the expanding aftermath

I’m tapped out yall. And maybe I shouldn’t be using such a contraction to address anyone as I cannot come up with a sufficient southern sickeningly sweet-as-pecan-pie white lie to get out of even the most mundane of annoying conversations or situations strangers suck me into. I’d like to bolt or tell you to fuck off, preferably, when I’m found to be confined by someone’s nonsense for which they need a captive audience, for whatever reason. In any case I don’t have the patience to entertain the fears expressed as nitpicking and thought policing by those who certainly know better in this global fascist takeover. “Please get real” is my motivating train of thought in pretty much any interaction with others these days.

Perhaps myself and other sharp minds I keep in contact with have a better “head space” in which we can process these bold advancements. I’ve been blogging piecemeal for years on the results we are seeing now in full gear. I have discussed nearly every strategy of tension more intensely playing out currently on this here blog and elsewhere and people are now trying to school me on these tactics. Old news and I make no apologies for my boredom and cutthroat retorts to their scolding.

Since March, the world has irreparably changed for the worse in a way that has not been previously seen. The concentration of wealth which has allowed for advanced biowarfare capabilities and technological refinement has never existed to this degree and order of magnitude among a small class of psychotics and it is unprecedented in all of human history. Their fangs are bared, intentions fully out of their skeleton decked closets, but their gradual capturing of human consciousness bent to their own will that has been practiced for thousands of years in many guises is hardly seen as reason to worry according to many who keep repeating how deadly this single virus is. We are at the pinnacle of their achievements.

There is no going back without fierce resistance. And if there is not, which I am unfortunately very pessimistic about, there will be no chance of winning back even the shitty “old normal”, as if such a binary is even useful for the purposes of working class liberation. It is certainly useful to the rulers, however, to parse what is seen as left or communist down to completely atomized cadres who are virtually defenseless in propagating their ideological standards and viewpoints.

There’s so much “yeah but” or perhaps “whataboutism” done with regard to restricting movement and forcefully keeping people in place whether it is done with brute force or through ideological means because other nations have apparently done some iteration of the same. I’m not sure why I should believe anything from the american press about what other nations in imperialist crosshairs are facing from reportedly the same coronavirus or what their allegedly authoritarian measures entail, but I guess we are doing such equivocations and handwaving now, and I guess “the capitalists” are merely capitalizing and benefiting.

What a crock of shit. This is not about capitalism in some anachronistic sense of hustle n bustle ruthless competition among robber baron millionaires with ultimately no other motivation than to leave something for their heirs and have their names engraved in plaques outside public libraries as quaintly read from civics textbooks once found in now decaying physical american public school classrooms.

“The capitalists” are not making decisions to shut down the world due to coronavirus and therefore profiting; in fact, they are likely not benefiting individually from these decisions handed down through various healthcare fronts on the behalf of the superrich who command principalities virtually shaping up to their geographical goals once known as nation states. If they are, they’ve given up such dreams of nominal immortality to find relevance in a trillionaire’s world. Individual firepower is very gauche among the privileged and liberalized in tune with the experts at the helm to guide and sacrifice the masses for the “greater good”.

The ruling class is sick of having a bunch of us around, and they view this world as their playpen. All of planet earth, and gosh they only want everything. Is that too much to ask? Quit eating, moving, having aspirations, desiring knowledge, reproducing, and generally doing anything without express written permission. DRM approved, please, and if you don’t like that, they’ll find a way to coax you there. Masks — good or bad? The misdirectional jury is still deciding, but just to be safe, cover yourself. Does your freedom to assemble really involve looking someone fully in the face and reading their body language? It doesn’t matter, this is all being done for your protection.

How can so many be “in on it” is another common scaredy cat rebuttal, since the nailbiters have decided that those who question the narrative that is so obviously airtight as Swiss cheese are “hoaxers” and hear it all, in entirety, as white noise or something. The petty bourgeois, the medical establishment, and their brokers “managing” healthcare are “in on it” every day. Under such an arrangement that awards money and many other benefits besides to those studying the disease du jour, it’s not difficult to get people to report exactly what you say the problem is, and at the expense and further exploitation of those who are historically excluded from white supremacist institutionalization that represents the health of the homeland. Stay healthy, yall. Or else.

Conveniently all other forms of death peddled by the fascist state disappear in the age of covid and those reminding you of that fact are somehow misleading workers now. Not decrying the methods that states are presently deploying to deprive people of unemployment aid loud enough when we didn’t want to see them reliant on “relief” packages paid out to ensnare state treasuries only to aid the political yesmen funneling power to the fascist federal state through their numerous green and altruistic sounding fronts.

With this damage already done, it should be common knowledge that there is no going back for millions of workers finding themselves excluded at the speed of light. If they aren’t shuffled back in with the even more monopolized mega corporations, they’ll be forced onto UBI Gates/Bezos bucks dependent on their vaccines and tracking mechanisms to try to hustle up something on the side if they’re not apprehended or zapped by drone for doing so. Snotty groupings of dullards blabbering how chips are so outlandish and even irresponsible to discuss may not see their development this crisis, but there will be more to come. And they’ll be shaming workers for thinking for themselves all the same, all over again.

Now that the data is coming in and secrets are coming out, it’s clear that this is a pandemic because the ruling class mouthpieces told us it is. They created a global panic and locked everything down and responded with force. Despite the real numbers proving its lower lethality than initially projected, and that the harder and smarter among us predicted, things get worse. Restrictions tighten, and softly-spoken fascist diktats to remove people from their homes are lamely walked back when slightly questioned because the messaging was bad.

They are not sorry for any of it but how the news is received — bold fear-mongering headlines followed up by retractions buried by the next doom piece. This is nothing new. We need to keep making it very bad for the toadies acting so blithely in handing these orders down at a municipal level, because ultimately the lockdown depends on our compliance.

This is a massive effort and we have to say no and understand the boasting that is not actually technologically possible while taking seriously what is possible and what has been put in practice for years now. The ruling class must sell it using their hubris that is supposed to make us believe that we can never say no now that the countdown has begun. That countdown is not merely to a “new normal”, but to a new state of being that is anything but human as we have known it, with our joy, sadness, sorrow, empathy, and care for others — our glorious messiness as I like to call it. These qualities that make us human are being exploited and inverted as a means of control, dopamine reactions are to be quantified to placate us and define what life is, and as I said at the top, I’m tapped out with regard to my sympathy for others who can’t get past the facade to recognize the truths. I want unbridled love, peace, plenty for all, to leave behind the head games constructed of fear and nihilism. We are worth it.


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