what’s a Mueller Report?

Just a note on the spectrum of this insanity. Full disclosure: I never cared to read anything about this spectacle of, what even is the allegation now, election interference? In a way it’s shortsighted on my part because of the parallel nature of how powerful people actually exert their power and finalize decisions decades in the making — one thing always means the other in the public spotlight. Liberals are doing their damnedest to win a war on something they can’t even articulate while any decisions handed down in this mess will inevitably be about gagging and restricting anyone who tries to drag the specifics of ruling class crime out into the light of day.

Essentially it was meant to make people dumber. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. If you search “Mueller Report” on twitter, you get a batshit array of ramblings from various members of the political class and their slack-jawed stenographers about wanting every word available for examination now that this report meant to have been undeniable proof of “collusion”, whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean anyway, has proved to just, not be. I guess.

pepeboxesThey’ve turned their everyday duped followers into numerology wingnuts for all intents and purposes, trained to divine meaning from a pile of so-called evidence that just seems to amount to very common relations between state apparatuses but the problem being that the surnames of the “problematic” alleged individuals involved are gasp Russian. The number of times Rachel Maddow has nonsensically uttered Russia, Putin, or Moss-cow for dramatic effect in her programming has to be at astronomical levels, and I assume she and her good liberal audience do not feel any sort of responsibility for the more overt rise of antisemitism in nearly every media product.

They’ll make no historical connection, no cognitive dissonance will be detected (at least from a perspective that might observe the political function of antisemitism), and sleep like worn out kittens at the end of the day, tuckered out from chasing red dots. The nonstop propaganda has reinforced the sociopathy already present in these subjects who have ignored all the crimes Trump is complicit in, those he inherited from the Obama regime and subsequently intensified against Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria, to name a few. That in itself is enough to be recognized as a major problem.

There’s a very post-modern trend being renewed not only in this sphere but among other political factions as well wherein the NSA-guided, Google-shaped and individually delivered internet allows for one to seemingly logically put together pieces of their ideological proclivity Correctly, for anyone to see, using “smoking gun” bits and bytes of information that appear to come from a smorgasbord of journalistic choice but that in reality are of course very tightly controlled by a very few. The problem with the Mueller Report according to the frothing (presumed) “sore losers” is not being able to pluck and tweeze at this thing to provide their audiences with more marginalia, positioning it as a tarot reader would for the Correctly and High Minded to plan their days around.newspaperblackout

So on the other hand, we do not see some unified group of skeptics in the “alt media”, available to focus on the gory details of ruling class crime and finding it their duty to do so. Instead we get a lot of useless Greenwaldian shouting and hand waving about hypocrisy, clearly the worst faux pas genocidal psychopaths could ever find themselves committing that will surely stop them in their tracks. Isn’t it shocking that Trump declares the Golan Heights as imperialist territory while so foolishly not recognizing how this clashes with his thuggish regime’s stance on Crimea? Surely the walls will come tumbling down the more his liberal counterparts “wake up” to reality after the Mueller Report makes clear to them what the real troof tellers knew all along!

The puppets on the aforementioned other hand gesture toward a grand turnaround; a great awakening is imminent. It will fail to be forthcoming like with every scheme that traps attention according to ruling class spectacle with their players setting and moving the goalposts on either end and the damage will have been done. That is enough to realize and suss out as we hurtle toward an external and internalized collapse of humanity and empathy for their own sake. As quoted by a twitter friend from a longer essay, the kernel of this acceleration of fascistic mystical inwardness delivered in what appears to be rational terms can be observed thusly:

“[Neoliberalism] redefines identities, desires and values through a market logic that favors self-interest, a survival-of-the-fittest ethos and unchecked individualism. Under neoliberalism, life-draining and unending competition is a central concept for defining human freedom.”

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