class consciousness

the other day i got into a conversation (debate, whatever) with @Damn_Jehu (therealmovement on wordpress) which actually started out as an objection to what he had to say about Marx and Engel’s views on the supposed interests that the ruling class and working class(es) share. some further thought on this reveal a synthesis of two of my own posts that i’ve been trying to connect in roundabout ways.

it may seem pretty obvious to some, but i think that currently among the left, and i do not mean simply the celebrity left, there is theory being used and geopolitical currents being read that don’t always amount to admitting what class consciousness looks like in the struggle we see now in our immediate context(s). to be completely clear, i think that academic theorizing is pointing in a lot of different directions (and i don’t mean this in a purely pejorative manner, there’s a lot of great stuff being generated right now outside the platform institutional lib-left) with the absence of a larger media presence that Occupy …once occupied. that being said, it can be a confusing time for many people newly coming into left and radical thought who see a number of intriguing and useful ideas online but who find difficulties applying them in practice.

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commodified-porn-everything in militarized society

also posted on my tumblr blog in case you ever venture toward that part of the internet…

i really do hate the attachment of the word “-porn” to describe everything from scandalously photographed food to filtered images of galaxies and photos of cute animals, etc. i do have exceptions to my rule here — if we think of pornography in a very basic sense, of women being turned into dehumanized sexual commodities, i don’t think it’s a gross exaggeration to discuss how other forms of violence are commodified by the media that also largely affect women more than men globally.

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Dorner, Biden, and the production of pseudo-resistance

I suppose I followed the Christopher Dorner “situation” as closely as any schmuck with their own situations going on. Admittedly, I haven’t read anything in depth yet because I’m just not convinced there is anything out there worth my time, really. Lots of muckraking and shallow analysis. I followed Jukebox Jones’ (on facebook) commentary, and I tended to agree with what a pretty active organizer friend had to say along a more leninist line.

I did catch the television coverage of the housefire of the spot he was reported to be holding up in while I was getting my hair cut at the barber shop, and interestingly enough the state of the union address followed immediately after CBS’s coverage (and the LAPD ended up being responsible for killing a woman in that as I understood it).

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why do I even look at Jezebel

Well, I guess it’s because I think it’s important to get a handle on what’s going on in “mainstream feminism” from time to time. I still get their email forwards and give them a glance occasionally. I opened one particular post today entitled “What We’re Really Talking About When We Talk About Hillary Clinton Without Makeup.” Hey, guess what it’s about?

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