Dear Leader, AOC

There’s been plenty said already about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the media saturation is nauseating. This entry is not so much about this weirdo who has somehow virtually overnight garnered a degree of notoriety that allows her to be identified by just her three initials as it is about her as window dressing. And at any rate, there’s not much to her as an individual subject.

Her handlers have had her shake it like a polaroid picture, literally via Instagram, and like such a photo’s quick development, her positions barely have time to “dry ” before they’re proven bogus by her diametrically opposed actions that are easily tracked in the public record. And yet, her followers do not care. They want to “like” her dance routine/preparation of macaroni and cheese twice. Maybe ten times. I find it very shocking to witness; the work of degrading and disrespecting the audience has as its fruit double time exposure as the rest of us who do not buy in — who laughed off the bat at her emoji-fake expressions knowing exactly who “she” is — have no chance of interjecting anything factual to this crowd, convinced they are doing socialism.

She is a perfected bourgeois product cast in Obama’s mold rolled out in a fraction of the time (at least “folks” questioned Obama’s lacking record before he was put in place). Another factor I’m dazzled by is the amount of photos there are of her. Quite a team she has following her. Ask any typically politically braindead american for their opinion on her and more often than not I assume you would hear how she’s a “know-it-all commie”, even from the broad, nuanced spectrum of liberals versus conservatives! Laughable and frustrating at the same time — another blinkered idiot to write off. But this has been curated in a short amount of time for a very specific purpose. In a brutally anti-communist imperialist hellscape, even the anti-communist candidates have to appear like cartoonish dictators or strong men.

The fact that none of these photos are seen as cartoonish to her crowd or even her pool of critics (read: controlled opposition to the controlled opposition) is due to the extremely successful turn toward a feminized fascism. She’s a mockery of revolutionary politics, and her popularity could not have been successful without the proper backdrop for which she is nothing more than drapery or a piece of furniture. She’s empty, dull, speaks as if she was raised on corporate middle-management training videos, and — as I read so cleverly put on Twitter recently — greets all her fans with a “Wal-Mart smile” at any opportunity she has to sell sell sell.

Recall Trump’s words on her win:

And oh didn’t she just hate it? He is THIS guy after all..

AOC is a cartoon that aligns with the signals and triggers masquerading as “thought” the animations are supposed to arouse, and they absolutely illustrate the allowable political consciousness for american subjects. Where will this red-baiting end with no red political agenda on the american table? How far will it go?

Those are my big questions for the year. It’s important to not be too dazzled by the expert stitching on the settee.


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