behind the screen play

Here I thought we might get away without some sick Ritual going into the fourth consecutive New Year of the New Normal. I and most likely anyone reading this was rocked by Qasem Soleimani’s assassination on January 3, 2020. On January 6, 2021, liberals mass hallucinated over CNN’s Worst Attack on Our Democracy Ever production, giving the green light to the true [Woke] coup provocateurs and infiltrators to politicize everything they possibly can and to purge every partisan and dissident with extreme prejudice if necessary. And just prior to the advent of 2022, Biden threatened death upon the majority of Americans for their resistance to lethal injections. Of course, no one scripting those lines for President Roboto thought anyone would die from lack of the toxic secret sauce. The implication was crystal clear, though many “dissidents” thought themselves smarter for “surviving the winter of severe illness and death” and AI guided memery continues to circulate. Many resistors did not in fact survive due to numerous factors outside of a cold or continue to face a possible lifetime of uncertainty, robbed of careers and assets.

However, the unfortunate, scary, and yet inexplicable collapse of the young and healthy Damar Hamlin during one of the most anticipated NFL games at this point in the season — and by inexplicable I mean, what is the real underlying mechanism clotting up blood and causing heart attacks outside of the spike protein computer model supposedly recreated under only lab conditions? — combined with the Bidens’ now smily New Year’s wish for you to continue with the injection pogrom is proof of how opportunistic the ruling class can be to twist events for their gain as much as they plan others well in advance. Booster campaigns have fallen flat and management knows continued naked threats of institutional violence could easily backfire at this stage in the game. Along this vein of contingencies that must be rethought and dealt with, the faces of fellow players on the field last night signaled the true terror they felt seeing a comrade so swiftly fall to a typical play.

Perhaps it was the fear of being the next one, and the public is not privy to what the NFL may be quietly covering up during practices. It was they who ended the game as their bosses initially appeared to demand a brief suspension before resuming play. As the mood shifted among those who obviously saw way more than was broadcast, the commentators had to go into free association mode over the quickly adapted talking point of We Are All On The Same Team, and that’s why the game must come to a halt. Given this small amount of wiggle room without acknowledging the elephant on the field, many commentators found it difficult to maintain their composure. It is not outside the realm of possibility that they have direct experience themselves.

It’s no surprise that a legion of bots and “experts” materialized to tell you what you actually saw. The approved Dissident Docs agree with these screen diagnoses based pretty much on feels, only going as far to say that Hamlin could have been more or less “primed” by the vaccine. And, if you continue to view the brief event, it’s now disrespectful to Hamlin’s family, which is the same sort of shlock the media churned out post 9/11 — repetitive viewing of the twin towers crumbling, the event that is to be forever etched in our minds by their only seeing eye, is evidence of psychosis! Weird “obsession” with victims falling victim to massive crimes against humanity, you know.

Regardless of this quickly assembled attempt at saving face, numbers rivaling these media operatives replied with disbelief and skepticism. When one becomes absorbed in such a highly censored platform such as Twitter, it can be easy to forget that it represents only a tiny fraction of the world’s population who by and large aren’t buying any of this shit. By that same token, it illuminates that those covering for ruling class crime are even a tinier sliver. With each passing day of this realization and their coming complete irrelevance, their disdain for humanity grows ever more desperate, ridiculous, and hateful in the extreme.

The bleating about those nasty antivaxxers, asking questions at “the wrong time” and politicizing it for their/our “own gain” and nefarious agendas probably won’t abate for a while. However, it is they who are using the name of Damar Hamlin to do something that’s become uniquely american in a vain, selfish attempt at preventing an ego death of sorts masking an exceptionalist ego boost in this shared, wildly shattered psyche, some more susceptible than others, of course. And being conscious of these psychological attacks can certainly come with its own baggage that requires restraint and discernment, not to mention an understanding of how publicly criticizing and analyzing these tactics and strategies can be weaponized as well. In any case, however powerful these memes and psyops may be, they do not fundamentally change how people practice and make their way in the material world. For example, no one fully subscribes to all pharmaceutical interventions though they may scream about their fidelity to The Science all day, and no one who rejects certain products turns their back on true modern medical breakthroughs and improvements (that often turn on our cursed american litigiousness, amirite!?) — a binary of pure fantasy only deliverable via screen device.

What I am describing is a sickening and unfortunately familiar sort of incestuousness on display presently. It fills one with uneasiness because it’s thoroughly fascist in principle and alien for us to desire to give ourselves up for the self-appointed Greater Go[o]ds. This realization and practice on the field last night is evidence of deeper concerns media managers desperately want to reshape for “the national healing” without acknowledging what healing needs to actually take place. This phrase popped into my mind while I was watching the production last night, a line spoken by Meryl Streep playing Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw in the 2004 remake (spoiler warning, I guess) of The Manchurian Candidate starring Denzel Washington. I recently watched it over the holiday break. Washington, playing the entrapped Major Bennett Marco, was whom she was speaking of, and his death according to her plot would be necessary for this televised healing. Films like that give away only glimmers of truth usually in no particular order because these themes are often too tantalizing for them not to share and rub in our faces.

Those fetishizing Hamlin’s fall from grace and athletic prowess, as if they have this already figured out as part of The Same Team, are in fact those who are using him as a sacrificial lamb in their cornered and writhing state. Those of us making the correct call on the play are doing so out of concern and compassion. Damar Hamlin, along with every other injured and coerced individual, deserves real answers so they can make a true recovery, and I sincerely hope that is possible. I and others write, criticize, and analyze not because we are thirsty for sudden deaths to prove our point, but because we were horrified that this began in the first place and put ourselves in precarious situations to help stem this tide. However, we are the tidal wave rising now, and no amount of scolding, baseless accusations, and rewriting of history will stop us.

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