the “invisible enemy” exacted by the very visible

I #stayedthefuckhome today from carrying so much tension and being utterly exhausted and wanting to eat everything, but apparently the governor of our state will be issuing a “stay at home order” this afternoon barring all movement but for those who are deemed as “essential employees”. Everyone who has to work is essential to my mind, and theirs I’m sure too when bills are due, but what do I know — I’m merely one of them in title to be dumped on and do all the thinking for those whose entire career is based on just that and to do the you know lawyering and if not creating then shaping these increasingly idiotic measures we are being subjected to.

Has everyone lost their fucking mind? It really seems like that as every hour melts away. There is reportedly one death in my state now, out of 504 confirmed cases, with nearly 10,500 tests administered, and soon we will be directed to stay home (till –?). Absolutely insane, everyone has turned into a blithering idiot I swear. No one ordered to stay home while they try to clean up everyday abhorrent jail conditions, to look for children and young women who go missing every day, to wrest abused women from their abusers, to come together to provide shelter for the homeless, to pool resources to feed everyone going hungry tonight — unbelievable truly. What a waste of time and effort, and that’s just taking everything at face value.

Where are the videos of overrun emergency rooms? Where are the crystal clear BBC reports coming from North Carolina hospitals with this alleged spike in cases of grave illness? You know, like the ones they were able to perfectly conduct and broadcast from Wuhan when their residents were under reportedly authoritarian lockdown? Where are the people lying face down in the street dead? Where is any of this?

It really doesn’t matter if such scenes were broadcast all day and night. As I have stated, de facto martial law is in place currently, but most Americans are too Disney-addled and perfectly happy following orders from Netflix ads that tell them to stay home and binge watch garbage programming to really give a shit. The fact is it’s much more subversive and insidious here with all the forms of brainwashing that are a constant and have been for decades. Americans love martial law and will beg for more.

This is evident in every halfway-normal seeming thing our state’s institutions post on Facebook — as much as I’ve stayed away from at least Twitter “social” media, as I’m sick to death of having my thought policed and parsing threads and threads of disinformation, to follow these developments seems to require at least Facebook — whose comments sections display one fascist psycho after the next bellowing that “this is not enough” and literally spelling out what they would do to a fellow worker who is caught wandering the streets.

I wonder how I’m going to be able to get to work now — do I need a placard declaring my essentialism? An identification card to flash to the SS along my route? A chip? It appears the overt threats are going to get backdoored pretty quickly, despite Trump pushing back the Real ID deadline seemingly indefinitely as it was announced yesterday, but perhaps once a vaccine comes through you won’t be able to catch up to obtaining one without proof of having such an injection.

This is how the street militia will form, and it shouldn’t be seen as ironic that the most paranoid presently who typically worship everything their state institutions decree are violently dissatisfied with their supposed inability to act while they overreact in reality, and Trump is the ideal symbol of decadence and decay to ignite this latent fascism they have been waiting to unleash on others for not living up to their appearances of correctness and fake concern for others. These are your local “blue voters” who are doubling down on proposals across the board to tax the rest of us to death for having the “privilege” to continue to slave for the fat and lazy. Perhaps the irony of the bigger picture is found in those of us, we wacky tin foil hat wearers, who are disregarding the rest of the disinfo pushed by Disney and Murdock spinoffs known as “news” and running only the official numbers and basing our analyses on that.

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