when they come for you

Sometimes I wonder what it will take for some people to quit automatically smearing others as conspiracy theorists for not wanting and resisting the covid injections that are of course only the beginning of a slew of restrictions the ruling class wants to impose upon us all for life. We’re protecting ourselves long term and being conscious of what debilitating injury would mean for our loved ones and our assets that the injured are being taken for without any kind of compensation, let alone consideration. It is still mind boggling to me that people in positions of authority over me in previous jobs suffered and continue to suffer the effects of the shots while scapegoating, harassing, and excluding me. I had supervisors who were out days and weeks at a time without explanation; an athletic colleague with an honorable discharge from the army required leg surgery after her series; a cubicle mate under 30 required weekly heart monitoring appointments with a specialist. And this was in 2021 alone.

Looking back on the last two years and the spiral of insanity around vaxing the world or whatever, the fact that I was literally offered free donuts (a donut perhaps?) in a work email for getting this possibly life altering pharmaceutical in the midst of this propaganda blitz is surreal to the extreme. I’m at a loss for words most days, and I have to control myself from bursting into laughter about it if I speak aloud on these experiences. I say this because the consequences are real and deadly on a mass scale, and that is no joking matter. But such an offer is something one would have laughed off as ridiculous in years past. The level of fear and disciplining instilled worldwide, some cultures being more susceptible than others, has been so deleterious to clear thinking. Sure, it’s expected you would jump at the prospect of a “free donut” if you need to be “nudged” to do the right thing so “we all” can move on.

The hard core proponents of this poison won’t even admit that anyone is suffering extreme injury from the shots. If they are forced to acknowledge VAERS, they would have it that it’s being misused by an army of anti-vaxxers who have nothing better to do than submit hundreds of meticulous reports to an arcane and outdated bureaucratic system. They tacitly encourage the remaining believers to accept being laid flat for days with symptoms that appear to be from radiation poisoning with each “booster”, that they are doing their part for the greater good. If they can’t use half their face at any given time for possibly the rest of their lives, well, wouldn’t you do it all over again?

I find the rallying around the acceptance of these lies interesting to compare with some shady business dealings of Etsy. In February 2019, Etsy Inc. took for themselves an approximate $900,000 interest-free loan from bank accounts of thousands of sellers over the President Day weekend in the name of “computer error” or a “bug”. Some had their accounts wiped out to the tune of $10,000. Nice to have in reserve, but these sellers aren’t rich in the true scheme of things, and $10k at one time means that day to day living can have that down to paltrier sums depending on which bills need to be paid and when. Those who only had hundreds had to make quick decisions to not have the bottom fall out from underneath them. Fortunately, I was not affected, but I also did not authorize their automatic bill pay as a matter of security. Instead of canceling these transactions, Etsy issued payments back to those they damaged that took the course of several business days to clear only after the banks reopened following the holiday.

More or less, they said, oops, sorry about that. We’ll “do better”. It was a criminal scam, in fact. Issuing back payments appears to be fraudulent business practice. Believe it or not, some subreddits are better than others, and r/etsy lit up with righteous anger. It is seller dominated and users are more organic than other subs (at that time, at least), discussing the realities of doing day to day business with what is turning into a big tech juggernaut. I complained to my state’s attorney general – I certainly did not and do not want to ever fall prey to such scheming – and I encouraged others to do the same. The response from the state, unsurprisingly, was lame. I still do not know if the case has been fully closed. I received one response in the mail in which Etsy stated that disclosing the nature of this “bug” as it has to do with their payment system infringes upon their intellectual property. Let that sink in.

I closed my shop after that until earlier this year when job prospects were few and far between, knowing I needed to build back (ugh) some kind of income if I was to become a blackballed loser in the legal field. It certainly seems like that. At least I know this devil, and driving traffic to one’s own site is more than a full time job in itself. Now they are requiring american sellers to reverify our banking information with Plaid, a third party payment platform, in the name of compliance with anti- money laundering laws or some such. Just this past July, Plaid was ordered to pay out nearly $60 million in a class action lawsuit for “mishandling” user data. True to the form of these multinationals above the law, they refuse to accept they even committed these acts. Shades of February 2019 to me and to established Etsy sellers with a memory as well. Putting off good advice from other sellers in years past, I failed to open a separate bank account maintained with a modest sum for my Etsy deposits. Well, now I know I must.

Of course, with the even further FBI and likely IRS presence on Reddit since then (and Etsy’s expansion of their corporate layer), there are busybody moderators telling the concerned to chill out, it’s really no big deal, and there’s no reason to discuss the Plaid situation further because people have already talked about it. Just look up the past threads. In fact, concerns haven’t been addressed in full. I asked the community if anyone had experience and/or trouble with opening a new account to verify with Plaid in an effort to work around these bullying tactics (that several Etsians have recognized as a segue to social credit along with their “star seller” program developed in my absence from the platform). Almost immediately I received a snarky response from a very dedicated mod that bordered on misinformation about possible shop closure if I switched accounts which is patently false in itself – with every deposit email I receive, I am offered the opportunity to update my banking information or to change accounts.

I received several positive replies from sellers who had done just that without a hitch. To the snotty little mod, I explained the score very succinctly. No response. Because the evidence of wrongdoing is incontrovertible and we have every right to protect our assets in any way possible in response to this assault from all directions. And who knows, maybe we can get this juggernaut to back off with these decisions that truly are bad for them as well. Though the chiefs certainly aren’t billionaires, they would like to ride small sellers to get into that club. Ah, the riddle of capitalist ventures for aspiring Owners in 2022.

But my question is why is such informed theorizing and subsequent actions to protect oneself in an immediate economic sense more acceptable than refusing to give up my body autonomy to the state and its governing monopolies? It’s like many refuse to see how this can also extend to their ability to maintain a livelihood and leave anything for future generations. Unfortunately, even with revelation and/or controlled “disclosure” as of late, these violations have debased the public to a degree that the fallout can only be discussed in nervous whispers or in passing with strangers you can maybe trust better than those who are in your circles, or who once were.

Lots of social media accounts want to claim a mass awakening. Does that matter? I don’t know that anyone was truly asleep in the first place as the enlightened apolitical and “ideology free” like to claim day in and day out. Individual awakening won’t save us; I think everyday people do that, well, every day and the hits keep coming. I’ll revel in the camaraderie where I can find it and continue on with the smallest of cadres, but the questions of and worries for when, how, and why for us all persist.

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