people are all right with me

What do you do, or try to do, when someone is beating you? The common answers I assume would be to fight back or get away. In some situations this is impossible to do, or time has to pass before meaningful action can be taken while using mitigation measures in the meantime.

Time has passed since 2020, and maybe more importantly, 2021. I find that sometimes hard to believe, because it seemed the world stopped at quite a few points and we never left 2020. And surely, I thought, this couldn’t be reality. I was instilled like many others with heart-stopping fear. I was so sensitive all over at times that I could feel every muscle in my head and neck while I thought hard about the foreseeable future.

The world did not totally stop, but for a significant amount of the population it did. And people were extinguished, the magnificent and manifold points in the universe they expressed in glorious human form, warts and all – gone forever. As the culling goes on, millions are adding up now.

It’s been major escalation on a worldwide scale, tragedy that in a way has to be understood via screens (reading, watching, discerning) to take in its scope. And also due to the fact that many of us have been isolated and damaged by the sudden stopping of movement and free speech. Despite this, I think there is value in comprehending it, no matter how difficult that may be. No matter the agreeable or acceptable excuses. And not to go all Bon Jovi on you, but we’ve got each other, and that’s a lot. There is kinship and solidarity to be found, and people who have thankfully been spared by saline-injecting heroes who can now be empowered by those who have stood firm to speak their truths and share their experiences without fear. Just one aspect of the universe that once recognized, valued, and cared for fluttered back from certain extinction to shine as bright as ever, leaving countless points of light in the afterglow.

It’s never just one human or just one dot in space though, it’s never insignificant. The universe expands – amazing as it is to try to conceptualize, in every sense of the word – as much as the rulers try to convince us how small our world is, or should be. We each also have the capacity to do this, expand ourselves, our experiences, tastes, knowledge, with every other part of this vast array. Other people who have more in common with each other than they know with differences that we can agree or disagree on. It’s a big world – I don’t think this can be stated enough sometimes.

And it’s big world that is made up of billions of people mostly at peace with each other, which I think is a huge act of defiance to the rulers when you take it in. This is in spite of the best, highly technologically advanced efforts to get us to hate each other to the point we undertake actual, physical combat (one of the goals of GLADIO-type operations, in my opinion). That would make their jobs easier. So they strip away public funding (eg, schools) while running operations online to distract from that, to take away these spaces where new worlds form with others. The general reasons certain funding will remain is due to a constellation of efforts from individuals who may be at odds otherwise, but the arena and organizations up for debate hang on, waiting to be expanded upon.

I’m so tired of being told what I should think by these narrow-minded dorks in on the operations. And then what others who think they know what I think and the consequences they foresee based on snippets they take away from what I and many others think, particularly regarding what COVID was, is, and continues to be, used as stand-in for a cascade of events. I was reminded of one of the most annoying tweety birds today who has appointed himself expert on this topic, one Alex Berenson. He is a great example for what I’m getting at.

Chaser – because that’s what we know you think! And you should, because it’s the most obvious version of the truth!

A backwards example of virtue in a world that doesn’t exist. Saying “I told you so” isn’t “chest thumping” over sudden deaths, nor is it a mystery that there is something very deadly in the injections.

Because some people need to hear “I told you so”, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal to say that, especially if they’ve gotten to a point that they can actually hear it. I’m not dancing on anyone’s grave who was coerced, scared, misled, or abused. I feel immense sorrow for them and what and who has been taken from us. This is the biggest event in our lifetimes that we are gravely in danger from as we manage to survive, and it’s not been caused by unsolvable mysteries, but human planning and action that can be known. It is known. A lot of us have been saying, not hating, except for the few at the top who have orchestrated this. Again – by knowable action that leaves evidence behind.

So there are graves to be danced on, who contract/subtract, destroy — do nothing but take to the detriment of millions. Those hoisted by their own petards handed down to them from perhaps God himherself, and who damaged countless others by promoting and giving the injections, are the ones I’m indifferent to however. For now, at least, as that may change. After all, the record has yet to be preserved. Regardless, what we are considering here is, one by one, another agent acting on behalf of the ruling class to distribute their poison, in word and deed, eliminated from sucking more people into death and destruction. The only party they pledged allegiance to did not care about their lives either, which is to be expected. That’s how fascism works, from the top down.

Maybe Berenson will pick up on that in a couple of years after he unravels mysteries floating in indecipherable orbs, or something. By my view, he’s a Jesus freak, starring him as the messiah, who probably networks with other messiahs. This really brave voice, by his own puffing of himself, who can read you so perfectly and spell out virtues about “turning the other cheek”, as a special called one – a “pureblood”. Awh, he knows your heart! Just like taking Jesus into your heart, whatever that means. But more on that in a bit.

I don’t know if he’s smarter than that, than seriously believing in this ridiculous microceleb identity he’s taken on, but if he isn’t, that makes him extremely cynical. The language he uses and the idiotic scoldings he puts forth are sentiments explicitly scripted and designed to stir up confusion and distrust in one another. There are those to be distrusted, to be sure. But it’s not due to some “feeling” from the same simultaneously mystical and strictly biological attributes in one’s blood. There’s a little more to be done than turning one’s cheek only to be beaten on another side!

The more I think on him as an example, the more I see how christofascism is an ideal vehicle for keeping people at odds presently and preventing working class politics from forming. It seems to be uniquely American. If only we had a Soviet style dismantling of parasitical churches in this country, those that drain desperate individuals from the meager funds they have left at the end of the day. Who promise something that never materializes and create a schizophrenic view of how one belongs here, how to find their allegedly singular Purpose as ordained by false prophets. They lead them far astray from the truth that this wonderful world is their birthright like anyone else’s.

Jesus can be a nice story. It’s comforting to think that you can accept its niceness “into your heart” and be changed, to have this figure walk with you and guide you in decision making. And I’m not knocking worship and congregation – rituals that have helped us make sense of our lives historically, however altered they may due to a number of forces. But another way these parasitical churches drained their flocks was preventing in-person gatherings and then requiring masks, and in some cases proof of vaccination! To stand before the God they claim to all answer to, in a presumably holy place that wouldn’t have been possible without special tax status. These actions were also planned and disseminated by knowable people who claim to tell you they have the right to tell you how to practice. It should go without saying, but there really wasn’t some unholy mixing of the ether from which a deadly virus never known to humankind emerged, only solvable by demigods and a band of plucky Jesus freaks.

It seems that much thought in the states passes through a filter known as Jesus. But it’s really idolatry. To take one man as a christ that is unlike any other who ever lived and who will ever live as a figment in your brain, and model yourself after that..? I don’t mean to be dismissive here, but this has never been explained to me in a way that makes sense. (And I kindly request that you not try if that’s your bag, I’m just saying.) Largely, it seems to be what Jesus means to you, I guess, which can obviously mean any number of things, going by the superpastor/predators as avatars we have on the airwaves here.

Not to digress too much, but how I miss the rebellious spirit of so many during my childhood, in the 80s, that rejected this insane televised garbage. It unfortunately remains to a lesser degree and had a purpose to repel then be studied to understand how to weave this mysticism into more media. Which I think is evident now. Pundits invoke these themes and memes all the time, it’s so exhausting. Yep, one lone truth teller to the next, delivering you the Final Message, endlessly by screen delivery now.

I don’t want to know or follow anyone who claims to have the final word without curiosity or solid proofs, some that may contradict their theses. The honesty that flows forth from participating with others in the making of knowledge and practice is becoming so rare in media we have at least a little wiggle room in, albeit strangled by censorship. There seems to be a belief that elsewhere a realm of good and evil decides how things will play out between mortals. The rulers have positioned themselves to appear that way to the ruled, so it’s no wonder that a nihilism emerges from those who label themselves as some sort of fellow traveler to the point of shrugging in defeat of the rumored fates and gods when others don’t live up to their standards.

In part, masking was meant to make basic human connection embarrassing and a social ill. How dare you nakedly state your intentions, or not ask for room before breathing? The damage done is profound. Lockdowns really did drive people to unspeakably violent acts which were also forecasted and discussed well in advance. For all the lockdown (fake)left calculus as of late with regard to gutting that public spending I mentioned earlier, they couldn’t or wouldn’t do the simple math from the jump – take away people’s rights, their livelihoods, their public houses and you take away the people.

What’s been misconstrued as love, something you feel in your head that sometimes flutters down to your stomach, and what you tell yourself about who is in your heart doesn’t make a house a home. Labor, wages, and legal obligations do. This security so hard fought for allows for expansion and thriving and stemmed from a love of humanity. A fiery passion from throngs of people who valued life as a means unto itself so much they were willing to die for it. These directives and efforts weren’t realized after receiving the word from on high; it was a collective fight, a massive battle that required the struggle for freedom of association, discipline and courage. It’s rage inducing to think about what has been taken from us in three short years, but heartening to discover all the ways in which people are finding to fight back.

Historically, examples of typical human capacity in the form of collective struggle are so awesome and fearful, elaborate stories have been constructed to make us forget. The story of American Jesus is one of those I think. Personally, I’m of the opinion there were armies of Jesuses who pushed for and attained reforms never before seen by slaves, workers, soldiers, and plebs alike. And for centuries those victories have evolved and developed into these tangible, material protections and rights we feel entitled to today (because we are). If they could read the fantasy tales today about what their legacy means, and not simply be considered as ghosts to fill our allegedly sinful, godless shells, I think they might be embarrassed by that.

So we got this divine story (written by people) that this divine single person said hey fuck it off down there, it’s all up here, man. Perfection has been achieved, and it certainly doesn’t reside in you. It’s what’s you can imagine only in your head. Pundits late to the party like “psychonaut” Caitlin Johnstone have come to the stunning realization that psychological operations exist in the last few months like they just read Chomsky and Herman. Seriously though, they christo-fascize it to another iteration of thinking good thoughts and doped up positivity. And they enable the right to take from leftists their history in the name of a god-fearing (?) Mother Russia that “recovered” from communism to fend off the evil, indulgent, woke left now in charge. Hah!

In the blink of an eye, their tall tales erase proletarian struggle. But they couldn’t even pose as a “populist threat” to “the establishment” without the Red Army’s defeat of the Nazis. There are more pundits who do another kind of calculus in the form of skull measuring and quantum blood levels of what one Slavic tribe did better than another, and again the equation is simple. Well-organized people, workers, going up against a common enemy united in the spirit of humanity. There is no antigen or antibody test for it, to be found in spittle or blood.

We don’t need any of that to know, to make sense of the world. Just like we don’t need a stick or other talisman to tell us we aren’t feeling well or may be harmful to others for fucking breathing. I think most adults at least realize they need to act like adults, or the floaty concept of “turning the other cheek” wouldn’t be so abused. It relies on common sense – a sense that is common among people as reasonable judges of character and intentions they develop into throughout their lives – that you have to choose your battles.

This is the biggest of our time. I know my complaints and concerns aren’t able to be fully qualified or quantified by the data these preacher-pundits have access to, and I’m not “turning off” the sense-making abilities we all have because some christened geek says they can know my heart. Just an endless, utterly bizarre parade of these personalities in an attempt to keep people from seeing the basic material realities that are killing us.

There’s no in between about what the shots “may do” for “some people” (where, who?). The objective reality is that they have been catastrophic at a world level, and continuing to place faith in them is certain death and oblivion. Discussing anything short of stopping them is to side with the ruling class and against your peer. The effects of just the teensy weensy lockdown (that really wasn’t a true lockdown guys! as we have heard in sickening measure) are continuing to play out. The results are observable and measurable.

Plastering on a veneer of selfless, empty “love” to flatter someone who may in fact be a danger to us at some point as we try to get ourselves out of this mess will not “save” us, no matter how hard the pundits try to cajole us into this fairy tale. The truth can hurt. If we don’t spare ourselves that pain, why am I expected to let that these wild delusions fly with people who continue to make errors in judgment such as the injection program, masking, debasing oneself by participating in insane (anti)social rituals involving swapping spit with each other on a magic card? Fucking seriously.

Three years later, in this mean time. This isn’t dancing on someone’s grave or extreme in the least. We’re talking about basic reasoning skills that can save our lives. The stakes are very high.

And it’s all to appear to be fevered. The rulers are desperate to set off more fear and panic that again, will occur just totally by chance, a “crisis too good to let go to waste” innit, begging for more “divine” intervention. To get through it requires judgment and courage, and to be able to formulate and fight back, freedom of association must be preserved at all costs whether or not you “approve” of other individuals.

There’s always a scare with that of course. Gangs, white supremacists, antifa – pick the artificially cultivated flavor. You need some protection! No we don’t, not what they are selling. As I wrote earlier, I do believe we act in defiance every day – imagine if we were truly as violent as unwashed as they portray sections of us in all their media, all damn day. It would be a bloodbath, and the temporarily on high are the ones running scared, scared of it being channeled upwards from those they see as down below.

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