geils Band song I have at my immediate recall since I haven’t heard it in a long time. Maybe it’s the pause between the repetition of “love stinks” — like the writer and then subsequently the listener had a moment to think about what saying “love stinks” might actually mean after mindlessly agreeing, “yeah yeah”. Time to double down, it stinks.

Trumpmongering has turned out to be an incredibly stultifying and thought terminating program. Brand Trump is a force multiplier of the alienating effects technology can have on us by way of “social” media, but this couldn’t have happened without the round the clock “news” notifications the so-called “dinosaurs” of the press have integrated along with media feeds. Every app has a new story on Trump daily if not hourly. And Trump as the single most threat to the “free world” is covered from every conceivable political angle in the west. There is something for everyone.

The Queen apparently doesn’t fancy him, Madeline Albright warns us all of the coming fascism with him at the helm, in the US feminists sculpt him with a small penis, and in the UK a blimp portrays him as a baby. Those are just the highlights, as anyone with a smartphone already knows. If we get to the more supposedly serious observers, Trump will now split NATO and start a war with Germany. Or he will stand up to the deep state and reveal that extraterrestrial beings have been living among us all our lives.

It’s all a confusing miasma with him at the core of anything of political importance while his own history and context is rarely discussed in terms that are remotely rational or reasonable with regard to the real danger the majority on the planet is in. I know I can go into any given social gathering and have a conversation with someone who believes that Trump stinks but for entirely different reasons that are personally curated after the algorithmic reading performed by Google has already been carried out. The liberal irony, all the stupid lines and takes and elitism, that is seething just out of my eyeshot but that I know is there makes me want to shudder my way into a catatonic state. It’s a diabolical, far-reaching operation.

And what’s left to say in company you have been alienated from and commanded not to trust? Trump stinks! yeah yeah (pause) Trump stinks. Just over a decade ago the always self-referential networks featured sitcoms with characters who discussed “the latest Apprentice” and “who was fired”. No thought given to these numbing and conditioning effects, no thought as to the significance of what being fired on spectacular Trumpian terms might mean today. No seriousness, all knowing knowingness that a big dumbass is calling all the shots, so we really must love this subjugation, I suppose. Yeah yeah.

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