a reader’s digest explanation of blogging absence

I realized in March, a year since this began, that I had not posted anything since October of last year. And then I sat down to type and realized WordPress updated their editor to something incomprehensible, at least for my first few stabs at it. I still don’t like it, I’ll say that.

I haven’t been able to sit down and coherently write anything longer form for a couple of big reasons: 1. the information flow and need to understand the data is overfuckingwhelming and 2. my professional/worklife did a nose dive in November. It’s a long story, and I’m planning on recording something instead of writing it all out.

I was essentially forced to resign and I’m not totally sure what’s next. The intimidation on my way out took a lot more out of me than the dozens of policy changes us “essentials” were faced with in the last year. Our organization was definitely swept up in the “woke coup”. It was very calculated and I’m sorry for my colleagues and coworkers who still don’t know what hit them. That is not to say they are dumb because they do know they were bombarded with a lot of things to end up where the organization is now.

Of course I do not pretend that I have faced the worst of this onslaught, I can only claim that my experience, like many others’ in similar positions, is an object lesson. And I think most people I interact with continue to realize the scope of what we have been hit with, as informed as they are and were when this began. It’s a shocking transformation that must be attacked and criticized from all angles.

I remember there were a couple of weeks recently when there was a good counterpropaganda effort in the media cycle that revealed something resembling the extent of the psychological damage done to children and teenagers throughout all this:

“Child Suicide is Becoming an ‘International Epidemic’ Amid Restricted Pandemic Life, Doctors Warn”

“We are very surprised by the intensity of the desire to die among children who may be 12 or 13 years old,” Delorme said. “We sometimes have children of 9 who already want to die. And it’s not simply a provocation or a blackmail via suicide. It is a genuine wish to end their lives.”

This was around the time when the weather was starting to get nicer and I was able to take my little cat outside again. The joy this little innocent creature expressed about being able to walk around in the warm breeze and feel the sunshine contrasted with a discussion about how all-encompassing this genocidal project is made for one of those moments in which my ears rang as if bullets had been shot all around me. How is this possible? Why is this happening? How does Pfizer et al’s experimentation on children not even break through to individuals of the chattering class who may have pangs of guilt?

In spite of all that, resistance is happening, and people are saying no in larger numbers by the day. This is heartening and while there is no doubt the reactions and scenarios have all been wargamed, the moments of peace we can find are useful for thinking through all the unpredictables that are occurring because of how big the project is. We are unique problem solvers as workers who haven’t had the luxury of others doing all our labor or thinking and planning for us, and I think that gives us a collective advantage. Our rulers realize this too, or their efforts at keeping us apart wouldn’t be so extreme.

In saying that, one of my goals lately is to document more and to be better at it. Here are some links, short bits and comments I’ve written elsewhere during my absence from this site. I hope you have a great weekend (or start to the week) and I look forward to sharing a voice recording soon.

October 24, 2020

“Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Starts COVID-19 Vaccine Trials on Adolescents”

This is horrifying. They are the least susceptible and do not have the mental ability to make an informed decision on their own. Pfizer should be indicted along with these parents or state agencies acting as accessories.

October 25, 2020

“Welsh government to review ban on sales of non-essentials”

Could you even imagine? This article makes clear that Amazon doesn’t think they have enough Welsh market share. Depressingly, they have even restricted the sale of greeting cards! In my opinion, if it isn’t you, thank your armed neighbor exercising their 2A rights that they haven’t tried this shit here…yet. Liberals always bitch about how armed we are as a citizenry because they can’t form thoughts beyond headlines and talking points but your LLE doesn’t want to deal with that chaos and that’s power. Local jurisdiction is power over sweeping federal mandates handed down by billionaire psychotics.

November 7, 2020

December 3, 2020

I’m not a religious person and am not familiar with concepts such as original sin, which sounds batshit, or the seven deadly sins. However, I believe the biggest sin one can commit against oneself and ultimately others is abdication of reason and accountability. Maybe it’s the only one really. We are born with the potential to think independently after years of early development despite all the attempts that are made either by design or as byproducts of various agendas to prevent this.

But our default is humanity, and we have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to rediscover that as we mature. Such a concept as humanity and the exceptional state of being human cannot be refuted by even the most stringent materialists as we as a species have advanced and progressed to treat other humans with innate and exceptional value. This has occurred on multiple levels of society, both communally and on bigger stages under state rule through class struggle.

Right now we are being faced with so many choices despite these insane and contradictory edicts proclaimed almost hourly by petty tyrants that make reality seem the opposite. These are people who have sold out for so little and prance around without following their own diktats — rules for thee and not for me. Their freedom is a sham however. They will be called upon by their perverse masters at some point but it will be too late for them to reverse the choices they have made and the lives they have destroyed. They will perish like the rest, if that is what the majority of our brothers and sisters so choose. To give up the precious gift of reason that allows for us to shape our own lives for our own designs.

It is true the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but these people who still cling to the belief this transitional state of humanity is about a virus don’t even have those any more really. They are fear based and irrational. We sink deeper into hell on earth every day because of these decisions but as others have said these fascist restrictions will only go on as long as we accept them collectively. They will be never ending otherwise, and we need to recall our own value down to the individual level to change that. Life is for living, not suffering.

December 11, 2020

“Frederick Douglass and the Transformational Power of Courage in a Fearsome World”

From the article: “[R]eal courage does not mean being unafraid. Instead, courage is the willingness to act in full knowledge our fears. The opposite of courage is cowardice: knowing what we need to do but allowing our fears to prevent us from doing it…when we find and exercise our courage, as we see in the example of Frederick Douglass, we transform ourselves in important ways: as we pierce through the veil of our fears, we reject the grasp that futility and despair has on our minds, what had previously held us back drops away, and we (in an individual and a collective sense) are transformed. We transform those that oppose us, too, in that they did not expect us to fight back and they must, one way or another, accommodate themselves to a new reality.”

December 12, 2020

“Cambridge Study: Children’s Mental Health Deteriorated ‘Substantially’ During Lockdown”

December 17, 2020

“Twitter will begin removing vaccine misinformation.”

It’s anti-science to censor speech surrounding a new ☑️ experimental ☑️ vaccine that has been fast-tracked like never before in history ☑️ using technology that hasn’t been previously been approved for use in humans ☑️. If this is so great, shouldn’t the discussion around it prove its efficacy? Why would you dissuade from adding to the science using public forums? Surely the rock-solid evidence itself should filter out misinformation?

December 27, 2020

If employers such as mine are going to enforce this science-free bullshit any time I say no to their overreach, you’d think they’d be more concrete and clear with their plans. Instead they whimper to me about what I can expect on a day to day basis while still needing my labor. Who knows how long that will end up being for. But anyway. They have the force of the entire American Reich behind them issuing this nonsense. Why be such a coward? Stand up for what you believe in for fucks sake. I’m telling these people no and they can’t even do that. It’s fucking pathetic.

January 10, 2021

‘Peter Doshi: Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” vaccines—we need more details and the raw data’

Please consider this. Efficacy can be as low as 29% and grade 3 adverse effects to the Moderna vaccine are reported at 17%. This is from one of the oldest medical journals there is. You are not a nut for wanting to understand these effects, and anyone suggesting you are based on stupid internet memes doesn’t care about your health or anyone “staying safe”. Grade 3 adverse events can be severe and long lasting, possibly requiring hospitalization.

January 15, 2021

“COVAX through the Looking Glass part 2”

This “95% effectiveness” marketing strategy reminds me of the electrolytes bit in Idiocracy. “It’s 95% effective” “what does that mean?” “It’s trusted and safe” “how do you know?” “Because it’s 95% effective”

Isn’t that funny! In less than a year hygiene standards, “staying safe”, has translated to snitching to whatever secret police unit is behind this. Who could have seen that coming? Golly

February 14, 2021

“Pfizer withdraws application for emergency use authorisation of its COVID-19 vaccine in India”

From the article: “Based on the deliberations at the meeting and our understanding of additional information that the regulator may need, the company has decided to withdraw its application at this time”

February 15, 2021

“Vaccinating the homeless population for COVID adds a whole new layer of difficulty”

Funny, I don’t think it’s that difficult of a proposition for the state of California.

February 16, 2021

“Gerald Ford Rushed Out a Vaccine. It Was a Fiasco.”

This is from September, comparing “Trump’s vaccine” with Gerald Ford’s failed effort, but now it’s a dem party venture credited to our “adult president” getting it done. Rollout began before Trump was out and also cases started to drop before Biden was inaugurated which sounds like such a dumb thing to say, to suggest that viral spread follows electoral politics. But that’s when they started running lower PCR cycle threshold and a case began to be diagnosed by symptoms in addition to a positive test. I’m convinced that they had to halt the Ford-led rollout back then because the american public wasn’t as stupid as we are now with a veritable blind faith in billionaire-owned pharmaceuticals for profit. I mean, personally interpreting the basic information about how testing has progressed and changed, put out by the very institutions so many supposedly trust filled with “the experts”, is heresy. These things simply *can’t* have any connection, and since such calculations weren’t made and delivered by the appropriate clergy, all witches must be burned.

No doubt this current rollout would have been stopped 45 years ago, but as someone else has already said, people think so little of themselves and their fellow citizens in this age that “do no harm” now means “do no harm at a statistically insignificant level” (of course, as counted by compromised “fact checkers”). Moderna and Pfizer are pivoting to testing children under 12 in the coming months, as young as six months I’ve read, so one hopes the average person still swallowing all this horseshit will finally stop and say, okay maybe this is too much now, maybe it’s time to start asking serious questions and shake the fear of being lumped in with whatever made-up subset of crazy people. Unfortunately, I am not too hopeful. They have already been testing minors aged 11/12-17, and there wasn’t so much as a shrug or a comment from the chattering classes. It’s just continuous mantra chanting “encouraging vaccination”, “vaccinate when it’s your turn”. Really, that’s all that’s rolling around in your noggin? These are scary and dangerous times for those of us who have a historical memory of longer than a month, and, well, anyone who dare think their body isn’t the sole property of the state.

February 18, 2021

“How the GI Bill’s Promise Was Denied to a Million Black WWII Veterans”

The liberal drum circle at work made the mistake of including me in their kinda-sorta-can-white-people-just-be-nice-already “antiracist” workshop as it was made mandatory. Personally, I think these exercises are mostly limited and in some ways reinforce white supremacy because you get these stories from nervous whites who sound like they read something off a cereal box about another white being racist in the supermarket checkout line; they’re allowed to center themselves and intimate racist fantasy they entertain in their heads. It’s just inappropriate and unnecessary, and really fucking creepy at the end of the day.

People like that with that little experience outside of having their every wish granted just need to shut the fuck up and hear some hard truths about all the policies that shaped their mostly charmed lives. And, to the credit of the circle, they had us name policy and who it benefited by racial category. I got in my two cents about the GI Bill and the FHA. I’ve been reading some more on the GI Bill after a colleague emailed to say thanks for the insight, and the picture gets so much worse when you focus on that legislation alone. However, it was part of the larger new deal effort to resuscitate capitalism, and most liberal/left whites want to see something like it again — this is racist! Hence my frustration with the confessional these things so often turn into. I hope folks discussing these things today keep that in mind with regard to the “green new deal” always looming. Again, as with most things like this, I’m not hopeful. Multiple choice testing paved the way for the drop-down menu mode of performative politics/claimed ideology and no one synthesizes anything any more. But then again, to see articles like this on the easily accessible history dot com keeps me somewhat optimistic.

March 12, 2021

“Twitter removes hundreds of accounts it says are linked to Iran, Russia, Armenia”

A lot of the “new cold war” narrative is nonsense and the first question I ask myself in this instance is how many of these accounts were truly oppositional. And then, how many of them were actually NATO fronts acting as honeypots. The most disturbing aspect to me, especially at this juncture with all kinds of magical belief in pharmaceuticals and “the science”, is that they are introducing this idea that the average schmuck should have “faith” in NATO, a direct descendant of Nazi military agency.

How many americans are really aware of NATO? I ask because I caught the story on a Ben Swann bit (increasingly he peddles an alt right agenda of his own, unfortunately, and I would rather not spread that around but anyway) in which he gives a basic explanation. Surely he knows his audience and why such an explanation would be beneficial. Anyway, there is no faith to be had in NATO ffs! What an openly fascist — as in Nazi mysticism — meme to promote.

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