Low Intensity Conflict Doctrine and weaponized narcissism

in this short episode i cover a brief history of Low Intensity Warfare/Conflict Doctrine (LIC) and relate with it why weaponizing narcissism in various different media and through the bourgeois imposed family unit is instrumental in ensuring conflict away from ruling class intentions.

a couple of notes on what you can expect to see going forward: i will continue to release a longer episode toward the beginning of each month on my main topic of research, sex trafficking. depending on how much storage i have with Libsyn for the remainder of the month, i’ll release a shorter one like i have now for the last two months. the topics may or may not be directly linked to trafficking, and in the upcoming months the shorter installments may include some interviews with a wonderful older community actor in my area named Holmes Morrison. he is 83 and very class conscious with a memory that could put people half his age to shame. he has a clear understanding of history and his place in it and just so much valuable wisdom that it would be a crime not to document and share. if you happen to be in the triangle area of North Carolina, you can catch him playing the “old manservant” Firs in Chekov’s final play, The Cherry Orchard, at the Deep Dish Theater Company through 14 November.


The New Interventionism: Low-Intensity Warfare in the 1980s and Beyond

Carl von Clausewitz wiki

The German Ideology, Marx and Engels

Characteristics of Narcissistic Fathers

Raised by Narcissists


  1. Hi there: I left a reply on my own blog but want to connect here. I read several of your posts and will enjoy digging deeper into your site. It is refreshing for me to be the reader rather than the writer; especially when I read words from a razor sharp mind who is “awake at the wheel.” Weaponizing narcissicism…really, is there any other way to view it? Awesome.


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