eat the rich before they eat you

I want to briefly discuss cannibalism, but as is my style we must first look at the universe that surrounds the current media push. Some of the information and examples you can find are immediately repulsive which I think has to do with our unique and exceptional instinctual drive as humans. And as thinking, social beings, if we sit with all the themes and ideas implied in the pro-cannibalism media, a more grotesque larger picture comes into view.

These are not topics that should be ignored or taken lightly. What we are facing is pressure to disassemble ourselves not only figuratively or psychologically, but to “relieve” ourselves of our corporeal form, piece by piece, because everything once beautifully organic around us is being mutated into something ugly and inhospitable to human existence.

This project is hardly a new phenomenon. Those forced into the american open-air ghettos and more closed-off reservations have been experimented on in the modern era prior to WWI and beyond with the release of deadly poisons in the air and water supply, and so often situated next to power and electricity plants that emit dangerous levels of radiation. Subsidized housing has been known as “the projects” for good reason because even their construction could be deadly and was certainly experimental; starving children driven to the consumption of lead-based paint left them seriously maimed and the intent was to irreparably harm generations of young people whose ancestors just a generation or two before came here in chains.

Corporate media has relentlessly circulated euphemisms of various objects or behavior being laughably “ghetto” and the survivors of projects are dripping with commodified coolness that once tapped leaves them empty and alone. If one presents dull behavior and makes bad choices later in life, it’s “funny” to ask if they ate paint chips as a kid. Such quickly rattled off cruelty thought of as superficial is but one symptom of a deeply violent and antihuman society.

The creation of agencies such as the FHA and the EPA provided cover in the guise of ensuring safe housing for the class mobile, preferably white, as well as consumer protections. That is not to say such protections aren’t important or hard won or merely allowances, but there is a reason there are overarching federal agencies — for control and intelligence gathering and capture, and to guard the secrets of the most revolting experiments. The MKULTRA senate hearings were a glimpse; the Epstein operation is these freaks bellowing in our faces. Similar comparisons can be made to the DEA and the DHS, obviously.


Gillian Anderson as psychotherapist in Hannibal, breathless and nearly orgasmic before consuming her own flesh.

Those of us not in “the club(s)” of the ruling class cannot underestimate their depravity, and glimpses of their wildest dreams are revealed more and more every day. Then there is the television programming that openly promotes this. In Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, flesh consumption is humorously treated as a transition state for a suburban real estate agent.

When americans came online in greater numbers in the aughts, there were plenty of enticing attention traps and operations meant to appeal to any given variety of warped worldview and to convince the viewer or participant that what they were embarking upon with the latest information highway was enlightenment. Only in recent years do we get the cliche about “living your best life” because the introduction of the internet into every home and now hand was about creating a digital life and preferably it should be all about escapism.

It has taken a quarter of a century for a majority of the public to accept the idea of having a digital life as a constant. The Sims, MySpace, and other seeming virtual artifacts are looked upon as goofy now but they all had an important role to play in making this condition and reliance on the internet seem like it has always been here, it has always been an extension and if it wasn’t, life was just so disconnected and shitty before. Certainly there are many things that digitization has improved for many many people, but for many others, their surroundings are in a constant state of upheaval to allow for more cables and lines that actually do the connecting while the rest of us making payments with a tap or a swipe are to imagine it’s being conducted through “the cloud”.

As silly as this common belief about how the internet and digitization works in our lives is, many “early adopters” first drawn to it were galvanized in their faux dissent by one of the most religious of the zealots of our time, one Richard Dawkins. An atheist he is not, or else I don’t think he would be pushing the ruling class agenda of “breaking the taboo against cannibalism”. Excuse me but I doubt this freak would ever purport to eat his rich masters; he much prefers the role of yapping spaniel for his dinner.

Dawkins couches this in claiming it would be perfectly ethical if lab grown, but nothing has come to the consumer market after the lab grown lamb and beef meat gimmicks were floated on social media years ago. As a recent reviewer of Agustina Bazterrica’s Tender Is The Flesh noted, she found the book promoted on twitter just months before the animal virus cum human pandemic COVID 19 world and wouldn’t you know that Bazterrica is said to be simply reckoning with our already grisly present? Doesn’t sound that deep really, particularly interesting, or anything but heavy handed but the NYT sure wants you to think it’s so much more. Well it is and it is not, as with so much of the nonsense rolled out this year. I was shocked to read this detail in their recent review of the book: ‘In the dairy section, machines are “suctioning the females’ udders.” For ease of care, all pregnant females have their limbs removed.’

Limbless human females birthing just enough consumable stock for those deemed as worthy or just enough to leave laboring on this planet. That really hit me this week and expresses I think the gravity of what we are dealing with. James Corbett has made a habit lately of emphasizing that we are seeing what we are being told is “new” digital mechanisms, GMO mosquitoes, implants, and the like. This is something to remember and be wary of because look how quickly people were willing to shame and snitch on others “for their health”.

Children are in cages, thought to be cute if put in sparkly masks and whatever, the college aged are now sent off to psyop detention camps, you can’t hug your elders. You cannot be by the side of your loved ones if they are sick and dying. Your ability to eat, drink, breathe, and do something resembling socializing will be dependent on injections being called vaccines at the moment and digital tracking. This is not any kind of human system.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, but this mass insanity has to stop. Guru financiers are not scared of discussing cannibalism openly either, nor telling you your life is not worth living past 72. If one of us is up for slaughter, we all are. That has always been true, and we have been letting others down to be honest. Part of the overt programming is to make us absolutely distrustful of others and glad that we are not on the block ourselves. And then partly so that we psychologically act out cannibalizing our peers, tenderizing each other on behalf of the psychotics that should be the ones strung up. Please keep talking and resisting and saying no. Every word of it is very important.


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