baby drivel of faux feminism

i get so tired of being nice about people who are ostensibly lumped onto “my team” — the left liberals who are dominating ideas of being “far left” presently. daily i find less and less reason to attempt to find common ground with any of them.

i don’t know the full implications of some new Ghostbusters movie that is to come out other than the regular faux feminist twitter bleating of an all female cast. wow, this changes everything! or at least something, right — representation and symbolism blah blah; women too can break class constraints to answer to even higher members in the hierarchy. like having a feeeemale pwesident!

i am reminded of an episode in a television series i just finished watching, Prison Break. the prodigy protag’s ruthless and connected mother politically works her way into acquiring the most advanced sustainable energy technology with aspirations of starting WWIII just to sit back and profit off it all. during one such session of her trying to manipulate said genius whose structural engineering prowess puts him right in the middle of acquiring it himself for other reasons, she asks him something to the effect of, don’t you think it would be better for a woman, a loving mother and wife, to head the The Company? (read the state behind the state.) it’s over the top laughable even though her character development isn’t too heavy handed to facilitate this — i digress, but to my mind this is more accurate representation of women involved in obtaining state or corporate power in the military-funded and run entertainment complex than the apparently proletarian everywoman Hollywood films are thought to emphasize and create more opportunities for as a matter of course.

to be sure ideas of “job creation” and other seats of entitlement inform imperialist cheerleading, liberal faux feminism. it is obvious in the twitter exchanges had on the subjects of different movies thought, in some way, to propel these advancements. let me illustrate with a tweet and its subsequent replies that i’ve seen retweeted into my timeline a few times now. i am really so tired of this shit, and i’m tired of being accused of whatever (ultimately anti-feminist accusation) for just critically thinking through it.


hooray! chuckle chuckle. those men, shitting on our sentimental trash movie fun. i get as tired of men as the next feminist explaining shit to me but not for the reasons in “Dr Bart’s” tweet. could there be something more here? could he actually have something interesting to say or at least workable on the marketing of feminism as a means to obscure imperialist goals? who cares, i guess. busting ghosts! i am a lady! insta-1.2k retweets on surface level yuks. sure this remark could be less condescending and maybe it’s just more trash on top of it, but like i said, i have other reasons for being distrustful of “male feminists” as the replies to this tweet demonstrate.



i am sure noticing a pattern here, and i didn’t pick and choose which replies to capture; these were the first to show up. easy tweet for men to prove their cred to mostly…other men on their feminist chops not to mention the laydeez who daren’t question their unwavering support of women starring in movies. it really comes full circle so quickly. there is nothing deeper interrogated here, rather a pandering of sorts that the original tweet alluded to. bots can write more interesting interactions than this ass sniffing, brand-making garbage. i am almost more startled by this artificial intelligence than what The Companies of the deep state have in mind.

besides, what is Ghostbusters’ plot largely predicated on? not having seen it and going off of what the web informs me of, they sound like a privatized company of right libertarian “patriots” whose goal is to rid the homeland of reminders of original inhabitants past — weird goblins and ghouls anyhow, or are they invaders, foreigners that the faithful have the duty of blasting away in the hopes of purification from the mess that the “socialist state culture creators” have made? in any case, trash nostalgia dressed up in femme clothing doesn’t inspire me to much of any opportunity i care for other than combating it.


    1. god i know. and just unthinkingly approved because “it’s jut a movie” etc. when i first saw that i had a comment in my email i was like oh no who is going to tell me just get over “silly movies” LOL.


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