Satan and his masters

what’s been marketed as Satanism ain’t nothing i fuck with, and for that matter, neither is what is known as Christianity today with its adherents bought into their own brand of fascist mysticism. without fully realizing that this sort of goosestepping thought to be guided by archangels themselves is yet another tactic to divide and conquer and create tension, young people reject the phantom of this religion in the name of toting something edgier along the lines of Satanism that is certainly not new on the scene as a ruling class marketing and propaganda tool. New Atheism works along similar lines, meant to appeal to disaffected middle class young adults perpetually stuck in adolescence who think the greatest oppression they have ever faced was their parents forcing them to sit through Sunday sermons. and they are correct to some degree — the mind is trapped in a myriad of ways under this fascist regime. people know they are missing a lot, but they are not always sure of what. the gloved hidden hand of the ruling class waves into existence alleged alternate belief systems to ease this internal tension and, again, directs this angst toward other exploited and oppressed individuals with similar class constraints.

the much deeper connections to political intelligence shaping that directs attention in so many different directions to obscure who the real enemies are so that imperialist aggression not only continues unabated, but its finer machinations are fully cloaked using this outwardly projected mysticism that drains all meaning from materialist analysis so as to make it utterly boring and uncool. i would argue that the most basic definition of occultism is used to further pen people in presently. atomized and alienated, there are very few others that the disenfranchised from various strata in the proletariat and oppressed classes can meaningfully connect with. symbols, definitions, slang, etc are embedded within these groups. i am not arguing against this identification and camaraderie, but simply noting that its hidden meanings cut off outsiders from easy acceptance without some sort of initiation process, whether this is consciously realized or not. people not allowed into a group use language that is threatening to the ingroup, for example. fundamentally it is that simple, and internet socialization has exacerbated it with the means of its distribution and production not in the hands of those who seek out some occulted shelter. towards its positive ends, it allows for the more marginalized to socialize with greater ease. for that reason, i find the hiding of knowledge and functioning within ingroups not fully exposed to the public at large for any number of reasons neutral in itself.

however, if one utters anything related to “occult” in daily life it certainly does not hold that connotation. its marketing suggests that those who take any of its capitalization seriously are loons. and the fascist evangelical movement was (still is) the perfect foil to the marketed brand of Satanism that has operated as an intelligence front. the evangelical, “charismatic” Christians of the 80s, for instance, took very seriously the presence of Satan in everything deemed “worldly” or “materialistic” although their leaders and handlers, the “preachers”, “men of god” etc, rarely believed in the maxims they pronounced which is exactly how Satanism functioned, and still does publicly to a certain extent. sure it is possible to find the true believers within any hierarchical level of control systems who really buy into the beliefs they peddle, and i think it’s likely they begin to buy into their own bull if not just to quash any gnawing, growing guilt or conscience for how venal they really are. the bodies pile up, and the first in line to “not me” about them are the perverts who directly aid in the destruction.

Satanists are not actually Satanists but they have created Satan himself regardless. when investigations into pedophilia rings, fronted by Satanic organizations, during the 80s that extended on up to the most powerful corridors in DC could not even be ignored by the controlled US media, slews of experts materialized to discredit, mock, threaten, and imprison those who named it as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). and they named it as such because they were victims who witnessed rituals — again, carried out in earnest or otherwise, it’s ultimately no matter — or supporters of the victims who were abused in this way. the legacy of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) continues on presently (the media would have us believe just 20 years ago is ancient history) and has warped into psychiatric practice that rejects this in name but uncomfortably encourages “professional” adults to accept children’s sexuality when they speak of their abuse, as if acceptance of them feeling something more than threatened is just a natural development. (of course, not without its historical precedents.)

this normalization of horrific acts carried out on other human beings can be pulled out nearly at random from any number of articles in print or online. in this 1977 broadcast, Mae Brussell analyzes ritualized serial killings in California that the authorities insisted were not done by anyone with any macabre proclivities — the media spin was meant to inform the public that this is the grisly reality anyone should expect now. do what thou wilt, with the supposed economic implications of this so-called freedom popularized by objectivist logic. this method is at work today — obviously racist spree murders are named as simply unfortunate acts with no white supremacist ties (with of course no mention as to who the patsies are standing in for and connected to in carrying out these terrifying, numbing murders).

An undated photo of Giroux provided by the Arizona Department of Corrections show tattoos covering his face, including the number 88 on his left temple and a Celtic design on his chin. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “88” is “neo-Nazi code for Heil Hitler (because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet).” The group also said that, for white supremacists, a Celtic cross represents the white race.

Wednesday’s booking photo, however, shows that those tattoos are now absent. Mesa police spokesman Det. Steve Berry said investigators had “nothing to indicate [Wednesday’s rampage] has anything to do with white supremacy at all.”

similarly, we are to take the media’s word that random angry, racist vandals have the capability to produce perfectly professional “whites only” decals that the police stepped in to help in solving this “mystery”. certainly, what would we do without these guardians stepping in to commandeer public opinion on their own setups? (credit goes to the always informative Miss Park for locating the last two articles.)

understanding occult operation in its neutral everyday occurrences can help in understanding how the masters use this model to disseminate dangerous beliefs and acceptance of the horrors they work to carry out on all levels — as above, so below. why would those with all the material advantage that comes with owning the means of production not want to keep their inner workings hidden? one of the glorious tricks that is used and endlessly speculated on is the use esoteric, occult symbols in plain sight nearly everywhere one goes adopted by the owning class from multiple traditions. the Eye of Horus, pyramids, inverted crucifixes, and their multiple variations as well — oh my! aren’t you just a crazy for noticing the obelisks, the phallic and the correlating feminine structures, odes to Luciferian gods? not really.

but that is what you are under this regime, crazy for seeing their marketing in plain sight. what do they “mean”, as if this can be discerned outside of the material world we live in — well there are armies of disinformants to give you their true, final interpretations that lead to as much metaphysical garbage reasoning that those at the top similarly employ to justify their right to ownership of everything over those they despise as lesser. and then we have the great (or greatly ridiculed) Illuminati, a rumored, singular secret society that is the ideal device through which the overwhelming majority in denial of an immensely powerful ruling class can use as their own special shield, as it were, to reject that they could ever be gotten by greater marketing schemes of alternative, “countercultural” beliefs that employ these really cool symbols to do so. do they exist, do they have some otherworldly power? well that is the question posed in carefully marketed messaging to ask of and use to marginalize the supposedly vast, threatening horde of wacko wingnuts who can see with their own eyes, as if proving its existence should be the central project.

in any case, i’m not so presumptuous as to tell anyone that they shouldn’t hail Satan, i just think it helps to understand who owns his trademark.

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