US military trade in trafficked persons and sexual servitude, part 4

In this episode I discuss the trafficking and enslavement of Balkan women during and after the NATO invasion of Yugoslavia with Kosovo as its key base of operations in this criminality.

KFOR = Kosovo Force — these terms used as musical chairs for NATO and US led missions are always meant to mislead and confuse.

UNMIK = UN Mission in Kosovo, which is also short for United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo


Godec, Samantha T. “Between Rhetoric and Reality: Exploring the Impact of Military Humanitarian Intervention upon Sexual Violence – Post-conflict Sex Trafficking in Kosovo.” Int. Rev. Red Cross International Review of the Red Cross: 235-58.

Johnstone, Diana. Fools’ Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO, and Western Delusions. New York: Monthly Review, 2002.

“Up Close and Personal.” : NSFW: Public Relations.

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