rising and falling

I’ve been waking up most mornings with an earnest hope that everyone has snapped out of this mask madness, this social distancing distraction, and that we can just forget this whole mess and move forward out of this advance toward total psychotic ruling class domination of every aspect of our lives. I wish it was simple as breaking a spell, but then again I’m not a practitioner and I really don’t know if breaking spells is a simple matter. I can understand the components of psychological operations though and have an amateur’s understanding of the dynamics of groupthink, mob mentality, and fascism. If there is an occultic spell or trick to be understood in our lifetimes, it was cast on September 11, 2001.

But it wasn’t just a matter of mind magic. The man who prepared so well before and then after 9/11 to tear our privacy to shreds, to lock up the poor in the name of national security, is presently being laughed at for his “senility”. Maybe he is, maybe he is not. But it doesn’t matter. Those pulling his strings are not laughing at his forgetfulness but all of ours who indulge in every stupid fucking meme about Biden forgetting he is not married to his sister, or something like that.

The real star of the show, Kamala Harris, openly laughs at everyone whether she is “called out” for lying or not. I have to hand it to her, she does not feign modesty for a minute in all the “informal” celebrity vlogs she’s invited to star in or on the more traditional talkshows and whatnot. She does not fucking care and as an individual she is scary — that she has supporters with sons who would have and could still be easily swept up in one of Biden’s operations or one of her own for the color of their skin feels like a slap in the face on a cold winter morning camping in the woods after the final smoldering log in your campfire went out.

And that smack would make you think that those calling themselves marxists and leftists or whatthefuckever in their claims to oppose the bourgeoisie would take stock and understand that their support for lockdowns that have impoverished millions in mere weeks before this turned into months-long madness doesn’t materially differ from liberals. They just get to dress it up in “dur hur your freedoms huh rugged individualism blah blah” to talk down to the rest of us who never bought into their aesthetic or “vibes” that have done nothing, absolutely jack shit, for those they claim to support. It is so disingenuous and plainly morally bankrupt to say that concern for civil liberties, due process, and personal privacy to have something called personhood, to be human and think your own non-copyrighted or trademarked thoughts, can simply be chalked up to american libertarianism.

And so what if it is at this point? These are the people who in practice oppose the state and make up fringe elements of rotted american institutions to ensure that people are not forgotten in jails or prisons throughout this whole mess, and alongside amenable left liberal petty bourgeoisie, have used the propagandemic in a dialectical way to release prisoners under department of correction programs that have been put in place partially, at least, as an attempt to save face and make the larger operation appear legitimate while uprisings have occurred over the summer. All the actors in play during these is up for debate but at any rate, this is not just a matter to laugh off and memeify as flag worship.

But there are absolutely some aspects to this that are, and that cannot be ignored. That the people being filmed as actually doing something about the fact that the state does not have a right to force you into their uniforms and shove their needles into you without informed consent are themselves clothed in Trump regalia is, not the best look, as the kids say. However, to dismiss this progression that is happening despite the forced isolation until some ideal “revolutionary moment” comes along is ignorance, and the revolutionary moments keep on coming.

As much as I get accused for seeing a conspiracy whenever a twig snaps, the ruling class is taking big risks but the reward for them is absolute compliance. Forever. They make claim to ownership of “the house” as it stands, presume they can’t lose, and those who have been able to eke out space in the rooms that are burning down are being literally choked to death to the point they can’t comprehend they built it and it is rightfully theirs. Whatever is “left” or pretends to be marxist on the north american stage cannot compete with the right elements at the moment, both nativist and libertarian. It seems that most are still stuck in second gear hung up on mask refusal and falling right in line with the tired liberal versus conservative pap they were raised on.

We are facing some big “final solutions” that the rulers expect us to waltz right into. These threats aren’t going away though we have good reason to feel optimistic about the success of countries that haven’t adopted the fascistic pomp and circumstance in order for their ruling elite to receive IMF loans and thereby commanding their toiling classes to accept the fourth industrial “revolution” refinancialization and restructuring of their lives that is not merely on the cusp of happening here but that is currently taking place.

The technology we are up against is to make it so we don’t have the ability to question why we shouldn’t love this arrangement in which all decisions are made for us. All of these mandates and the seemingly contradictory song and dance about what works and what doesn’t to prevent infection from a coronavirus are working to lead us spellbound into a rigid and antihuman fascistic world order that is uniquely american. I hope to expand on that next time I’m able to write to you but for now there is a lovely kitten demanding my attention for sweet slumber and another day will be on the horizon soon.

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